Pundit’s ties to Miller family belatedly recounted

Laxalt and Miller before a debate. (AP photo)

In case you missed it, as I most certainly did, a Watchdog.org account shortly before the election recounted ties between television pundit Jon Ralston and the family of attorney general candidate Democrat Ross Miller, who surprisingly lost to Adam Laxalt Tuesday.

The story by Ciara Matthews points out that Ralston, who frequently boasted of his role in reporting a leaked “evaluation document” from Laxalt’s former law firm calling him a train wreck and unsuited to practice law, was prominently mentioned by Ross Miller’s father, former Gov. Bob Miller, in the acknowledgements section of his book, “Son of a Gambling Man.”

Sounds like Ralston practically ghost wrote the book:

From Bob Miller's autobiography

From Bob Miller’s autobiography

Count the glowing adjectives.

I’m told the book breezes past some of the former governor’s relationships with less than savory Las Vegas characters of that era.

The Watchdog report is full of interesting links and twitter feeds.

14 comments on “Pundit’s ties to Miller family belatedly recounted

  1. Ande Engleman says:

    I found it. And a little investigation shows that Ciara Matthews worked (s) for the Laxalt campaign. People in glass houses…

  2. It says on her twitter feed she is a former GOP flack.

    I see she worked for Sharron Angle and Scott Walker and Hooter’s.


  3. Steve says:

    Pundits and pols…getting far to close for the good of either.

  4. iShrug says:

    The Democrat operatives constantly put out hit pieces on Republicans. When a Republican operative writes an article, somehow it’s not legitimate?

  5. iShrug says:

    Well played, Ciara.

  6. nyp says:

    Question: is Ebola still “Obama’s Katrina”?

  7. Answer: No, the economy was. (see election results)

  8. Nyp says:

    Ok, at least we don’t have to worry anymore about ISIS bringing Ebola over the Mexican border.

  9. ISIS is still a worry.

  10. nyp says:

    Right — could be those little Terror Babies coming over the border.

    You could call them “sleeper cells,” except that it’s so hard to get the little nippers to sleep.

  11. What enterovirus virus outbreak?

  12. nyp says:

    I am very moved by the heroism of health care professionals like Dr. Craig Spencer.

  13. Athos says:

    And I wonder what MIT economist Jonathan Gruber must say in private, given what he’s quoted to say publicly.

  14. Winston Smith says:

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch…


    Questions for petey and rincon: When is an international “deal” an agreement? When is an international “agreement” a treaty?

    War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength

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