Sheriff now confirms BLM had no place to take Bundy’s confiscated cattle

A source told us back in April that the real reason the BLM backed down and released Cliven Bundy’s confiscated cattle wasn’t to avoid a shootout with armed Bundy supporters but was because the BLM had no place to take the cattle.

Sheriff Doug Gillespie has now confirmed this.

In a recent editorial board with the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Gillespie said, although officials told him they had a place to move the cattle, he later discovered that wasn’t true.

“There was no place to take them to,” Gillespie told the newspaper.

The BLM said at the time: “Based on information about conditions on the ground, and in consultation with law enforcement, we have made a decision to conclude the cattle gather because of our serious concern about the safety of employees and members of the public.”

I wondered at the time why, after eight days of rounding up “trespass cattle” from the Gold Butte ranch, all the captured cows were still in corrals on site. It made no sense to be hauling hay to them, when they could be trucked to feedlots equipped to handle them.

Bundy cattle released April 12. (R-J photo by Jason Bean)

A source with a source told me a network of Western cattle ranchers and those who provide them services collectively got on the phone and their computers with each other and decided to boycott the BLM roundup. No feedlot would take the cattle for auction. No trucker was available to haul the cows.

“Hey, do you want to know the REAL reason why the BLM backed off a week or so ago?”  my source’s source asked him. “You’ll never read about this in the news media.”

At least not for several months.

The BLM was stuck with cattle that would start dying without food.  Not good optics since all the assembled local media and national media and social media would capture the starvation.

How much cooperation BLM will get from the sheriff in the future?

Gillespie told the R-J that the BLM officials lied to him, ignored his advice and dismissed his warnings.

“I think if anybody would look at how they (BLM) handled the protesting with the use of Tasers and police dogs, anyone who had been in policing would question those tactics,” he told the Las Vegas Sun. “And I believe that led to the heightened interest and escalating the situation.”

BLM spokeswoman Celia Boddington told The Associated Press that the agency planned and conducted the roundup in “full coordination” with Gillespie and his officers.

“It is unfortunate that the sheriff is now attempting to rewrite the details of what occurred, including his claims that the BLM did not share accurate information,” she was quoted as saying. “The sheriff encouraged the operation and promised to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with us as we enforced two recent federal court orders. …

“Sadly, he backed out of his commitment shortly before the operation — and after months of joint planning — leaving the BLM and the National Park Service to handle the crowd control that the sheriff previously committed to handling.”



29 comments on “Sheriff now confirms BLM had no place to take Bundy’s confiscated cattle

  1. bc says:

    Sounds like the Sheriff tried in vain to talk some sense into the feds on how to handle the crowds and the issue but the feds being the feds would not listen. Seeing the train wreck on the horizon he decided to bow out.

  2. The Scarlet Pimpernel says:

    Really? The sheriff ‘rewrote’ the details of why he decided to bow out of helping the BLM? Maybe he figured out that the BLM operation wasn’t so legit after all… I mean, he says as much: “Gillespie told the R-J that the BLM officials lied to him, ignored his advice and dismissed his warnings.”

  3. JolynYoung says:

    Hmmmm, more interesting details coming out in the aftermath. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Athos says:

    What was the Peter Principle?

    “in a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to their level of incompetence”

    Hello Sheriff! Hello President Pinocchio and DC Bureaucrats!

    The REAL news (that we all should be focusing on) is can Barry Soetoro get up and down from a bad lie in the sand trap.

  5. Steve says:

    I was impressed with Metro’s response right from the start on this.

    BLM is full shit and lying in a (very) weak attempt to cover it up.

    Sadly, they will get away with it.

  6. Winston Smith says:

    Sheriffs across the west are learning that the federal alphabet agencies are not to be trusted. These sheriffs are realizing that the fedbots are behaving outside of the Constitution and against the very people the sheriffs were elected to serve. My sheriff is seeing this quite plainly, which is one of the reasons why we just re-elected him. Hopefully Gillespie has learned from this experience, and will resist the growing federal intrusion as it becomes more blatant.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Between Gillespie and a BLM spokesman, I’ll believe Gillespie. I remember one BLM flack who was trying to generate heat on a shooting range, who claimed that a stray 50-caliber bullet from the range had struck a car at a BLM campground. He told people that such bullets are especially dangerous because they had tpxic cores of depleted uranium\, which isn’t true. And he must have known it wasn’t true because he carried the bullet around in his pocket

  8. Anonymous says:

    Earlier post should say toxic, not tpxic. Should have proofed before I mailed.

  9. I know Gillespie. I’ve never caught him in a lie.

  10. iShrug says:

    Now if some more “truths” would emerge about certain other scandals. They will, hopefully in time to stop the bleeding.

  11. Steve says:

    One of my jobs with Kodak was servicing document scanners. Metro has them at HQ, every substation and basically everywhere.
    With this direct relationship, I made a few friends..heard a few things along the way. All of them prove the absolute professionalism of 98% of the people in Metro.

    If there is one agency I can trust to police itself and relate truth to the public,,,its Las Vegas Metro.

    This does not include the PPA (especially its leadership)…they have an agenda and will do what they need to achieve it.

    But Metro is aces in my book…even when they screw up because they end up admitting to their own errors. Its the PPA that makes metro look bad by forcing bad cops jobs to stay alive…think Bryan Yant. If only the PPA would absorb some of the same professionalism exhibited by the employees of the organization they claim to represent.

    One thing though…the posted speed limit should be the same for police as it is for everyone else…unless rolling code.
    Safety equipment off? No exceeding the posted limit. But that is not just Metro..its all of the law enforcement in NV.

  12. Rincon says:

    The fact remains that Bundy disobeyed the law for twenty years, so it was the duty of the BLM to deal with it. What I find amazing is the two faced approach of Conservatives. Illegal immigrants are illegal and Conservatives say should be deported ASAP because they broke the law. Bundy, on the other hand, broke the law and we should look the other way. Paying zero wasn’t a protest. It was an attempt to get something for nothing. He has no more right to the land than any tenant has the right to own the building they live in.

  13. Steve says:

    The BLM broke the law too, Rincon.

    Where is your outrage?

  14. Athos says:

    Rinny, ever take a look at that land Bundy used for his cattle? We’re not talking about the Cumberland Gap, here!

  15. Rincon says:

    Sorry Steve. I’m sure that you’re correct, but my liberal blind spot is preventing me from remembering how BLM broke the law 🙂 Can you please remind me?

    I also agree with both of you that the federal government holds far more land than what would be legitimate. I even agree that civil disobedience is a reasonable response, but Martin Luther King went to jail and so should Bundy. BLM would hesitate to do so because of the likely response. For the most part though, it seems that BLM is only trying to enforce the laws passed by Congress.

  16. Steve says:

    “first amendment areas” may be just fine for democrat conventions as those are a private function but they are blatantly unconstitutional for ANY government agency.

    Now we have lying to local law enforcement to add to their crimes. Unless you are trying to say these couple of things are perfectly OK with you.

  17. Rincon says:

    I can’t get too worked up about the first amendment areas because they have precedent on their side, but I agree that they are accepted far too casually. As for lying, didn’t you guys call that freedom of speech in political campaigns 🙂 In truth, there seems to be some “he said, she said” going on here, so I would want to hear BLM’s side of that before condemning them.

  18. Steve says:

    You mean universities? State universities? Limiting the speech areas?

    If anyone had the cojones to take those cretins to court over it and do so in multiple states it would become a SCOTUS issue that would cause all of them to lose their “free speech zones”…just because they exist somewhere in this country does not make the constitutional,,,it only makes them unchallenged. And an unchallenged issue does not make it an OK issue.

    Where is your outrage?

  19. Rincon says:

    No outrage until I hear BLM’s side of the story. As I said, First Amendment Zones are accepted far too casually, but they are needed in some cases. Just as my right to swing my fist in the air ends where your nose begins, using large groups of protesters for example, to intimidate normal citizens is not merely free speech. It is a bona fide threat to the individual citizens.

  20. Winston Smith says:

    “using large groups of protesters for example, to intimidate normal citizens is not merely free speech.”

    I’m pretty sure that those citizens at the Bundy Ranch weren’t going to accept a 1st Amendment Zone because they remembered how the press and others were kept miles away at Waco, and weren’t gonna allow another one of those to happen.

  21. Steve says:

    The BLM called Doug Gillespie a liar and added that most local sheriff’s also stop supporting the BLM when things go the way the BLM makes them go…in other words trust the BLM and not your local people.
    To the BLM I call bullshit!

    Its in the piece Tom wrote and in the news reports he linked to, Rincon.

  22. Rincon says:

    He said, she said.

  23. Steve says:

    “He said, she said.”

    So your side has no proof either?

    Doug Gillespie is right, we cannot trust the BLM in this. I wish more of those local officials would come out on this.

  24. Rincon says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me at all if some BLM dope did lie to Gillespie, but since it could have been some sort of poor communication, or some idiot government employee speaking outside of his proper authority, etc., I try to avoid the finger pointing and stick with the facts. Even if the lie occurred, I wouldn’t condemn the whole bureau because some government employee told a fib.

  25. bc says:

    Still say the BLM, being the feds, was going to do things there way and not listen to any of the locals. When it came clear to Gillespie that they would not listen and that this was all going to blow up in their faces he just said fine, do it your way we’re out of here. That is the feds way, come in with lots of firepower, overwhelm the opposition and do what you wanted to do. Gillespie realized the politics of the situation and understood that this approach was not going to work but the BLM could not be bothered to listen.

  26. bc says:

    Most local sheriff’s, who have to face their electorate on a regular basis, understand the politics of their county. They may not always get it right but they understand the local politics. The feds go with a one size fits all and it fits best with lots of firepower.

  27. Steve says:

    All politics is local.

    This is the trouble with a central bureaucracy, it simply cannot accept its own limitations.

  28. […] Though the SPLC says 900 of Bundy’s cattle had been rounded up and placed in pens, media reports place the number at less than 500. SPLC also notes that the BLM packed up and left, citing a “serious concern about the safety of employees and members of the public,” not mentioning that the BLM had not secured any place to take the confiscated cattle and had no choice but to let them go, as Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie has confirmed. […]

  29. […] to Harry Reid, who managed to have the 35-year-old confirmed by the Senate 71-28 shortly before the bungled standoff with Bunkerville rancher Cliven […]

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