Where do you fit on the political spectrum?

I always enjoy taking those quizzes that purport to tell you something about yourself — not to find out who I am, I already know that, but to find out how few others share my views.

So, are you a Steadfast Conservative? A Solid Liberal? Some other stripe? There is a PewResearch Center quiz to fill the bill.

You’ll never guess in which pigeonhole it places me — or maybe you can.

I wonder where Petey fits in.

22 comments on “Where do you fit on the political spectrum?

  1. Bruce Feher says:

    Steadfast Conservative and proud of it!

  2. Steve says:

    Business Conservative

    And there aren’t that many of these people..10% according to the pigeon holer.

  3. Bill says:

    Thanks for the link. According to DePew, I am a “business conservative” whatever the hell that is. Perhaps we need more definition of exactly what a “liberal” and a “conservative” are. I see them pass each other on issues without even nodding to each other.

  4. Nyp says:

    Ok, I took the quiz. You will be surprised to learn that my views were characterized as “solidly liberal.”

  5. iShrug says:

    This is much better than those silly quizzes everybody puts out. It labels me as Business Conservative. Several of the items presented options that I had a hard time choosing between: I didn’t completely agree with either choice, but was arable to pick the one I mostly agreed with. I had the most trouble with the environmental questions, for obvious reasons.

    So which slot did they plug you into, Mitch? Business Conservative? I won’t hazard a guess about nyp.

  6. iShrug says:

    With only 10% Business Conservatives, why are there so many of us on this post? To me, it means Rational Conservative.

  7. Steve says:

    It may mean we all congregate on Tom’s blog!

  8. Rincon says:

    They call me a Young Outsider, which puts me right of center. . Must be something wrong with their program.

  9. iShrug says:

    Nothing is perfect, but I appreciate actually seeing the analysis of the results. Still waiting for Mitch to post his pigeonhole. Lol

  10. iShrug says:

    Bill, Classical Liberalism once meant free thinking. The study should probably break it down further, to cover Progressives and Leftist Socialists.

  11. Steve says:

    “Classical Liberalism once meant free thinking.”

    Still does. Just ask a modern liberal…all are free to think what they are told to think….any who insist on expressing thought outside authorized thought are summarilly corralled in “first amendment areas”.

  12. iShrug says:

    Steve, you’re cracking me up

  13. Shocked, Petey, shocked!

    Steadfast Conservative, here, but I think the better label would be classic liberal or libertarian, except for the open borders, which kept me out of the Business Conservative pigeon hole.

  14. iShrug says:

    I answered solidly against anything open borders, or amnesty. But the result still came back Business Conservative. ???

  15. nyp says:

    I could not give a “binary” answer to a number of the questions. For example, there was one question about whether I believe businesses are making a reasonable amount of profit. To a “true” liberal or conservative, that question doesn’t make any sense.

  16. Winston Smith says:

    I got a “504 – Gateway Timeout” error after the last question, with no results — story of my life 🙂

  17. Winston Smith says:

    After several attempted reloads, I finally got “klepto-republicrat minion of fascist/globalist banksters”. Dang, I’ve been outed!

  18. Athos says:

    Winston, you did not say that!

  19. Athos says:

    Steadfast conservative, here. Tom, I’ve got something off topic, and I just wonder if you can verify this blog:


    All that internet advertising can’t be all for porn sites, can it?

  20. Alan Mutter is well respected and usually accurate in his reporting. I recall seeing that when it was posted and did not doubt it in the least.

  21. Argos says:

    Thanks, Tom

  22. Steve says:

    If we cannot find a reason to smile or chuckle about things then we have already lost.

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