The EPA waves its MACICC wand and saves the planet

The new EPA regulations that order 30 percent cuts in power plant greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 claim to create benefits that offset the cost of compliance — higher power bills.

Reid Gardner power plant (photo by Kent Harper)

The 645-page document claims climate benefits of $30 billion, health benefits of up to $59 billion, but compliance cost of only $7.3 billion in the year 2030. How one calculates climate benefits when there has been no detectible change in the climate in 17 years, despite higher carbon output that ever, is a mystery.

It basically is a decree to shut down all coal-fired power plants since they produce the most carbon.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates the rule will cut the average annual economic output by $51 and and cost 224,000 jobs every year through 2030.

Nevada is already in the process of shutting down all its coal-fired power plants by legislative decree and can expect to be seeing higher bills in the coming years. The law requires ratepayers to foot the bill for every dime of cost of shutting those plants, though presumably, under the EPA regs, those plants would have to have been shut down anyway, perhaps at the expense of the company and its shareholders.

The bottom line is that Americans will be paying real money for theoretical benefits.

Patrick Michaels at Cato Institute spells out the vaunted benefits of this move:

“The EPA’s own model, ironically acronymed MAGICC, estimates that its new policies will prevent a grand total of 0.018ºC in warming by 2100. Obviously, that’s not enough to satisfy the steadily shrinking percentage of Americans who think global warming is a serious problem.

“MAGICC tells us that the futility of whatever Obama proposes for existing plants will be statistically indistinguishable from making sure that there are no new coal-fired ones. In fact, dropping the carbon dioxide emissions from all sources of electrical generation to zero would reduce warming by a grand total of 0.04ºC by 2100.”



12 comments on “The EPA waves its MACICC wand and saves the planet

  1. Vernon Clayson says:

    It should be obvious that the government is no longer our government, it’s a creeping dictatorship with an agenda for a world partnership with like minded nations and individuals. it’s not just Obama, it’s politicians and bureaucrats, answering to and compliant to the world’s moneyed men, and in Obama’s case, he also answers to Islamists and Marxists. It’s incredibly complex, he is not the genius behind the transformation, he is the tool for individuals far more intelligent and devious than he is. His speech to West Point graduates should have given each of them cold chills, they’ve spent years in patriotic pursuit of military service, training for our nation’s defense, only to be told they are to be an afterthought in a world view more important to Obama and his masters than our nation’s defense. These fledgling officers are surely among the best and brightest but they are not oblivious or naïve, they see the most senior officers treated as little more than ushers and doormen by this least experienced of commander-in-chiefs, to say nothing of Secretary Hagel who is little more than an errand boy for the president, what serious president places a once low grade enlisted man to be head of the once most powerful and sophisticated military in the world? Hagel replaced an equally ill-prepared individual, Leon Panetta, big surprise, both also brought experience as inconsequential Democrat politicians. Our nation commenced as an experiment, we are now back to square one as another experiment, the difference is the quality and agendas of the responsible parties.

  2. Bruce Feher says:

    Right on Mr. Clayson!

  3. nyp says:

    Good point, Vern — how could a former soldier ever presume to be qualified to lead the Department of Defense? Why, he didn’t even go to an Ivy League college!

  4. Winston Smith says:

    Vern, even Marxists and radical Islamists answer to the monied elite. The fascist/globalist banksters call the shots for virtually all nations. The latest Bilderberger meeting this last weekend is simply more evidence of the obvious.

  5. The fraud being forced on the Indians and Nevadans is that, even if one believed in the hoax called “global climate change being caused by allegedly surplus carbon dioxide” (required by plants for the production of the precious oxygen we need to breathe), there is NO NEED to shut down the power production side of coal plants.

    All that is needed is to REPLACE ONLY the heat source for generating electric power with either natural gas-fired heat sources (providing extremely low emissions and low cost energy production), or small modular nuclear reactors (SMRs) that are 100% emission free, 100% safe (many generations improved today after over 40 years research on the perfectly safe reactors used in nuclear subs and aircraft carriers) and low-cost power production.

    I am retired from the USAF and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and am qualified to make the included claims about small nuclear reactors. I hope this posting will attract some attention to the truth of what is going on.

    Such (SMRs) can be manufactured on assembly lines and cut costs of replacing coal-burning heat sources by HUGE amounts. Imagine the monumental, unnecessary waste of destroying the power production side of plants when huge savings are possible by just replacing the heat source and its massive rail transportation and onsite coal storage support requirements. Such a simple approach of replacing the heat source would also save the billions needed to install and operate non-competitive solar production systems!

    Some modern SMR designs could even burn up radioactive waste and prevent the need for million-year storage problems and costs at Yucca Mountain, or elsewhere. And, almost all new generation reactor designs do not require the high volume of water to cool them where water shortages are critical factors.

    Some SMR designs are reported to even recirculate liquid metals (instead of water) for primary cooling within closed systems. They are buried underground to prevent tampering, and do not need to be refueled for many decades.

    See below SMR examples (and many, many other links) about how SMRs are the wave of the future. Russia, China, Japan, France and many other national energy programs are already installing and exploiting decades of new generation nuclear reactor Research and development. But, the US Administrations and The Congress (all since Carter period) appear have been protecting the oil and coal lobbies to the severe detriment of our US citizens and national security.

    I mention degrading national security because it is well-known that our entire national defense structure is dependent on the commercial power grid system. It has been known for decades that our most dangerous vulnerability to national defense is the failure to separate the electric power generation needs for national defense systems from the civilian grid.

    SMR technology is the perfect, low-cost way to ensure our national defense weapons systems will work if our civilian grid and power production is attacked by terrorists using physical weapons, EMP nuclear weapons, or internet cyber attacks. In addition, the separate national defense grid could be sized to enable emergency backup power to the civilian grid to a minimum extent to prevent millions of people dying from not having civilian power to support water, light and transportation requirements.

    Even Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates has been investing billions into trying to invent different, patentable technology than what our taxpayers have already paid for to create windfall profits for him (as if he did not have enough money already!) instead of using our national technology for almost free.

    So, I say again, the whole program to destroy coal-burning power plants is a monumental FRAUD! Are most of our citizen hypnotized or something? What fools are we for not doing our own research and acting to stop the fraud of destroying coal plants instead of replacing the heat sources and keeping the power production up and expanding to support our citizens?

    Colonel Robert Frank, USAF (Ret.) Henderson, NV

  6. Rincon says:

    Good observation Winston. I have to agree.

  7. Rincon says:

    The shame of the EPA rule is that rather than both parties compromising and coming up with an efficient plan, the administration acted with the only means it had, but with a plan far inferior to what was possible. It’s winner take all these days. Compromise is dead.

  8. Vernon Clayson says:

    I agree compromise is dead, so is the notion that the Congress matters, it’s no longer a branch of the government, it’s a fractious body of lingering malingerers. For example, Harry Reid gets publicity with acidic bursts of speech, when was the last time he met with the president to discuss any issue, from all appearances he says and does what he thinks Obama wants. Sad to say, both are locked in until 2016 so we will hear their radical/red rabble rousing for years to come.

  9. Athos says:

    Are the American people gonna trust these morons?

    This should be the lede on every news outlet. (Did I spell that correctly, Tom?)

  10. Yes, that is how it is spelled. I read that when the WSJ first printed it. Amodei has a bill alter the Endangered Species Act.

  11. Winston Smith says:

    The winners are chosen whenever the govbots step in to take control over a market, and this latest anti-coal foray is no different. In fact, this fascist methodology is over 100 years old:

    The acrid smell of Big Government and Big Business in bed together is enough to make me puke. Do we have any more Solyndras in the works?

  12. Rincon says:

    You’re seeing a speck of sawdust and ignoring the log in front of you. Don’t forget the American farmer. Solyndra cost us $500 million one time. Our farmers get $8 billion every single year – and that’s only counting direct subsidy payments.

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