White House propaganda machine cranks out a false doom and gloom report on climate change here and now

Atop the White House web page today is a link to an 840-page report on how climate change is affecting us all right here and now by damaging the economy.

In the portion on the Southwest, the Third U.S. National Climate Assessment warns that agriculture will be harmed by continued drought “and more rapid changes in the seasonal timing of crop development due to projected warming and extreme events,” ignoring the fact that crops are being decimated now, not by climate change, but because hundreds of thousands of acre-feet of fresh water have been dumped into the Pacific Ocean in a futile gesture to preserve the habitat of some rare minnow.

Parched Southwest as shown in White House propaganda document

The report goes on to say, “The decade 2001-2010 was the warmest in the 110-year instrumental record, with temperatures almost 2°F higher than historic averages, with fewer cold air outbreaks and more heat waves.” A century does not a climate make. 

The Southwest is prone to drought,” the report shockingly informs us. “Southwest paleoclimate records show severe mega-droughts at least 50 years long. Future droughts are projected to be substantially hotter, and for major river basins such as the Colorado River Basin, drought is projected to become more frequent, intense, and longer lasting than in the historical record.”

It does not mention that the 21st century was probably the wettest on record and what we are calling a drought may well be the normal climate for this region.

The problem with the water supply is, as I’ve long argued, is that the supply is treated like a communal commodity instead of something to be sold in an open market where price can dictate supply to the highest and best use. Today the few remaining editorialists at the Review-Journal agreed.

The report further notes the potential for increased wildfires, without a passing mention of the fact the wildfires have increased dramatically due not to drought but to mismanagement of public land by federal agencies that have let grass and brush grow unchecked by reducing grazing by cattle and sheep. Each major wildfire kills thousands of the very animals the federal agencies claim they want to protect.

But just to have it both ways so they can say I told you so no matter what happens, the report forecasts, “An increase in winter flood hazard risk in rivers is projected due to increases in flows of atmospheric moisture into California’s coastal ranges and the Sierra Nevada. These ‘atmospheric rivers’ have contributed to the largest floods in California history and can penetrate inland as far as Utah and New Mexico.”

The researchers at Heritage picked out a few of the claims in the huge report for specific refutation:

NCA Quote: “the frequency and intensity of some extreme weather events are increasing”

Reality: The latest report on the science from The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and analysis provided by the adminstration’s own National Climatic Data Center conclude that there isn’t a case for extreme weather increases – no significant trends for floods, droughts, hurricanes or tornadoes.

NCA Quote: “In Arctic Alaska, the summer sea ice that once protected the coasts has receded”

Reality: Global warming is supposedly global.  Global sea ice (Arctic and Antarctic) is above average and, for this time of year, it is at its highest level in 30 years, which is the third-highest on record.

The authors apparently do not think anybody is checking their statements or they couldn’t possibly think they would get away with this one:

NCA Quote: “It is notable that as these data records have grown longer and climate models have become more comprehensive, earlier predictions have largely been confirmed.”

Reality: The past 15 years have seen the climate model predictions stray farther and farther from actual temperatures (here and here).  Last year, prominent climatologist, Hans von Storch, said, “If things continue as they have been, in five years, at the latest, we will need to acknowledge that something is fundamentally wrong with our climate models.”  Maybe Professor von Storch needs four more years to be sure the models are wrong, but there are no grounds on which the models can be declared “confirmed.”  Instead, the predictions are getting worse and worse.

As the editorialists at Investor’s Business Daily point out, the whole thing is a propaganda ploy. It is not science, merely politics and a distraction from real problems with the economy and global politics.

It is another excuse to shred the Constitution. “Obama’s top political adviser, John Podesta, has made it clear what the White House is doing.” IBD noted. “The president plans to issue executive orders under the Clean Air Act to cap carbon dioxide emissions — and use them to control the entire economy.”

Of course Harry Reid, who has long been pushing green energy alternatives supplied by his campaign contributors, immediately jumped into the fray this morning and blamed everything on his favorite whipping boys:

And this illustrates Harry’s problem using his own favorite analogy provided by his wife Landra:

Chip Bok cartoon

16 comments on “White House propaganda machine cranks out a false doom and gloom report on climate change here and now

  1. Milty says:

    “Climate change”? I thought we were supposed to start referring to it as “global climate disruption.”


  2. Winston Smith says:

    Sometimes it is so difficult to keep up with the shifting winds of political correctness.

  3. Winston Smith says:

    Y’know, when you can’t trust the feds to tell the truth about Iraq I, Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma City, Vince Foster, O-sex in the O-Office, 9/11, the Patriot Act, Iraq II, Afghanistan, economic bubbles, bailouts, birth certificates, Benghazi, AGW, underwear bombers, full-body scanners, gun shipments, border control, ObamaCare, etc., why should we trust them on anything? It’s getting to be like the Soviet Union.

    If it wasn’t for alternative media, we’d be in a world of hurt. Of course, they’re trying to shut that down…


  4. Vernon Clayson says:

    Harry Reid’s odd obsession with these Koch brothers raises questions about his mental stability. Just kidding, he believes he’s practicing pure politics in the forum of the mighty senate but it’s more like preaching to the choir. Obama and his government has gotten so big that a senator or representative is like a pebble in the Niagara River, it causes a small ripple for a second but then is carried along with the current. It’s like his coming back to Nevada to insert himself in the Bundy issue, it changed nothing, the cattle still roam/forage on government grass. His words “it’s not over” are right up there with his words “this war is lost”, “Mitt Romney hasn’t paid taxes in 10 years”, “Obama isn’t too dark”, etc..

  5. Steve says:

    This is great…we just have been discussing how the BLM “management” does not listen to their own specialists and along comes the current administration crying and crowing about how “global Climate Disruption” Is real and very current and is doing real current damage to the country but the the IPCC is almost saying the exact opposite of it!

  6. Rincon says:

    For once Thomas, you and I agree about something concerning climate change. The White House report may be good for lining the birdcage, but that’s about it. They’re doing the same thing that I accuse Conservatives of doing – pretending that they can predict the future.

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  9. Anonymous says:

    So now we have the most recent National Climate Assessment (number 4)

    Naturally published on Black Friday (statistically the day people don’t follow the news) which report was issued by an administration that says they “cured” the issue of climate change because they’ve done away with all efforts to monitor it.

    I wonder what the members of our little community who relentlessly attacked the last administration for the conclusions in the report, will have to say about the crazed liberals within this administration since the conclusions are worse than those projected in the last assessment?


  10. Anonymous says:

    Maybe this is what it will take for the right to actually do what needs to be done? Wait a minute…if they were going to do the things that needed to be done, why would they try to bury this report under Black Friday though?

    “(CNN) A new US government report delivers a dire warning about climate change and its devastating impacts, saying the economy could lose hundreds of billions of dollars — or, in the worst-case scenario, more than 10% of its GDP — by the end of the century.”

    Read that last line again.


  11. Steve says:

    F.U.D. alert.

  12. Thomas Mitchell says:

    What if other nations do nothing? Should we still make a futile gesture?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Step 1

    Acknowledge the problem and that human beings are responsible. Move to next step.

  14. Steve says:

    Step 2 determine the percentage human activity is the cause.

    move on.


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