Paying the same but getting less from your local newspaper?



Remember that boorish January editorial in Las Vegas newspaper that promised to provide readers more content in the midst of massive layoffs?

“The plan is to make better use of space on our daily opinion page to include more perspectives,” said the editorial. Apparently that means dropping local editorials on Saturdays and Mondays and running Bloomberg View editorials instead. At least that is what happened the past two Saturdays and Mondays.

At least today’s editorial page had a local commentary on the death of long-time Assembly Speaker Joe Dini by Ed Vogel. The tagline in print said, “Ed Vogel is the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s capital bureau chief in Carson City,” even though he was retired a month and a half ago.

The paper also published a piece by Vogel on Sunday about the author of the law that made gambling legal in Nevada. It had no tagline.

4 comments on “Paying the same but getting less from your local newspaper?

  1. Reziac says:

    Translation: it’s cheaper to buy syndicated editorials than to pay editorial staff.

  2. Steve says:

    Glenn Cook looking for other employment yet?

  3. Athos says:

    I like Glenn. He’s making a lot of enemies in high places.

    But then again, the truth seems to do that, doesn’t it?

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