It’s a game of ‘King of the Hill,’ so to speak

I’ll see your pair of shadowy billionaire brothers and raise you with my pair of shadowy billionaire brothers:

A 501(c)(4) organization associated with the Koch brothers, who have been attacked on the floor of the Senate by Harry Reid as unAmerican, on Monday released an online ad called the  “Steyer Infection,” which compares Reid’s pot shots at the Koch brothers with Democrats cozying up to the billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer and his brother Jim.

“This is about two very wealthy brothers who intend to buy their own Congress,” Reid says in the ad. “You see when you make billions of dollars a year, you can be I guess as immoral and dishonest as your money will allow you to be.”​

Works both ways, doesn’t it?

May the richest brothers win — the Senate majority, that is.

59 comments on “It’s a game of ‘King of the Hill,’ so to speak

  1. nyp says:

    I would be happy to ban both from corrupting our political process.
    But no unilateral disarmament.

  2. Rincon says:

    By taking such a high profile, the Koch brothers are defeating their own purpose. Populist causes everywhere use them to illustrate the political power that wealth brings.

  3. Vernon Clayson says:

    Regarding the previous comments there’s the old Las Vegas quotation, “Money talks, bull shit walks”. We have the best government money can buy, my guess is that these particular billionaires, and more than a few other rich types, think our Washington politicians are penny players in a high stakes game, mere riff-raff in their high finance machinations. To be truthful, I haven’t any money but I feel the same way.

  4. nyp says:

    Remember when no one was going to sign up for ObamaCare? When the program would fall into an actuarial death spiral?

    Wasn’t that a thing? Whatever happened with that?

  5. Vernon Clayson says:

    I place no credence to stories of success on signups for this abomination/Obamanation. The BS/propaganda from Washington tends to be rosy/positive no matter what the truth is, Jay Carney, for instance, would have us believe it’s a rousing success. When Nancy Pelosi said it had to be passed to see what’s in it, she obviously meant herself, other members of the Congress and the administration, as most of us will not soon understand the necessity for it and many of us will never see how it rounds out. Signing up is one thing, making payments with or without subsidies is another thing, and actual receipt of healthcare under this plan/scheme is at best only vaguely related to those first two factors. Harry Reid said that people lack the smarts to register by computer, where is the politician that will say a major problem with the plan/scheme is that any number of people believed the word that primed the pump, it’s to be “free” healthcare. How many individuals began the signup process believing it would be “free”, then found there was an expense and backed off to wait to see what the hell was going on.

  6. nyp says:

    So it looks like the official exchange sign-up total is 7.041 million Americans. And that doesn’t include the latest sign-ups in the 14 states that operate their own exchanges.

    A very good day for our country.

    Of course, if you or a family member do not yet have quality health insurance, you may still be able to sign up if you have experienced a qualifying life event such as a change of job. Go to for more information.

  7. No bans on free speech, Petey, please. Let them duke it out.

  8. nyp says:

    Yeah – and let the richest billionaire win the battle to skew the democratic process to further his personal interests!

  9. nyp says:

    I’m afraid I was wrong in my previous report of the number of Americans who signed up for private insurance through the ObamaCare exchanges. It’s 7.1 million, not 7.04 million.

    I regret the error.

  10. Steve says:

    Yesterday you were insisting it was 9.5 million.

  11. Nyp says:

    Different metric.
    7.1 signed on for private insurance through the exchanges.
    Overall, including CHIP, Medicaid expansion, kids getting on their parents’ plans, etc., 9.5 million now insured who were previously uninsured.

    Of course, that doesn’t count the previously underinsured.

    All in all, a achievement that America can be proud of.

  12. Steve says:

    Well (allowing for and provable claim of previously uninsured) it IS a good day

    for insurance companies.

    As for the country, that remains to be seen. Though I do say its a good thing the Feds achieved the original goal,,,if this thing is going to fail, it should be on its own and not due to technical ineptitude.

  13. Steve says:

    (allowing for and provable claim of previously uninsured)

    Should read

    (Allowing for an unprovable claim of previously uninsured)

  14. Don’t spike the ball before crossing the goal line.

  15. […] Can’t wait to see that ad he is talking about. Or maybe we already have. […]

  16. And I guess we should also be proud that one out of six Americans is on food stamps. It’s an Andy Capp nation.

  17. Nyp says:

    That’s it, Mr. Mitchell — your countrymen are just a bunch of spongers

  18. Steve says:

    Land of the dependent, home of the weak.

  19. nyp says:

    That is an accurate summation of how Republicans feel about American and its people.

  20. Steve says:

    There WAS a time that getting OFF the government dole was an achievement worth celebrating.
    Today, with almost 95% liberal support and influence, its become a permanent way of life.

    So ,yes, there is about 5% of the conservative opposition who are to blame.

    Enjoy your gov’t cheese.

  21. Rincon says:

    As I’ve said before, make them work for it and only the deserving get paid. One problem though. I believe someone working full time for minimum wage still qualifies for food stamps and subsidized health care. Indirectly, the government subsidizes those employers that pay poor wages.

  22. Milty says:

    “Remember when no one was going to sign up for ObamaCare? When the program would fall into an actuarial death spiral?”

    There was no way there would be a death spiral with the government reimbursements built into the system. The double digit plus premium increases later this year won’t hurt either.

  23. Milty says:

    Nyp, you previously called Julie Boonstra a liar, but I know you’re too decent a person to endorse the sentiments in this letter, and I hope you’ll join in its condemnation.

  24. Athos says:

    So, 7.1 million is the official number of people “enrolling”? What is this? April Fool’s?

    And where is the official number of people that have actually paid?

    As for Greid, is there no one in his inner circle that can clue him in on how pathetic he is?

  25. Nyp says:

    Athos – just think: if health reform had been around back then, you would not have had to go into bankruptcy and dump your medical bills on other people’s shoulders.

    Aren’t you pleased that millions and millions of Americans will not go through what you (and your creditors) experienced?

  26. nyp says:

    SEN. TOM COBURN (R-OK): “There will be no insurance industry left in three years.” [10/12/2010]

  27. Milty says:

    President Barak Obama: “If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan.”

  28. nyp says:

    GLENN BECK: “This is the end of prosperity in America forever … the end of America as you know it.” [11/19/2009]

  29. nyp says:

    REP. JOHN BOEHNER (R-OH): Passage of health reform is “Armageddon” because the law will “ruin our country.” [3/20/2010]

  30. Milty says:

    Did Speaker Boehner set a date for “Armageddon”? If not, then how is his statement incorrect?

  31. nyp says:

    Good point. Armageddon is somewhere just beyond the distant horizon.
    It’s like those claims that the Fed’s quantitative easing policy was going to debase our currency and unleash runious inflation. Just wait … you’ll see …

  32. nyp says:

    now, back to our regularly-scheduled program:

    REP. MICHELE BACHMANN (R-MN): “On page 16, you can read for yourself that no new health insurance policies can be written once this federal plan comes into effect.” [7/17/2009]

  33. Milty says:

    Jay Carney (when asked how many enrollees were previously uninsured): “uh…uh…uh…I dunno,” or words to that effect.

  34. Milty says:

    “REP. MICHELE BACHMANN (R-MN): ‘On page 16, you can read for yourself that no new health insurance policies can be written once this federal plan comes into effect.’ [7/17/2009]”

    What was on Page 16? Ms. Bachmann made her statement in July 2009. Obamacare was signed into law in March 2010. Did the passage that Ms. Bachmann referred to make it into the final legislation?

  35. Milty says:

    “It’s like those claims that the Fed’s quantitative easing policy was going to debase our currency and unleash runious inflation. Just wait … you’ll see …”

    So are you saying that the fact that our ecomony still can’t stand on its own two legs is an acknowledgement that Glenn Beck may be onto something with his “This is the end of prosperity in America forever …” statement”

  36. nyp says:

    I don’t know what you mean about “our economy still can’t stand on its own two legs.”

  37. nyp says:

    The number of previously uninsured Americans who now have health insurance is approximately 9.5 million.,0,5472960.story#axzz2xWoPlD7e

  38. Milty says:

    I don’t know what you mean about “our economy still can’t stand on its own two legs.”

    So when did tapering start?

  39. Milty says:

    “The number of previously uninsured Americans who now have health insurance is approximately 9.5 million.”

    Did the LA Times tell Jay Carney the numbers?

  40. nyp says:

    Those are estimates for the overall program. He was asked only about the private plans offered on the exchanges.

  41. Athos says:

    The time is coming soon, that the people will throw off your oppression, petey (ie. Zerøcare) and restore a semblance of our inalienable rights.

    That’s the real hope, (you can keep the change).

  42. Nyp says:

    When that happens all those people can throw off the yoke of decent health insurance, and go bankrupt over their medical bills, just like you did.

  43. Athos says:

    Liar! My bankruptcy was caused by lack of employment.
    But you’re incapable of understanding, aren’t you, petey?
    Or is it a progressive attribute to spurn the truth like Harry Greid?

  44. Nyp says:

    You had no insurance, you had a major medical crisis, you couldn’t pay your medical bills.

  45. Athos says:

    Or my Visa bill, or my car insurance bill, or my electric bill or any of my signature loan bills. The factories had laid off my age and seniority workers and there was no money, no jobs, and no way to pay ANY bills.

    Foolish liberal. If it doesn’t fit your playbook, you just ignore the truth.

    What’s up with that, Ø peep?

  46. nyp says:

    As you said many, many time on this blog, you went into bankruptcy because you had crushingly high medical bills that you could not pay.
    More importantly, if ObamaCare had been around back then you would have been able to cover your unanticipated medical expenses and would not have had to lay them onto the shoulders of your caregivers — and, ultimately, upon taxpayers like me.

    You should be pleased that, thanks to President Obama and Nancy Pelosi, millions of your fellow Americans will not face what you went through.

  47. Athos says:

    Wow. It always amazes me at the absolute denial of truth, even when it’s spelled out, to a liberal, progressive fool.

    Thanks for the confirmation, petey. At least you’re good for something!

  48. Rincon says:

    So if someone declares bankruptcy, thereby sticking other people with their expenses, it’s good old fashioned capitalism; if the same person uses welfare money to pay the same bills, thereby also sticking other people with their expenses, that’s socialism. Have I got that right?

  49. Steve says:

    Not a good comparison Rincon, individual bankruptcy occurs in random cases…welfare is aimed at whole, ever spreading, portions of the population. We have recently added a huge portion of the middle class to the “dole”.

  50. Nyp says:

    I disagree that families that purchase health insurance protection with the help of tax credits are “on the dole,” but I understand that Republicans see it that way.

  51. Steve says:

    Some 9,000,000 newly added Medicaid recipients count as on the “dole”.

    Rough day for nyp.

  52. Nyp says:

    You think that when a woman who cleans peoples’ offices at night from 6 to 11 pm has a doctor to see when she feels a lump in her breast she is “on the dole.”

    I disagree.

  53. Steve says:

    There WAS a TIME in this country that a person who cleans the offices of day workers was able to pay their own way…it was BEFORE the advent of the ever expanding welfare state.

  54. Nyp says:

    That time was when we had a minimum wage adequate to keep a full-time worker over the poverty line.
    No more.

  55. Steve says:


    It was before the FSLA went into effect…in fact even the FSLA only enacted a 25 cent min wage…(equal to $4.00 hr in 2012 dollars)

    The idea the government can somehow prevent a recession like the depression, was and is pie in the sky feel good lib speak.

    The outcome is slowly moving to the entire population being, in one form or the other, absolutely dependent on govt cheese.

  56. Rincon says:

    The minimum wage in 1949 was $0.75/hour in 2013 dollars.
    Meanwhile, in 2008, per capita gdp was almost 4 times higher than in 1949.
    So while each person produces almost 4 times more, our minimum wage is essentially the same, A rising tide emphatically does NOT lift all boats. No wonder capitalism is becoming unpopular!

  57. Then let’s set a minimum wage and a maximum wage and be done with it. Make both the same. And lock in the workweek hours.

  58. nyp says:

    Na. We liberals have no objection to people earning as much money as they can.

    What we do object to is the idea that you can work full-time and yet not be above the poverty line.

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