Rally against wind turbines scheduled in Searchlight

Last year’s protest rally in “downtown” Searchlight.

Residents of Searchlight are inviting like-minded folks to join them in “downtown” Searchlight Saturday morning to protest plans to erect wind turbines east of town and near Lake Mohave, home to bald and golden eagles.”

It is being billed as the “Second Annual Rally with native tribes to oppose Searchlight Wind Project and large industrial solar projects on public lands in the Mojave Desert.

It is scheduled for 10 a.m. to noon March 29 in the parking lot of the Searchlight Nugget Casino, corner of Highway 95 and Cottonwood Cove/Nipton Roads in Searchlight.

The press release states: “Searchlight residents and concerned citizens will join with regional native tribes in a rally Saturday morning to protest a 200-megawatt wind farm project that will line Searchlight’s residential areas and the Cottonwood Cove entrance into Lake Mead National Recreation Area – which is proposed to be sited on lands considered sacred by regional native tribes.  The wind farm is proposed to be located within close proximity of Spirit Mountain, which is considered the birthplace of several native tribes.  To date, government agencies have not consulted with the tribes as required by federal law.”


2 comments on “Rally against wind turbines scheduled in Searchlight

  1. iShrug says:

    I’m a convention delegate, or I would be in Searchlight Saturday. It actually sounds like a whole lot more fun than the convention, but I’m committed.

  2. Vernon Clayson says:

    If it’s anything like the green energy project on Paiute land Harry Reid is involved. He’s behind that but from the things we read about him he may have no personal and immediate recollection of the Paiute project nor about the windmills at Searchlight. Someone will tell him about it, though, and anything negative will be blamed on the “other side”. There’s 99 other senators that mostly keep silent on this green energy crap, why can’t Harry?

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