R-J: They say they want your feedback but apparently not your comments

That boorish editorial in Thursday’s Las Vegas Review-Journal boasting about adding journalists and coverage without mentioning the paper was at that moment in the throes of several dozen layoffs of decades-long loyal employees ends with this:

“As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions. Feel free to call the phone numbers listed in each section, email our staff members or submit a letter to the editor.”

This invitation is immediately followed by the pro forma invitation:

Ed “Boss” Moss

Rules for posting comments

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Only, there are no comments and no way to post comments. If they really wanted feedback there should be comments, right? I found a cached version of the editorial, but it too had no comments, though it had a window that allowed one to post a comment.

Comments on the story about Boss Moss being named to run the newspaper have been cut off and no more allowed, but not before someone posted this comment:


Grab your ankles, RJ reporters and editors. This tool leaves every newspaper in worse shape than he found it.



6 comments on “R-J: They say they want your feedback but apparently not your comments

  1. Jimmy says:

    I heard they just stuck a fork in CityLife. Is the Business Press next? This is turning into a major meltdown.

  2. I’m hearing that too, Jimmy. Can you report anything further?


  3. bc says:

    Have to tell you Tom, the newspaper business is a mess and I don’t want to think of what happens when the business model completely fails. Where to get the news, real news? Television does not have the attention span and most of what is on the internet is too national based or agenda driven (or both) to get a good look into what is really happening, especially on the local scene.

    I live in the most ethically challenged state in the union (Illinois) and it takes resources to have the people to devote to untangling the webs of deceit and corruption and the credibility and audience to be able to shine a light and make a difference. A lone blogger with his ear to the ground or listening to his echo chamber audience cannot hope do do either.

    For all the buzz about decentralizing news and “having everyone’s voice heard” bringing democracy to news reporting, if the newspapers fail and the 4th Estate devolves to multitudes of small voices on the internet (television does not really count), then evil and corruption will have won as the 4th Estate will have been divided and defeated and democracy will be lost.

  4. Vernon Clayson says:

    It does seem odd that the only fully functioning local newspaper in the huge Las Vegas metropolitan area appears to be in its death throes, probably only coincidental within a few months of Senator Harry Reid telling one of its editors that he hoped it failed. I forget what the issue was but it obviously struck a sour note with King Obama’s Nevada surrogate and the two, Barry and Harry, have long tentacles. Whatever is going on it appears that subscribers/readers are a distant consideration in the equation after the slashing furor at the paper but I suppose that makes sense, the news doesn’t carry a newspaper, advertising does that. There’s a winning combination, stale news and advertisements I have no interest in, I guess I can suck it up and settle for that for the two months left on my subscription.

  5. So they’ll get rid of Citylife, but El Tiempo Im betting is nowhere near the chopping block. Both are free papers, but only one offers something different and not just a different language. Worse than that people who wanted Citylife home delivery had to pay, but El Tiempo is free even to the people who wont go to the gas station to get it themselves and the carriers are only getting 2cents for each one they deliver. Hmmm 30cents for driving $3 worth of gas to deliver papers to people that should learn English and subscribe to the RJ if they want a newspaper. That is why the average carriers takes their El Tiempos straight to the recycle bin! Sorry, off topic, but had to vent.

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