17 comments on “Did Harry and Barry lie?

  1. Only someone like Harry would find fault with the consumer having free choice of what insurance they want.
    And, if the plans he and barry are pushing are better, why is it necessary to force them on the people of America?
    I shake my head every time I think about a free people putting rebrobates like harry and barry in office–multiple times!

  2. nyp says:

    If you are “free” to go without health insurance you end up like Athos — in a medical emergency, forcing your medical bills onto the rest of us.
    That applies as well to the super-cheap junk-insurance plans that have been banned by ObamaCare. An insurance plan that does not cover your hospitalization or which stops paying after the first $5k of medical bills is no insurance plan at all.

  3. While you are forcing people to buy things they need, be sure and make eating broccoli mandatory.

  4. nyp says:

    As far as I can tell, there is no broccoli insurance crisis in this country. No one ended up paying for Athos’s personal broccoli expenses because one day he desperately needed to eat broccoli and we as a society could not leave him dying on the street from broccoli deprivation.

    So your analogy leaves something to be desired.

  5. Good enough for the Supreme Court.


  6. Vernon Clayson says:

    Keep? The only thing we keep is this silver tongued orator and his convoluted reasoning, okay, he’s not silver tongued, he just reads what’s put on the lectern. When he has to run again, in 2016, his motto will be “If you like your senator, you can keep him”. Not that the Republicans can find someone to challenge him, there’s not a doubt in my mind that no matter who runs against him he will dredge up enough votes to stay in office.

  7. Vernon Clayson says:

    Also if you like your president you can keep him, if he decides to stay in office regardless of constitutional limits, tough s–t, if you don’t like him, tough s–t, and you are a racist, if you don’t like his policies, tough s–t.

  8. Would you support stopping the subsidization of those who make poor choices? It sounds like it.
    People like harry and barry abhor the idea of free choice.

  9. The above is for nyp. Sorry to have missed the reference.

  10. Vernon Clayson says:

    One more thought, the propaganda emitting from Washington overrides almost everything in our lives, it comes like the proverbial waves to the shore, obviously they want us to believe their imperatives are our imperatives. I read a comment, a truism, a few years ago, “Who can think of the seasons when this months bills are due?”, I find myself so caught up on politics, albeit being of little consequence to the practitioners of that dreadful profession, that I have to make time to care for my own affairs, seemingly more and more petty compared to the awesome responsibility of our “leaders”. I was always aware of who was president but their daily activity and plans weren’t thrown at me to the near exclusion of all other news. It’s so bad I’m beginning to envy the so-called low-information types.

  11. Steve says:

    We all know Reid constantly “spins” his own statements and has others do the bump and grind for him. But it somehow, never gets old seeing it over and over each and every time it reoccurs.

  12. Vernon Clayson says:


  13. Steve says:

    Ahh, yes, Vernon. Only one problem with that word in the case of Harry. They don’t recur on a schedule and most are one offs. Harry is usually defending some statement he made if he gets caught. Otherwise its all about the times he used to say one thing and the times he (years later) says something completely different about a single subject. Hence its not recur its reoccur.

    Lucky for politicians, splitting hair with letters is the English language way.

  14. Milty says:

    “If you like your senator, you can keep him”.

    This is like what Senator Reid said about the insurance policies not being the same because they’ve changed every year for the past three years. With all his flip flops, changes of positions, evolution of thought, outright lies etc., with Senator Reid we’ve gotten a new senator every year since 1987.

  15. Good point Milty, I think I’ll have to steal this.


  16. Mike C. says:

    Turns out the legislation ostensibly designed to insure the uninsured is (surprise, surprise!) doing anything but. In case you missed this article in the WSJ, the vast majority of those signing up through the exchanges already had insurance. One survey cited in the piece indicated that just 11% of those purchasing insurance were previously uninsured. That survey also noted that 52% of those who shopped on the exchange but decided not to purchase insurance cited affordability as the reason they declined to purchase.

  17. Athos says:

    petey, I’d tell you to stop the misrepresentation of my bankruptcy from 30+years ago, but you’re incapable of being honest!

    After all, you’re a true Marxist believer in having other people tell you what to do, aren’t you?

    And for the record, No taxpayer money was used in my emergency surgery. Period.

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