4TH ST8 blog hits a milestone

Now, who’d’ve guessed it in a month of Sundays? (I’m only guessing, but I think that ol’ country-ism refers to something like 30 Sundays or 30 weeks.)

Sometime overnight the 4TH ST8 blog surpassed the milestone of 200,000 views, according to the WordPress stats compiler.

Here’s hoping the New Year brings us lot’s of interesting topics to discuss and lots of deserving people to ridicule.

So, read this blog or the dog gets it:

National Lampoon cover from years ago.

Just trying to incentivize.


9 comments on “4TH ST8 blog hits a milestone

  1. Jim Lamb says:

    Congratulations Tom. Good work, keep it up. I’m old enough to remember that cover when it came out.

  2. Steve says:

    Keep those fingers nimble Tom. Somehow I think there will be plenty things and people who will be very deserving of ridicule in the coming years! 😎

  3. That makes two of us, Jim.


  4. Vernon Clayson says:

    The blog isn’t necessarily “ridicule”, per Steve, there’s logical argument, amazement, irony, disbelief, and more than a modicum of truth, hopefully truth isn’t what Steve calls ridicule. I’m a fan of Mr. Mitchell’s blog, it stirs the pot and also my imagination. Okay, there is ridicule in some small measure, especially among the comments, e.g., my denigration of Steve’s word “ridicule” today.

  5. Steve says:

    Vernon, Re-read Tom’s words. His third sentence should clarify “my” words and the reason I made that statement. ❓ 🙄

  6. Vernon Clayson says:

    Okay, I half get it, but the people ridiculed, usually politicians, are impervious to insult, their egos are too large for shame.

  7. And their jobs are never in jeopardy.

  8. Steve says:

    All the more reason to ridicule those deserving persons and topics.

  9. Vernon Clayson says:

    True, their jobs, thus their financial security, are never in jeopardy. Harry Reid doesn’t have much to worry about, the Republicans lack the cojones to go after him. He has to go through the bother of a run in 2016 so he and his posse have another two years to find an opponent, perhaps another house frau no one ever heard of.

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