ObamaCare deadlines written in smoke

Move the goal posts. Punt. Move the goal posts. Punt. Move the goal posts. Punt. Move the goal posts. Punt.

That is the ObamaCare game plan.

As Investor’s Business Daily reports, the Department of Health and Human Services is now requiring insurers to accept payment on Dec. 31 for insurance coverage beginning Jan. 1. On top of that, HHS is “asking” insurers to accept partial payments and even insure people retroactively. 

HHS is releasing very little about enrollment figures. The only state reporting any real details about enrollment in the exchanges is California, where 156,000 people had selected an exchange plan, though 800,000 have had their individual health plans canceled. There have been an estimated 4 million cancellations nationwide, while only 365,000 have signed up on the federal or a state exchange and 800,000 have qualified for Medicaid.

Wasn’t ObamaCare supposed to cut the number of uninsured?

Additionally, the sign up numbers, at least in California, are enough to make the actuaries wince. Though many may not have yet actually paid a premium, 35 percent so far are 55-64 and 23 percent are 45-54, while the 18-34 group accounts for a mere 21 percent.

Meanwhile, in Nevada, The Associated Press is reporting a tale of Silver State Health Insurance Exchange woe.

Christopher Thompson, a former administrator for the state Division of Health Care Financing and Policy, told the SSHIX board on Thursday that he selected a policy on the exchange but repeatedly had his credit card rejected.

Thompson tried to “live chat” with an exchange representative for help on prescription coverage, but he kept getting a message that “all circuits are busy.”

“Overall, I called the call center about 100 times in the past 10 days,” Thompson said. “I would like to be able to pay my bill today,” he said, adding, “I am totally frustrated at this point.”

About 6,600 people are said to have selected insurance plans on the Nevada exchange but only 1,500 have paid.

Almost 25,000 Nevadans have had their individual health policies canceled.

10 comments on “ObamaCare deadlines written in smoke

  1. Vernon Clayson says:

    Harry and Barry love it when a plan comes together. Only morons would have expected that people would be eager to sign up and the two and their gang aren’t morons, they are presumptuous and arrogant but not morons. In their due time people will be assigned, no voluntary sign up required. It’s the only way to get people involved, they can say they wanted voluntary sign ups but that didn’t work so people will be assigned.

  2. Winston Smith says:

    Just like our voluntary federal income tax system, eh Vern?

    BTW, it cracks me up that “all circuits are busy” with an online chat. That may further explain this fiasco. Perhaps there’s an old manual switchboard causing a bottleneck in the system still…

    War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength; Volunteering is Mandatory

  3. nyp says:

    wow. A guy’s credit card was rejected and his call center wait was too long.

  4. nyp says:

    “Covered California has been successful in attracting young people to sign up, a critical cohort for balancing insurance pools and keeping the price of premiums low. Eighteen to 34-year-olds represent 21 per cent of enrollees in the marketplace, roughly in line with their representation in the California population.
    Leslie Foster, a 29-year-old freelance filmmaker in Hollywood, participated in Covered California’s conference call. He said he was glad when his existing catastrophic insurance plan was canceled. He said he signed up for a much more comprehensive health plan through Covered California that will cost him $62 a month.
    “It’s one of the few bills I’m going to be excited about paying,” he said.”


  5. Steve says:


    “A guy’s credit card was rejected and his call center wait was too long.”


    “It’s one of the few bills I’m going to be excited about paying,”

    far and away the reality for the majority is likely somewhere in between these extremes.

  6. Winston Smith says:

    My wife says “all circuits are busy” reminds her of Lily Tomlin. I had forgotten about her. Of course, I occasionally catch myself still saying that so-and-so just released a new album…

  7. Steve says:

    They did not know how right they were!

  8. Vernon Clayson says:

    The government has to overcome the policies it has instituted that gave the something-for-nothing crowd the idea that they will get their “free” care just by showing up at medical provision facilities. They also have to overcome the notion that drawing attention to yourself where government is concerned is a bad idea. A simple example is speeding in your vehicle, law enforcement will notice you, a complex example is attempting to sign up for Obamacare, you may not get through to the part where you pay but they know who you are.

  9. Vernon Clayson says:

    Had another thought, the IRS has the responsibility of administering and collecting for O-care, it’s just a matter of them devising a checklist from the records they already have. Perhaps people will get the demand for signing up and paying about the same time they get their wage statements from their employers but they won’t have until the 15th of April to pay up.

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