ObamaCare numbers keep rolling up — the cost that is

Pick a number. Any number.

That seems to be what is happening with Nevada’s Silver State Health Insurance Exchange. The AP reports that Nevada has signed up 513 people for ObamaCare coverage in its first month. 

But SSHIX’s twitter account, @NVHealthLink, shows 9,231 individuals have been determined to be eligible for Advanced Premium Tax Credit, federal subsidies, and 16,590 individuals have been found to be eligible for Medicaid, while 1,997 applicants selected insurance plans. But only 513 have purchased insurance, less than a half a percent of the anticipated 118,000 expected to enroll by the end of March.

According to the Nevada Division of Insurance, 24,623 people have had their existing individual insurance policies canceled — unable to keep their plans, whether they liked them or not.

Here’s another number from a Review-Journal story: $66 million. That’s the amount of a federal loan given to start up Nevada Health Co-op. Low enrollment numbers have executives at the new company worried. The Co-op has a target enrollment of 30,000 in its first year. It is one of only two choices in rural Nevada on the exchange, which is the only place to qualify for those subsidies.

Mike Willden, director of the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services, told AP the state has already added 14,000 to Medicaid rolls this year. That 16,590 — and who knows how many more — could be added to Medicaid coverage on Jan. 1 when the state’s expanded coverage starts.

In general, those making 133 percent of the federal poverty level (currently $11,500 for one person, $15,500 for a couple and $23,500 for a family of four) will be eligible for Medicaid. Those making 133 to 150 percent of poverty would pay 3 to 4 percent of income for insurance. As income increases, the percentage of income required increases to 9.5 percent at 400 percent of the federal poverty level. This means a family of four making $94,000 is eligible for premium subsides. A family of eight could earn a tax credit if its income is less than $158,000. With higher incomes you have to pay the market rate.

ObamaCare is actuarially unsound. As only the oldest and sickest sign on, for subsidies and Medicaid coverage, pick a number. Any number What ever it is will be coming out of your pocket.

20 comments on “ObamaCare numbers keep rolling up — the cost that is

  1. Nyp says:

    That’s terrific that so many Nevadans are getting affordable healthcare through Medicare! It’s a great deal!

    BTW, why would anyone pay insurance premiums three months in advance of actual coverage?

  2. Nyp says:

    Right. Sorry for the typo.

  3. Vernon Clayson says:

    I have an idea, throw more money at it, $66 million, seems a trifle in the Barry and Harry world. On the other hand, the population of Nevada is less than 3 million and $66 million would pay for a lot of actual individual care. Who or what state or local organization has that money, or is it just a debit thing with the federal government dependent on the taxes, fines and fees the program hopes to fetch. I understand we are to believe the government considers this an investment, that they invest millions to get a return in the billions over the years of this hideous program. How am I, or any other taxpayer, to believe this is good for any of us as individuals? Are we too merely feel good that we, as taxpayers, pay for those that will receive care without having to pay into the system be being largely subsidized.

  4. It’s obvious now that Governor BRIAN “BS” SANDOVAL is now for Obamacare (“…was against it, before he is for it”), Now he is in the soup. The $66 million risk to Nevada taxpayers is highly underestimated. The real figure could be over $100 million.
    Sandoval is trying to get re-elected in 2014 by not taking positions which may create controversy. With his Hutchison for Lt Governor strategy, the Governor is focused on becoming the1st Mexicano americano elected to the U.S. Senate in 2016 (and U.S. President in 2024). THIS IS THE WRONG REASON for his re-election. But he is now the DARLING of the main stream media (MSM), Op-Ed writers, and political pundits / consultants. They are giving him A PASS the way Barack Obama is enjoying a free ride from the press to this very day.

    Read more in FB pages http://www.Facebook.com/ElectEddieInLibertyHamilton or follow @Elect Hamilton on Twitter

    MEDIA ALWAYS GIVING GOV. SANDOVAL A PASS, so his rating stays up around 60%…

    Like Barack Obama, Governor Brian “BS” Sandoval is getting a PASS from the MSM (main stream media), Op Ed pages, and political pundits. This is WHY his “favorability” and “popularity” numbers are currently high in the state. For example, in the past, when running for A.G. candidate Sandoval said than when in office he will enforce laws made by the Third Reich Waffen S.S. against Jewish population in Germany. Uproar ? No; instead HE GOT A FREE PASS from journalists because the “free” press did not make a big deal of this horrendous gaffe. Now fast forward to today. The MSM is not putting his feet to the fire and ask the Governor how he would add high paying full time jobs to Nevada economy. Ask him about why Nevada’s unemployment rate is much higher than the national level.

    In fact he Governor wants to be re-elected for the WRONG REASON, in the upcoming 2014 election, ie. he wants to be the 1st Mexicano americano to be elected U.S. senator from Nevada. Eventually, he wants to be the first hispanic president of the United States (this is his American dream and that’s fine..). The main stream media has bought into this narrative and they are EXPLOITING HIS ETHNICITY, and get favorable ratings for Brian Sandoval, for his future ambition and thus political gains (sounds just like the media love affair with Barack Obama).

    The governor ought to focus on how he can ADD new high paying FULL TIME jobs to the Nevada economy. The state in fact lost 11,000 jobs just recently as in June 2013. In fact, Gov. Sandoval spent $1,000,000.00 of taxpayer dollars and created only 2 full time jobs! Nevada unemployment rate is still much higher than the national unemployment rate of 7.3%, in October 2013.

    His Republican opponent in the June 10, 2014 GOP primary is EDDIE In Liberty HAMILTON, a duly elected member of the Nevada Republican Party State Central Committee (representing Clark County in the state party). Hamilton is the Conservative Choice of the GOP conservative base ie. primary election voters. He is also the Tea Party Voice in this gubernatorial contest between establishment Republican Brian Sandoval versus conservative Liberty Republican Ed Hamilton.

    Hamilton has a concrete and specific plan to add full time high paying 6,000 engineering and manufacturing jobs to Northern Rural Nevada (on the other hand Brian Sandoval has embraced the Democrats SCREW NORTHERN RURAL NEVADA education policy).

    Furthermore, Ed Hamilton has a measurable plan to add 30,000 new jobs to the Las Vegas area and other venues across the Battle Born Silver state of Nevada. ALL to be accomplished at no net cost to Nevada taxpayers.

    Republican gubernatorial candidate for Nevada in the June 10, 2014 GOP primary election, Ed Hamilton, his economic diversification plan for Nevada would generate an an incremental $500,000,000.00 to the state’s current budget.

    More details on http://www.Facebook.com/ElectEddieInLibertyHamilton or follow him @ElectHamilton on Twitter

  5. It turns out the federal exchange sign-up number is well under 50,000 — more like 27,000.

  6. Steve says:

    “Enrollment numbers totaled 106,185. A Sept. 5 administration estimate had projected that 494,620 people would enroll in the first month.”

    Déjà vu ….. were they reporting on Las Vegas Monorail ridership projections?

    Maybe Obamacare will be the same as light rail, high projections with really low results! So far it seems to be the case.

  7. Rincon says:

    Of course nobody’s signing up. The news tells us that we won’t be able to. I haven’t even started looking yet.

  8. Steve says:

    Not the point Rincon.
    Many of us knew it was a train wreck to release it with little or no testing. Now that the news has come out its obvious many inside the beltway knew it too.

    Now you guys are considering doing one of the things conservatives were calling for at the end of the big “shut down” scare. Hold off on those mandatory sign up dates for a while. Maybe even a year…

    Heavens…who could have made a suggestion to hold off for a year…wondering,,, was it people in the house? Now its Democrats up for re election in 14.

    There’s much to be said for soft roll outs. These websites are a great example of one of the things you guys did wrong. Add it to your list.

  9. Nyp says:

    You have problems with nevadahealthlink.com? Looks pretty easy to navigate to me!

  10. Steve says:

    Not me. I know better than to use up bandwidth those without employer insurance need.

    Rincon doesn’t live in Nevada.

    You, Nyp, are adding to the problem by accessing that site. Cut it out!

    Oh wait…. on the other hand….KEEP ON ACCESSING IT! You are playing right into our hands.. :mrgreen:

  11. Milty says:

    “Of course nobody’s signing up. The news tells us that we won’t be able to. I haven’t even started looking yet.”

    Kind of like Yogi Berra’s comment, “Nobody goes there [Mama Leone’s] anymore…it’s too crowded.”

    And I already know Yogi wasn’t the guy who actually said it, Nyp, but it’s still a good saying.

  12. Steve says:

    It probably wouldn’t have too crowded if the city lightened up and issued more tavern licenses.

    I mean, if the place was too crowded then there was plenty of business for more operators and they wouldn’t be taking away business from the currently overcrowded one, right?

    Maybe that very thing applies in this situation. Less (ie single) is indeed not more. We are moving in a regressive direction.

  13. Milty says:

    “Enrollment numbers totaled 106,185.”

    Piers Morgan post on Twitter today: “Considerably more Americans signed a petition to have me deported than enrolled for Obamacare. I’d start panicking, Mr. President…”

  14. Nyp says:

    I’m kinda pleased that in one month a half-million Americans obtained health insurance they hadn’t had before.

  15. Steve says:

    Nyp using Obamarounding. Anything over 100,000 is rounded up to the next half a million.

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