A scary Halloween tale of failure to communicate

The juxtaposition is a bit ironic. If you pluck the single sheet of pages 3 and 4 from today’s flimsy 6-page B section of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, you will see a news brief and an editorial on the same topic side by side.rjeditjpg

On 2B readers are told Gov. Brian Sandoval has pulled the plug on a campaign scheme to provide access to the governor in exchange for relatively small monthly donations. The original AP story in Sunday’s paper quoted Martin Dean Dupalo, president of the Nevada Center for Public Ethics, as saying this sounded like cash for favors.

On 5B today is an editorial calling on the governor, you guessed it, to drop the scheme.

The story reporting the governor had done just that was first posted online at 9:35 a.m. Wednesday.

Online today the editorial can’t be found. At least that was the case at 8 a.m. Today’s letters are posted, but not the editorial calling on Sandoval to do something he had already done.

8 comments on “A scary Halloween tale of failure to communicate

  1. Steve says:

    The editorial may be there later tonight.

    Strange the governor would try that considering what happened in 2010.
    Steven Horsford tried it and It should have been brought up in the last election. I wonder if it might come back to haunt him this cycle.
    I thought Sandoval was smarter than that.

  2. Milty says:

    I’d venture to say that the governor is smarter than Eddie Hamilton.

  3. iShrug says:

    I began receiving the Gov’s campaign emails before the legislative session had even ended. A couple of weeks ago, I got a request for what you describe: they wanted to sell me “benefits” for a monthly fee.

    Now, I subscribe to several magazines as well as an audio book plan. I pay to play. But something about the campaign donation subscription struck me as wrong

  4. Athos says:

    The best politicians that money can buy! And we taxpayers fund those same political groups that buy the politicians!

    I think it’s time to revisit some Civil War history books. What troubles me is that over 1 million Confederate Soldiers weren’t fighting to keep black people on the plantation (which was the lessons I remember learning in school – way back when).

    They fought over the issue of States rights. And there is something ingrained in all Americans that resists people telling us what to do. Even if it appears reasonable.

    Freedom from some tinpot living far away, determining what’s best for us, and using force to implement those edicts from afar.

  5. Milty says:

    Athos, have you told Assemblyman Wheeler that the Civil War wasn’t fought over the issue of slavery?

  6. Athos says:

    Good one, Milty! Assemblyman Wheeler is getting quite a lesson about how TEA party affiliates are quoted (and investigated) as opposed to these progressives (Alan Grayson putting a KKK cross to describe TEA party)

    Funny how that works?

  7. Milty says:

    The Republican Party is trying to force him out, but my prediction is that if Assemblyman Wheeler runs for re-election, he’s gonna win. That would be really funny.

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