GOP not only fails to restrain spending, budget deal actually increases it

Not only does the budget deal and debt-ceiling blow through not delay or defund ObamaCare, it even fails to hold the line on the previously established “law of the land” on spending, according to the Daily Caller. The Reid-McConnell deal blows past sequester caps by $19 billion.

The FY2014 discretionary budget was supposed to drop to $967 billion, but the deal raised it $986 billion. Harry and Barry wanted to raise it to $1.06 trillion.

Mitch McConnell got Kentucky Kickback in deal? (AP photo)

Northern Nevada Rep. Mark Amodei, a Republican who voted against the deal, noted it includes an earmark for a dam in Kentucky. Some are calling it the $2.9 billion “Kentucky Kickback,” since McConnell represents, you guessed it, Kentucky.

“Nothing in this legislation changes the real threats to our country’s economy …” Amodei said.  “But it saddens me to see such important matters decided by the political box score instead of what really matters — getting the policy right for the people who are impacted, which, in the case of our economy, federal spending and debt, and health care, is all Americans.”

Nevada Republican Sen. Dean Heller commented, “Considering this legislation does nothing to place our nation on sound fiscal footing or cultivate a growth economy that will produce jobs in the long term, I cannot support it.

“For weeks, Washington, D.C. has been at an impasse. Ultimately, the only solution on which Congress could agree kicks the can down the road and delays the difficult decisions for three short months.”

He called again for passage of his “No Budget, No Pay” bill that would deny salaries to Congress until a budget is passed.

Nevada Republican Rep. Joe Heck voted for the deal.

The only thing the GOP got in the deal was agreement to verify the income of those who get ObamaCare subsidies, which Nevada is already going anyway.

The budget deal also includes back pay for furloughed federal worker — paid vacation. Plus, they get a 1 percent raise in January.

27 comments on “GOP not only fails to restrain spending, budget deal actually increases it

  1. Joe says:

    Where else does one find an allegedly responsible group, who diddle their constituency for 16 days, run up expenditures that peg the needle, and put the screws to a lot of small business people, make the country look like a scatter brained fire drill — and when they finally do their job, have the temerity to take the rest of the week off just for doing their job? (Hint, there’s only one place).

  2. Nyp says:

    I guess hostage-taking turned out to be not such a great idea after all.

  3. It worked out for Reid and Obama, who refused to budge.

  4. Wendy Ellis says:

    What happened to the “clean” CR? Nothing clean about it.

  5. Vernon Clayson says:

    I imagine most of us know it will be more of the same after this brief delay, the RINOs will give up the slightest pretense of being Republicans. For all practical purposes we are a one party nation, the party of Obama, who can imagine him giving up the office until he is good and ready, Castro-like?

  6. Wendy Ellis says:

    Obama was spewing more whoppers today, acting as though he is somehow not part of Washington DC, or manufactured crises, or lobbyists, or threatening default. He claims to be eager to “negotiate.” What a load. The transcript is from the Washington Post, which is pretty much an Obama mouthpiece, but it is the transcript. I can’t believe he thinks he can continue to distance himself from DC! Restore the trust of the American people? That’s been long gone.

  7. It is clean of anything that would slow spending.


  8. Steve says:

    Fact is conservatives never had enough votes to win this one. Like the way ACA got shoved up our (collective) rear ends, the same bunch of thieves and naysayers held the minority up at gunpoint and made them bow to the reality of their weakness.

    AND its all our fault for not sending more conservatives to Washington City.

  9. nyp says:

    Impeachment is the only option.

  10. Steve says:

    Wrong again, nyp.

    Continuing to fight for what we believe is the only option and those who fought to the end deserve our support. (Not yours of course.)

  11. nyp says:

    All that just to repeal a law that has already helped your own family and which would have prevented Athos and Wendy Ellis from having to go through personal bankruptcy.

  12. Vernon Clayson says:

    We’d all have a more constructive dialogue if we would just ignore nyp’s natter-natter comments, let him spew his insincere BS, let’s not respond to it. Maybe he will just go away.

  13. Steve says:

    Nope, wrong again, nyp. ACA did not help us, it only fooled us.
    AND you missed (or ignored) the point. (proving ignorance IS bliss.)

  14. Steve says:

    Veronon, Nyp does provide the occasional chuckle. On the other hand Dave72……

  15. Wendy Ellis says:

    Who is to say that my son would have been considered “worth” receiving the treatment he did, under Obamacare death panels? His initial prognosis, in 1989, was just 65%. The context of that prognosis was to “survive” five years or more. At that time, this was considered a “cure.” Would an eight-year-old boy be considered worthy, with these statistics, under Obamacare today? How long would he have had to wait for a bone marrow transplant two years later, when the chance of “survival” was just 20%? He had already relapsed twice, under the regimen of his clinical trial.

    My son received induction therapy within just three weeks of his initial diagnosis. Every phase of his treatment was offered just as soon as it was needed. He was assigned to a clinical trial at the outset. Nellis AFB sent us downtown to civilian doctors immediately. I drove him to Balboa Naval Hospital very shortly after the initial diagnosis was confirmed. I am talking under one month. It was all arranged. I remain eternally grateful to Ronald McDonald House, and Candlelighters for Childhood Cancer for the humane and charitable assistance offered to our family. Were it not for these (non-governmental) organizations, my son would have had to go through his treatments alone. The assistance we received enabled us to make sure that Nick did not have to go through his treatments alone. In 1989, there was not yet a children’s cancer facility at Sunrise Hospital.

    The treatment and care my son received, the opportunity for him to receive these things, were worth every penny and every hardship we had to endure. When working parents are taking care of sick children, I can assure you that once any vacation time has been exhausted, more time is without pay. I have no confidence that Nick would be afforded the same opportunities under a rationed system, that he received during his illness. Children who are diagnosed with T-Cell ALL today, benefit from the advancement in medical care–due to results obtained from the clinical trials my son and other children were part of.

    Under Obamacare, get in line. Inhuman bureaucrats who are not doctors, will take their time deciding which human beings are “worth” the effort to treat. It will not matter how much families have paid for “coverage.” The issue will be whether they will receive professional, competent, and compassionate medical care. Perhaps such care would be available, if people have the means to travel to Costa Rica, or some other place, but most people simply could not afford to do this.

    The Obama family will receive whatever care they desire, as will members of Congress, and the Hollywood liberals who speak out in favor of Obamacare. Not so, the majority of Americans. Why is it that the President is unwilling to subject himself and his family to his “signature” health law? I will tell you why: because he knows it is inferior. How can he possibly claim that the PPACA will benefit the American people in any way—and be believed? He has demonstrated his lack of confidence in Obamacare, by granting exemptions to favored groups.

  16. Winston Smith says:

    How long until the day when the USD is no longer the global reserve currency, because other nations will no longer accept it for oil, and maybe a lot of other things? Then our politicians will say that they had no idea that our massive national debt would cause anything so negative to happen, because His Highness Keynes warned them. But by then, no doubt, the control matrix will be fully implemented and any of us tempted to say “I told you so!” will have to keep our mouths shut, lest our neighbors turn us in for complaining.

    All part of the slippery slope to tyranny that the Big Government apologists keep claiming doesn’t exist…until they feel the handcuffs pinch their wrists as they are disappeared one night after fulfilling their role as a useful idiot.

    Of course, some here may be the entire trumpet section during those nights, eh, Petey?

    Sieg Heil, Baby!

  17. nyp says:

    Ms. Ellis: I am afraid you have been bamboozled. There are no “death panels.” There is no rationing. But your family would have had quality health insurance with no annual limits, no lifetime limits and no restrictions on pre-existing conditions. Your family (and its creditors) would not have gone through personal bankruptcy. Same thing for “Athos,” who suffered a medical crisis without adequate health insurance and had no way to pay the enormous expenses.
    Those are facts. They are not open to argument. Against that, you have the paranoid, Palin-esque myth of “death panels.”

  18. Rincon says:

    In Canada, England, Australia, or probably any other country with socialized health care, a boy with a 65% chance would definitely have received expedient care. That’s one reason that just about all of those countries have citizens that live longer than us. When we don’t live as long as practically any of them, what makes us think our old system was so superior?

  19. nyp says:

    And here is how Steve earlier this month described how ObamaCare’s protections for families with pre-existing conditions helped his family:

    “I too am changing insurance. With the new job comes tons of changes. My severance package came with 4 months of follow on employer sponsored insurance at no cost to me. So I am opting out of coverage with my new employer for the rest of 2013. I will sign up for 2014 during the open period in November.
    The point of this description is I read the disclaimers on all the paperwork (dry reading, no fun). What they said is by not taking on the new insurance as soon as its offered (even though I currently have full coverage) we might have been limited by pre existing conditions. Under the old laws that would have meant being covered by two insurance policies to ensure those conditions did not take hold. I confirmed with HR that ACA takes that part of the paperwork out of the way and I am able to move into the new plan in a more orderly way.”

    Congratulatons, Steve!

  20. Steve says:

    And Nyp has exactly ZERO knowledge of what occurred after I made that post. Turns out COBRA and ACA make it IMPOSSIBLE to take that course of action and preclude my benefiting from a significant portion of my severance benefits.

    Thanks ACA, you fooled me one too many times, this was the last one.

  21. Winston Smith says:

    Oh gee, China is thinking about using their Yuan to replace the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Luckily, we know that will never happen, cuz it won’t!–business.html

    What are those three choices again when you’re so far in debt that your currency is going to be rejected? Oh yeah:

    1. Hyperinflate
    2. Collateralize
    3. Repudiate

    Certainly the first two are already in motion…

  22. Hyperinflate? Nah,Janet Yellen will just keep buying debt. QE 4, 5 and 6?

  23. nyp says:

    Aren’t you guys a little abashed about the fact that you have been predicting hyperinflation ever since President Obama took office, and yet the inflation rate remains incredibly low?

  24. nyp says:

    Steve: so, first you claimed that health reform helped your family retain insurance notwithstanding preexisting conditions. Now, you vaguely claim that it has ninfact hurt your family. Could you describe with specificity just what it is you are saying?

  25. Steve says:

    Already said it, nyp. I am not able to take advantage of a significant portion of the severance benefits provided by my former employer. It cost me money.

  26. Wendy Ellis says:

    nyp, I have not been “bamboozled,” as you say. Nobody can even sign up for coverage. What do you think is going to happen when people try to get actual care? They won’t be seeing doctors. They will be seeing “health professionals,” and community nurses. Doctors are leaving the profession. My employer switched us from the consumer-driven plan we had for years, to HPN. I had to designate a PCP (Primary Care Provider), who is a doctor. But when I tried to make an appointment, it was a three-month wait. It was a six-week wait to just to see the PA-C.

    Then just try to get a prescription filled, for a drug your doctor has prescribed for you. You are told you need “prior authorization,” and the doctor has to fill out more forms. The Drug Panel only meets once a month, and they deny your prior authorization. You can appeal the decision, by filing a huge application, so that it can sit in a pile until the Drug Panel meets again. Of course, they deny your appeal again. In the meantime, you are not receiving treatment.

    Employees complained about what was happening, and our employer actually encouraged us to consider getting our medication from Canada, and not use our insurance! It is called “Death Plan of Nevada” for a reason. I am glad that I did not have to depend on HPN for my son’s treatment and care. He wouldn’t have received it. HPN is managed care, on a smaller scale than the ACA.

    If you think that the ACA is going to be affordable, or that you will receive quality care, you are the one being bamboozled.

  27. nyp says:

    So, Ms. Ellis, everything you are are complaining about has taken place on a private plan the preceeded and has nothing whatsoever to do with ObamaCare.

    I will ask again: if — thanks to ObamaCare — you can put your duaghter on your current employer-sponsored health insurance plan, why would you be looking for coverage on That is only for people who don’t get insurance coverage at work.

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