Illegals may drive with new card and don’t have to buy insurance to get the card

Well this is embarrassing. That’s what I get for relying on news coverage.

It turns out Senate Bill 303 does not require illegal immigrants to show proof of liability insurance to get a driver’s authorization card after all. The bill mentions insurance cards, but it turns out that is merely one of dozens of means of establishing identity.

Today’s coverage of a meeting to inform illegals about the driver’s authorization cards says:

“Another misconception addressed at the meeting was that car insurance is required to apply for the card. That’s not true.

“As Kevin Malone, a public information officer for the state’s DMV, pointed out: ‘You need insurance to register your vehicle.’”

Now how did that misconception come up?

May 31 story on governor signing the bill:

“To get a driver’s authorization card, people in the country illegally must pass the Department of Motor Vehicles’ driving test, pay an annual fee and acquire liability insurance on their vehicles.”

Just don’t bother to register the vehicle. There goes all the justification for the law.

11 comments on “Illegals may drive with new card and don’t have to buy insurance to get the card

  1. “Some are just more equal than others…”

  2. Yep, only comments that fit the agenda.


  3. What are the odds the R-J runs a correction on Sebelius’ column?

    “The cards, which can’t be used for proof of identity or government benefits, would require applicants to take a driving test and certify they’ve purchased liability insurance.”

  4. Vernon Clayson says:

    Like so much of today’s legislation, it was palliative, the sugar coated pill of early medicine that basically gave the patient hope while letting nature take its course. The card was to make the otherwise undocumented individuals fans of the politicians, if the legislators wore serious about public safety and law enforcement they would have passed legislation that unregistered and uninsured vehicles would be towed. I’m betting the courts have a warehouse full of moldering tickets/citations for unlicensed, unregistered, and uninsured motorists, labeled “failed/failure to appear” (which is another charge in most jurisdictions). It’s not just the undocumented individuals, of course, there’s more than a few scofflaw citizens that take the chance.

  5. Steve says:

    Odds they correct or even clarify Sebelius?

    He will claim the cards themselves imply a vehicle needs to be registered.
    Thing is, there is no law that requires anyone own a vehicle when obtaining a regular drivers license. So he can claim it was not necessary to make that clarification. The insurance connection should not have been a part of the story in the first place, since it was it should not have left as misleading as it was.

  6. nyp10025 says:

    Anyone taking advantage of the right to drive on public roads ought to have liability insurance in order to avoid socking taxpayers and others with the inevitable liability costs. Just like healthcare.

  7. Vernon Clayson says:

    When did the privilege to drive on public roads become a right? And the requirement of having insurance on your vehicle is a far cry from healthcare if you mean the totally burdensome healthcare laughably called the “affordable” health care act. Car insurance is costly but in the event of need it’s not decided by government bureaucrats using guides spelled out in tens of thousands of pages of basic rules. Notice I said basic, wait until the refinements are added during every legislative session of the Congress. If you need another comparison on insurances, compare the little girl needing a lung transplant to your car needing a bumper replaced. When I read Nyp’s comments I’m reminded of Casey Stengel saying, “Can’t anyone here play this game?”.

  8. Wendy Ellis says:

    Will these illegal aliens also first be required to obtain a learner’s permit? My children all did, prior to obtaining a NV driver’s license.

    As for the written test at the DMV, you have the option of taking it in English or Spanish. If you speak any other language, you are out of luck.

  9. Bill McGee says:

    Tom RJ sponsor/partner deal with NIAA now kaput. Bill McGee


  10. […] passed Senate Bill 303 in 2013 and it was signed by Gov. Brian Sandoval. Ostensibly, the bill was intended to reduce the number of […]

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