Life should have theme songs

As Jane Ann Morrison informs us, memories are funny things. They’re not always true, as she recounts in today’s column about former Mayor Oscar Goodman’s book “Being Oscar.”

She was there and has her own version. His appears to be a semi-true story, some he made up and some he forgot.

So, when they make Oscar’s book into a movie, I believe I have the theme song for when the credits roll. Just substitute gin for tequila.

4 comments on “Life should have theme songs

  1. Vernon Clayson says:

    So Ms. Morrison isn’t pleased with Oscar Goodman’s autobiography, sounds personal. Goodman’s background is an open book, official records abound, so he twisted facts a little in his story, no harm, no foul, he hardly needs the endorsement of Ms. Morrison. So he associated with unsavory characters, big deal, he was their attorney, not a participant in their enterprises. The image of a gin swilling good time mayor accompanied by showgirls went with the image of Las Vegas, he played the part well. He does remind me a little of W. C. Fields, who was also from Philadelphia, instead of the motto “happiest mayor in the world, Oscar could have said, as reputed to Fields, “Better here than in Philadelphia”. Whatever anyone thinks of him, they have to admit he was more interesting and entertaining as mayor than his predecessor in the office, Jan Jones.

  2. Vernon Clayson says:

    Maybe Ms. Morrison will pen an article describing president Obama’s books as mostly fable. I won’t hold my breath.

  3. Wendy Ellis says:

    That isn’t Harry Reid’s “Desert Express” to Victorville, is it?

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