With syllogistic logic like this, is it any wonder Nevada lawmakers are befuddled?

easy [ˈiːzɪ] 10. Slang: sexually available


Sherman Frederick

I think I may have evidence that explains much of what is wrong with our dysfunctional state Legislature. On Sunday nine of our august lawmakers penned a letter to the Review-Journal saying the previous week’s column by former publisher Sherman Frederick was unworthy of publication.

In that column Sherman stripped down the rhetoric of certain Democratic lawmakers arguing in favor of “comprehensive” sex education. He said they basically are calling Silver State girls “easy.”  I suspect they found little solace in his follow-up column in the same edition Sunday.
Whatever the merits or demerits of the column — whether it lacked cultural sensitivity, sound reasoning and/or literary merit — what I found revealing was a paragraph from the rebuttal letter:

“Mr. Frederick’s interpretation is illogical. Pregnancy and STDs have virtually nothing to do with being ‘easy,’ and a lot to do with the use, misuse or lack of protection.”

Fifteen percent of this state’s lawmakers are on the record stating pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases have virtually nothing to do with, well, having sex.
If such syllogistic reasoning is applied to other decisions made in Carson City, you can certainly see why we have a body hellbent on raising taxes and unwilling see any merit whatsoever in cutting wasteful spending. Spending has virtually nothing to do with the need to raise taxes.

16 comments on “With syllogistic logic like this, is it any wonder Nevada lawmakers are befuddled?

  1. Bruce Feher says:

    If the “lawmakers” that signed the letter are like the Big League “lawmakers” in Washington, they probably didn’t read the letter.

  2. Like most the laws they pass, Bruce.


  3. Vernon Clayson says:

    How freaking old are the legislators that were offended by Mr. Frederick’s use of the word “easy”, and other than a weenie or two were they mostly female legislators? Whatever gender they are it seems that they approve of sexual activity as long as there is “protection”, they must mean condoms but with the pill and the morning after pill easily available, what young couple with raging hormones is going to bother with a condom? And how far back did Mr. Frederick have to go to use it in that connotation as it seems to me that “easy” has faded in the lexicon of teenagers, “racy” has even gone into obscurity, it appears “sleeping” is now the word of favor. If nothing else, Mr. Frederick got the attention of the oh-so-busy legislators with his article, it’s unlikely they would have been as agonized if he had called them liars and thieves.

  4. I think they now call it “hooking up.”

  5. Steve says:

    I like that it took a whole team of lawmakers/lawyers to take on one journalist.
    Sherman Frederick is the last one standing at the RJ.
    Have you noticed he is now a Review Journal “Contributor” ?
    The RJ is going to have a very quiet website when they finally chase Sherman Frederick away.

  6. Rincon says:

    You’re nitpicking, Thomas. The statement, while stated awkwardly, is essentially true. People that are “easy” are far less likely to get pregnant if they practice conscientious birth control than those that make only a few mistakes without protection. Does it occur to you that wives get pregnant just as easily as “easy” people?

    Absolute celibacy of course, is foolproof. Problem is that kids are biologically suited for pregnancy in their early teens. It’s our society that tells them not to contribute to the population until they are financially independent, and often past their healthiest babymaking years. Expecting teenagers and those in their 20’s to tie a knot in it until they graduate college is a fool’s paradise.

    I’ve been single for my entire life. Republicans think my best option in life is to just say no or to get married and have children the Catholic way – which is rejected by most Catholics. Just so you know, I don’t plan to go to my grave as a celebate nor would I have allowed Republicans to railroad me into marriage because I have normal sexual urges. Just one more reason I don’t like Republicans.

  7. Rincon, you can’t make an unequivocal statement and then claim the trailing modifier obviates its falsity.


  8. Pale Rider says:

    Teen pregnancy is running rampant in Nevada according to AB230. So the need to educate the school students is important to the state. Sherman Frederick equates the problem to Silver State girls are easy and all heck breaks loose! The legislature should have given him a champagne toast for waking up so many citizens! Now maybe the discussion can start and reasonable legislation enacted.

  9. Athos says:

    Rinny, are you stating that you’re “easy”??

    Care to leave a phone number in some public bathroom??

  10. Nothing upsets liberals like using politically incorrect terms to describe the truth. After all, they’ve tried for decades to obscure what’s really going on, and will attack anyone who tries to remind the public by using those unacceptable terms that may evoke some sort of moral judgement. Not that some conservatives are any better at times, it just depends on the subject…

  11. Bruce Feher says:

    PC is crap! I’ll say what I want, where I want and when I want. Screw you lefties!

  12. Steve says:

    Lawmakers befuddled? Sneaky is more like it.

    AB230 makes a change most reports are glossing over at best. RGJ covered it but here very little is read or heard. The Sun mentioned it. The RJ? silent.

    The change? This course is now an “Opt out” course where it used to be “Opt In”. According to the RGJ “up to” 98% of parents have opted to enroll their children. Trouble is they also detail some other potentially troubling issues and little has been heard locally in Las Vegas on this. Nothing in the RJ and only a planned parenthood piece in the Sun.


  13. Anonymous says:

    Bruce has it correct, what…where… and when I want.. Screw a lefty? Never saw one that turned me on.

  14. Rincon says:

    That’s why I call it nitpicking, Thomas. Stating yourself poorly in print is easy to avoid. Doing the same in our speech on a day to day basis is impossible for any human being when every utterance is examined for small flaws by a pack of journalists and commentators ready to pounce on the smallest mistake in diction. Attacking someone’s position is fine. Distorting their position by dissecting one sentance out of thousands is a disservice.

    Who says I’m easy? Not true, but….I AM available for bachelorette parties!

  15. Athos says:

    Ah Rinny! You’re the perfect model politician!

  16. Vernn Clayson says:

    This discussion went downhill quickly. I’m glad Mr. Frederick didn’t mention that a hickey on a girl’s neck was a sign that she was easy, and fast, the legislators that were offended would have become a lynch mob.

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