It takes a village idiot to tell you how to rear your child

This bill might be tantamount to putting a thumb in the Nevada dike after the American social structure dam has burst.

This morning the state Senate Judiciary Committee was hearing testimony on Senate Bill 314, which would upgrade in state statute parental rights by saying:

“The liberty of a parent to direct the upbringing, education and care of the parent’s child is a fundamental right. The State of Nevada or any agency, instrumentality or political subdivision of the State shall not violate this right without demonstrating a compelling governmental interest that as applied to the child involved is of the highest order.”

The committee members are asking why the law is needed when the U.S. Supreme Court has established parental rights as fundamental.

State Sen. Mo Denis, the bill’s sponsor, said, “Codifying this simple natural liberty may not be so simple.”

Scott Woodruff of testified the law would ensure parental rights are fundamental rights in Nevada instead of ordinary rights. His website states:

“For ninety years the U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that the right of parents to raise their child is fundamental, giving it the same legal protections as free speech and freedom of the press.  In recent years, however, some lower courts and government officials have resisted compliance with those rulings, reducing the parental right to ‘a collection of numerous mini-rights, each to be afforded different degrees of scrutiny.’

“Parents need a law in order to be secure in their liberty so the court doesn’t have to ponder constitutional law every time an intrusion into family life occurs, making such cases daunting and expensive. A state law will also help deter government officials from attempting to transform ‘parental rights into parental responsibilities — responsibilities that the state is willing to enforce.'”

Is the bill needed?

A couple of days ago, a federal judge ruled the “morning after” pill must be made available nationwide to women of all ages and without a prescription, no matter what parents say.

Then there are those who think it takes a village to rear your child, like this MSNBC promotional feature:

35 comments on “It takes a village idiot to tell you how to rear your child

  1. Seconds after I posted this Richard Ziser, head of the Nevada Concerned Citizens, testified and mentioned the MSNBC video. To which committee Chairman Tick Segerblom snidely remarked MSNBC is taking over the world, but he watches Fox.

  2. Various social services and educators are testifying against the bill.

  3. Steve says:

    Tick better be careful, he might upset his main support group.

    On the other hand he just raised my opinion of him. Goes a long way back, I used to say Nevada Democrats made Massachusetts Republicans look downright liberal.
    Maybe I can start believing that again with Steve Sisolak and now Tick Segerbloom?

  4. Anyone who has studied the history of marriage licenses understands that the state already has ownership over the fruits of the marriage (children) and this collectivist tyranny is only now beginning to be mainstreamed.

  5. Everything belongs to the state, though they let you keep a little of your money, if you behave, and some authority over your children, if you behave.


  6. Bruce Feher says:

    This is what I posted on the MSNBC ass*oles Facebook page earlier today; Try coming near my kids or grand kids, I dare you!
    I suggest your readers also go to her page and express themselves.
    PS: The bit*h already took my comment off. I guess she’s against free speech too!

  7. About what I’d expect, Bruce.

  8. nyp10025 says:

    What did Ms. Harris-Perry say that was wrong?

  9. Steve says:

    Whatever it was (she said) Tick Segerbloom (D) Las Vegas, didn’t like it either.

  10. nyp10025 says:

    What did she say that was wrong?

  11. My children are not the responsibility of the community to rear.


  12. Nyp says:

    You didn’t send your children to elementary school? Wow.

  13. Steve says:

    Rearing is the job of the schools? Heavens me, I coulda’ swore it was to provide an education.

  14. Steve says:

    Collectivism (Merriam Webster)
    “Any of several types of social organization that ascribe central importance to the groups to which individuals belong (e.g., state, nation, ethnic group, or social class). It may be contrasted with individualism. Jean-Jacques Rousseau was the first modern philosopher to discuss it (1762). Karl Marx was its most forceful proponent in the 19th century. Communism, fascism, and socialism may all be termed collectivist systems. See also communitarianism; kibbutz; moshav.”

    She’s a freaking communist on MSCCCP.

  15. Bruce Feher says:

    NYP, stoned again I see.

  16. nyp10025 says:

    So public elementary schools are communist?

  17. Steve says:

    Yeah, Bruce, has to be. Nonsense is flowing like a river from Morningside Heights again.

  18. Vernon Clayson says:

    nyp, for the most part taxpayers fund schools, it is not freaking government largesse. This community BS is a return to Hillary Clinton’s old story, from some vague, supposedly African, oral tradition that it takes a village to raise a child; how she thought that would apply to a modern clothes wearing populous with a written language, formal laws, rules, and regulations, is beyond me. No village raised her child or this woman’s children, do you think Michelle Obama will turn her children over to a community to raise? Did you somehow lose the perspective that the purpose of schools is to educate, not raise.

  19. Nyp says:

    So institutions that are funded by the taxpayers are not government institutions? Hmmm …. I never thought of it that way.

  20. Steve says:

    Sure, museums, stadiums, Peace Corps, intermediate care facilities. Just a few examples.

  21. Rincon says:

    I don’t love Hillary, but I hate inaccuracy. You guys have to stop smoking those Rush Limbaugh sound bites. Have you ever actually read the speech? Here it is:
    For those of you that want the Cliff Notes version, here’s the line itself:
    “And we have learned that to raise a happy, healthy, and hopeful child, it takes a family. It takes teachers. It takes clergy. It takes business people. It takes community leaders. It takes those who protect our health and safety. It takes all of us.” Clergy? community leaders? business people? My God, they’re taking control of our children! Lock those kids in the house and don’t let them out!

    She was primarily talking about building strong communities that are good for children. Every parent knows that there are a thousand influences on children outside the home. Hillary wasn’t talking about government control; she was talking about making those thousand influences good ones. I grew up in a great community with a lot of fine people as examples. Everyone should be so lucky.

    But I still don’t want to see her in the White House!

  22. Steve says:

    Now, Rincon, contrast that with the collectivism proposed in that MSNBC vid.

  23. Nyp says:

    Huh?? Public schools are not not government?? The Peace Corps is not government??

    Society has no role on ensuring children receive an education? That they are immunized against communicable diseases? That they not be malnourished?

    You guys sure think funny.

  24. Rincon says:

    The MSNBC video contained none of Hillary’s words, Steve. Are you saying they speak for her? My only gripe was that Conservatives take Hillary’s words out of context ad nauseum.

  25. Frankly, it sounds like an insect organization. No individualism. Everyone assigned their role at birth: queen, drones, workers. Whatever is good for the hive.


  26. Steve says:

    Rincon, Hillary did a lot better job couching her intent in riddles. I can actually respect Harris-Perry, she was bluntly truthful in her assertion we should raise children to be communist.

    The Peace Corps has its roots from privately funded nonreligious organizations who began sending volunteers overseas during the 1950s. JFK took that and made it a gov operation. Originally it was fully private, next came government backing. Hence a private organization funded by government. Now fully swallowed up by government.
    Care to go on about museums and stadiums now?

  27. nyp10025 says:

    The Peace Corps, since its inception has been a governmental organization that engages in what I understand to be widely-respected developmental activities in regions of strategic importance to the United States, as a cost of less than one percent of the foreign operations budget. Its Director is and always has been appointed by the President of the United States and confirmed by the Senate. Its offices are, and always have been part of the Department of State. The Peace Corps did not “swallow up” any private organizations. Your contention is completely absurd.

    Almost as absurd as the idea that public schools are not, er, public, since they are “taxpayer funded.”

    As absurd as the idea that society has absolutely no interest in making sure that its citizens received adequate education, immunizations, clean water, adequate nutrition when they are young.

    Of course, since Mr. Mitchell believes that public elementary schools should be abolished, at least he, for one, is ideologically consistent.

  28. nyp10025 says:

    As for museums and stadiums, many municipal stadiums (stadia?) are public facilities that are leased to private entities. That is usually a bad idea, but whatever. They are public facilities.
    Municipalities will often also contribute money towards the operation of private cultural institutions such as museums. That is usually a better investment for the public. But that has absolutely nothing to do with public elementary schools, which are owned by, operated by and subject to oversight by … the public.

  29. Steve says:

    I se nothing about scholls or even education in

    “So institutions that are funded by the taxpayers are not government institutions? Hmmm …. I never thought of it that way.”

    Perhaps more bait than anything else. You swallowed your own hook.

    Smith Center For The Performing Arts. Another example that fits your statement.

  30. Steve says:

    Nope, Peace Corps since it was given that name has been a government operation. Prior to being called Peace Corp it was all private.

  31. nyp10025 says:

    1. According to the ever-reliable Vernon Clayson, “for the most part taxpayers fund schools, it is not freaking government largesse.”
    2. The Peace Corp is and always has been a government agency. There were no taxpayer-funded private precursers.

  32. Steve says:

    “Privately funded nonreligious organizations began sending volunteers overseas during the 1950s”

  33. Steve says:

    “Largesse” is a word far removed from “institution”.

  34. Athos says:

    Smug, officious, self loathing liberals living in Utopia. It must be the drugs.

    It’s the reality, Stupid!

    And Steve, don’t bother them with facts! Their minds are already made up! You’re raining on their parade.

  35. Athos says:

    I wonder if Melissa Harris-Perry has ever heard of Joseph Goebbels? Maybe that’s the education her generation missed (while learning how to put a condom on a banana).

    The fact she sees nothing wrong with the government taking your children is testimony that these morons are evil.

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