News you will not read anywhere else about ‘global warming’

Remember all those stories about how 2012 was the hottest year in a century of weather data for the 48 contiguous states of the United States. It was in all the papers.

Well, courtesy of a website called Real Science, here is a look at temperature records:

The ratio of record lows to record highs is 30:1.

19 comments on “News you will not read anywhere else about ‘global warming’

  1. Rincon says:

    Any chance of accessing your source?

  2. Click on the map, click on the link.


  3. Nyp says:

    Um, isn’t this a record of only a seven-day period in March?

  4. Nyp says:

    Um, isn’t this merely the record of a seven-day period in March?

  5. Nyp says:

    Those are all lovely links, but isn’t the source you cited originally merely the record of a seven-day period in March? What is the point of that?

  6. Yes, it is called weather. Just like the hot temps in the continental U.S. in 2012 that were offset by record lows in Alaska, Siberia and elsewhere.


  7. Nyp says:

    OK, so now we at least agree that the data you cited evidences absolutely nothing with respect to anthropogenic climate change.

  8. Steve says:

    “OK, so now we at least agree that the data you cited evidences absolutely nothing with respect to anthropogenic climate change.”

    At least, not yet it doesn’t.

    Its adding to the data and that data is not looking good for you believers. After all the MET has been 100% wrong for the last seven years, only 20 or 30 more years to go. Get ready to eat crow.

  9. Nyp says:

    “After all the MET has been 100% wrong for the last seven years,”


  10. Steve says:

    PUHLEASE… every true believer knows the MET.

  11. Vernon Clayson says:

    My mother went to the sixth grade, lived from 1910 to 1986, and easily understood that winters are cold, summers are warm, and fall and spring have brief spells of pleasant weather. She likely would never have imagined that shysters would make careers and businesses out of claims that man can alter natural weather patterns. She sure wouldn’t have felt guilt for the smoke caused by burning wood or coal to keep warm in winter. It’s a silly premise, however far out they go, the last of nyp’s line will see little or no difference in weather patterns in their trendy neighborhoods.

  12. Rincon says:

    This is just like listening to the creationists dismissing evolution or perhaps Suzanne Somers discussing autism. Scientists work logically and methodically to build a strong case, but some choose instead to listen to a few zealots that intentionally ignore reams of evidence and magnify or distort evidence that seems contrary.

    Since there is no rebuttal, I assume that Nyp is correct that the map represents only one week. In addition, the Russian link reports record snowfall, not low temperatures. Similarly, the Alasko one also points out record snowfall and a predicted record low for a single day. News flash: Since more snow falls when the temperature is near freezing than when it is bitter cold, record snowfall has essentially NOTHING to do with extraordinarily low temperatures. The other two point out low temperatures in small areas for small periods of time, which is essentially meaningless. I know our science education in this country is poor, but I didn’t know it was this bad.

    The other obvious problem is that there is NO way of assessing climate change from a few isolated temperature measurements. It’s easy enough to come up with a hundred stories of record high temps. You guys are blinded by your political zealotry.

    Once again, the evidence is overwhelming that manmade global warming is a bona fide risk to climactic stability. What is not clear is how great the risk is. To underreact by doing nothing is just as foolish as to overreact by spending mountains of money in an attempt to mitigate it.

  13. Nope, just giving tit for tat, because climate truthers are always regaling us with tales of hot weather, shouting see, see, see …


  14. Vernon Clayson says:

    Global denotes the entire globe and as nearly as I can tell no other countries are caught up in this notion. A few scientists/theorists and many individuals and political opportunists in this country use this mildly tenuous threat, not entirely sincerely and not necessarily of immediate concern, to keep interest and thus money rolling in, mostly in the form of government grants. On the other hand, using the example of Al Gore, basically educated as a divinity student, and experience as a politician with few real accomplishments has enriched himself, even “earning” a Nobel prize for pushing this crap. He will not soon sit his wide behind on a lawn chair on either polar continent nor bob on a float as the ocean rises over America’s shores.

  15. Rincon says:

    I can understand your temptation to address the stupidity of the left with an equal stupidity from the right Thomas, but to me, being equally riduculous on the right is not nearly as persuasive as the plain truth. I like your normal methodical approach better.

    As for Al Gore: “Although he was an avid reader who fell in love with scientific and mathematical theories,[23] he did not do well in science classes in college, and avoided taking math.[22] His grades during his first two years put him in the lower one-fifth of the class. During his sophomore year, he reportedly spent much of his time watching television, shooting pool, and occasionally smoking marijuana.[22][23] In his junior and senior years, he became more involved with his studies, earning As and Bs.[22] In his senior year, he took a class with oceanographer and global warming theorist Roger Revelle, who sparked Gore’s interest in global warming and other environmental issues.[23][31].”.

    Note that this professor was a global warming theorist in the late 1960’s and presumably 1970’s, when skeptics claim that all the scientista were talking about global cooling. As with much else, the skeptics are wrong about that too.

  16. Rincon says:

    Oops, I forgot to include that Al Gore’s major was government. He enlisted in the Army and served from 8/69-5/71, and was stationed in Viet Nam for several months. He did attend “divinity school” from 1971-1972, switching to the Law School at Vanderbilt from ’74-’76. He left law school to run for the U.S. House when his father vacated his seat.

    “Al Gore is a member of the board of directors of Apple, a senior adviser to Google, and a partner with the venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers” In addition, “Al Gore is chairman of Current TV, an Emmy award winning, independently owned cable and satellite television…”

    Current TV was sold, earning Gore $100 million and he also recently exercised $29 million in Apple stock options Sounds to me like he’s one of those well heeled capitalists that are the backbone of our country. So much for “few real accomplishments” I would be happy to accomplish a hundedth of what he has ($1.29 million or more).

  17. Try reading Gore’s book “The Assault on Reason.” I give him credit for truth in labeling.


  18. Rincon says:

    He’s no hero to me, Thomas, although he’s hardly the Antichrist. My only claim is that by the standards of Conservatives, he has done well and contributed to his country by getting rich and giving the rest of us jobs.

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