Putting a precise number on those ‘thousands of green jobs’ Harry talks about

While addressing the Nevada Legislature a few weeks ago Nevada’s senior Sen. Harry Reid proclaimed, “The renewable energy industry has been a bright spot during dark economic times, helping our state attract new businesses and create thousands of jobs that can never be outsourced.”

Yes, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics for 2011, Nevada does indeed have thousands of “green jobs,” 15,569 to be precise, out of about 1.12 million jobs that year. But a third of those “green jobs” were construction jobs, because the BLS defines just about any construction that includes efficiency measures such as insulation, installing double-pane windows and low-flow toilets as green jobs.

Another 1,166 “green jobs” were in manufacturing, which includes building stuff with recycled material. It surely included those nearly 300 jobs that Reid touted in a press release in 2010 on the opening of the Amonix solar panel manufacturing plant in North Las Vegas. Pay no attention to the fact it closed in 2012.

As for all those solar panel farms, wind farms and geothermal facilities, Reid brags about, calling Nevada the Saudi Arabia of renewable energy, those accounted for only 367 jobs in 2011.

Harry Reid at right at groundbreaking for Amonix solar panel manufacturing plant. (R-J photo)

One comment on “Putting a precise number on those ‘thousands of green jobs’ Harry talks about

  1. Vernon Clayson says:

    Nevada voters have kept this man in office for decades despite his BS, if he had to run tomorrow he would be returned overwhelmingly. I’m going to quit reading anything that has his name on it or in it.

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