Doing the math on Harry

Michael Ramirez cartoon from today’s Investor’s Business Daily

I showed this cartoon last night to several people when it first appeared on the Investor’s Business Daily website. It is about those clueless comments Harry Reid made linking the deaths of seven Marines at the ammunition depot in Hawthorne to the budget sequester created by the White House.

One person said something to the effect: “When I do the math, 98 percent of zero is still zero.”

3 comments on “Doing the math on Harry

  1. Steve says:

    Everything Harry says is couched in riddles.

  2. […] you liked Michael Ramirez’s cartoon about Harry Reid conflating the training exercise deaths of seven Marines at the Hawthorne ammo […]

  3. Vernon Clayson says:

    This inference about his principles is way off, 98% of nothing is nothing. Plus when most think of principles they think it implies something good to live by, that’s hardly the case here, he lives by the single principle of personal opportunity.

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