Cartoonists are not wild about Harry

If you liked Michael Ramirez’s cartoon about Harry Reid conflating the training exercise deaths of seven Marines at the Hawthorne ammo depot with the White House’s budget sequestration measure, then you’ll surely appreciate these cartoons courtesy of

Eric Allie cartoon from the Pioneer Press of St. Paul

Steve Kelley cartoon from Creator’s Syndicate

Glenn Foden cartoon distributed by King Features

There’s nothing funny about seven dead Marines, you say.

Well, as I quoted former Las Review-Journal cartoonist Jim Day as saying in the preface of his 2002 book “Screw Nevada!” — a collection of cartoons about Yucca Mountain — “Editorial cartoons must contain the essence of truth. The way that truth is expressed may range from the whimsical to the morose, but it is still a truth.”

I would quote further from the wit and wisdom of Mr. Day from several of my columns in the R-J, but the recent redesign by the newspaper, of which they seemed to be so proud, has screwed up the online archives. While a search engine will find all the archived columns and stories from past years, the links give you “page not found.”



5 comments on “Cartoonists are not wild about Harry

  1. Wendy Ellis says:

    Harry in the cartoon at the top had better stay perched where he is. We saw what happens to vultures when a wind turbine blade takes them out of the sky!

  2. Depicting Harry as a vulture is typecasting.


  3. Steve says:

    All the old stuff is gone with the revamp of the website.

  4. Vernon Clayson says:

    It can’t be soon enough for him to realize and say, “I’m the leader, where did followers go?” He botched this but his loyalists in the state legislature, including the governor, are full speed ahead on his green BS. Are they all unaware that federal money comes from the taxpayers, that Harry’s Washington isn’t a money tree.

  5. Money from Washington is free, Vernon. That’s why Sandoval jumped on the Medicaid bandwagon.


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