Someone put a burr under Harry’s saddle

Welcome to the fact-free zone that surrounds Harry Reid.

Writing in today’s Elko Daily Free Press, Nevada’s senior U.S. senator and senate majority leader, Harry Reid, unleashes a barrage of criticism at a run-out-of-town editor and the Nevada Policy Research Institute for deigning to question the economic impact provided by his cronies in the “green” energy scam.

Without so much as fact or statistic in spitting distance, Harry bloviates about his critics who say “renewable energy in Nevada doesn’t create jobs” (just $4.6 million in subsidies for each permanent one), “is bad for the environment” (intermittent “green” energy increases CO2 emissions), “and will cause your utility bill to skyrocket” (only 34 percent).

It must have been the comparison of his speech to the Nevada Legislature to George Orwell’s “1984” that got his goat:

“It conjures images of Orwell’s ‘1984’ newspeak and doublethink with the three slogans of the Party plastered on the wall — ‘War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength.’

“Not only was everything Sen. Harry Reid said in his speech on the floor of the Nevada Assembly this past week about ‘green’ energy false, it was the diametric opposite of the truth. False is Fact.”

To which Harry replied:

“But the truth won’t stop the doublespeak coming from the likes of shadow organizations such as the Nevada Policy Research Institute and run-out-of-town editors like Thomas Mitchell. To them up is down; left is right; and false is fact.”

At least show some originality, senator. And you might brag a bit and point out that the running out of town occurred one week after your re-election. I can’t help but be suspicious that some spiteful politician won an election bet.

Nowhere does Harry mention that “green” energy projects kill jobs by sucking money out of the private sector. Nor does he say anything about all the campaign contributions he and Obama get from “green” energy companies.

Without a shred of fact to back up his claim, Harry blithely boasts, “The renewable energy industry has been a bright spot during the recent economic downturn.”

It was a bright spot for his cronies — like Duke Energy honcho Jim Rogers, whose company recently forgave the Democratic Party $10 million in debt from the convention in Charlotte, N.C. — but not for NV Energy’s ratepayers and all taxpayers, who are footing the bill for uncompetitive renewable pipe dreams from politicians like Harry Reid, Barack Obama and Al Gore.

Obama and Reid visit a solar project at Nellis Air Force Base. The project saves the Air Force $1 million a year, but cost $100 million to build and has a life expectancy of 20 to perhaps 30 years. Harry even bragged at one of his renewable energy dog and pony shows about what a good deal this was for the Air Force. (AP photo)

13 comments on “Someone put a burr under Harry’s saddle

  1. Steve says:

    The first public indication he is feeling the effects of yours and NPRI’s factual reporting.

    No matter how hard one tries to make the numbers add different 2 and 2 stubbornly continues to make four not fore.

  2. Vernon Clayson says:

    If nothing else Harry Reid’s insult proved someone brings his attention to your articles, had to be a staffer, he’s too busy carrying Obama’s bags to read news articles himself. The state legislatures response was most likely a feigned courtesy to the office he holds, much like the Congress rising in feigned respect when the president enters for one of his speeches. If nothing else Harry Reid proved he reads your articles.

  3. But I think the staffer who wrote that plagiarized me or Orwell or both, Vernon.


  4. Boyd says:

    ““is bad for the environment” ”

    I’d be curious to hear how environmentalists who protest the environment is at risk from mans exploitation justify blanketing every pristine piece of Nevada open space they can lay their hands on with thousands of acres of nice shiny solar panels.

  5. A gas-fired generation facility of similar capacity occupies about half an acre, Boyd.



  7. Boyd says:

    “occupies about half an acre”

    To give some scale to that consider that for power/land area (power density) a gas fired plant is 50 to 200 times more efficient at land use. To give some further perspective, pound for pound nuclear fuel is 16,000 times more energy dense than gas fired for the same area plant. So again, if environmentalists are concerned about the land and carbon can I assume they are flocking to nuclear as a solution to both?

    They, of course, aren’t which raises the question – why not? Which you pretty much already answered. As Mark Felt (deep throat) said, “follow the money”.

  8. Follow the money, and it leads to the doorsteps of the Ritz Carlton in Washington, D.C.


  9. Steve says:

    Lets see, Harry called TEA irrelevant and we had Rand Paul take over the floor of the Senate extracting an answer Obama and his administration did not want to give him and grudging praise from Harry. Most likely effecting many local police department plans to use drones all across this land. Thank you Senator Paul.
    Then we have Harry responding to Thomas Mitchell and NPRI directly.

    Need I remind anyone of this post?

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  11. Athos says:

    Joe C is correct (love the caps, Joe!) The problem is that no one cares. Tom, weren’t reporters told to “follow the money”????? A blind man could see this!

    Harry to DC to Rory. $4.6 million/job is money in the youngster’s pocket. “Thanks, Daddy!”

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