Newspaper column: Don’t let feds stop those f- – -king jobs

Nevadans are about to be dragged into the debate over hydraulic fracturing — fracking to those of us who grew up in the grease orchards.

Houston-based Noble Energy Inc. has announced plans to drill exploratory wells across a 40,000-acre tract of public and private land west of Wells in search of oil and/or natural gas, as reported in this week’s newspaper column, available online at The Ely Times and the Elko Daily Free Press. The company has stated the area may hold up to 1.3 billion barrels of oil equivalent.

R-J map

But that energy is expected to be locked in tight rock formations like the Bakken Shale in North Dakota or the Barnett Shale in north Texas. Profitable production may require drilling horizontally through the formation and then cracking the rock by injecting — under high pressure — water, sand and trace amounts of chemicals — fracking. (See video above)

Environmentalists worry that fracking could contaminate groundwater.

But if the federal agencies that control 85 percent of the land in Nevada try to interfere with drilling plans by claiming a potential impact on groundwater, they may be in for a legal and political fight.

Rep. Mark Amodei, whose 2nd Congressional District covers most of northern Nevada, says he met recently with the state director of the Bureau of Land Management and her district directors to discuss ongoing issues and head off any jurisdictional conflicts.

Amodei said the state engineer is in charge water rights, not the federal government. “I feel like we did a pretty clear and relaxed job of just telling them, under this fracking thing, don’t think you’re now going to be the state engineer.”

Read the entire column at the Ely or Elko websites.

8 comments on “Newspaper column: Don’t let feds stop those f- – -king jobs

  1. Steve says:

    “Hydrofracturing of water wells has been used in the USA since about the late 1980s on a wide spread basis. The primary application has been in 6 inch water wells of 250 to 600 feet deep (75 to 180 meters).”

    Fracking is not new. Fracking for oil and Gas is a repurposing of an old technology. (like the use of that liberalspeak word?)
    The weakness of the water well fracking process when used in oil and gas fracking WAS (note the emphasis) WAS the bore hole walls. The industry had to learn how to properly strengthen them so they would not crack near the water layer and leak gas, oil and chemicals into well water.
    This has been fixed and the liberal should be proud the existing oversight in place over the last 60 years was successful.

    This is good tech, it increases the “Ultimate” oil in the curve and changes the equation, though liberals will not easily admit it. BTW Hubbert came up with the conclusion first, then wrote an equation to fit it.

  2. Vernon Clayson says:

    We will have to wait until Harry Reid figures out how to get a piece of the pie without crossing the BFF greenies. He made no mention of it in his recent address to the state legislature and there’s no indication any of them braced him about the exploration under his nose. Hopefully there’s no protected fish or fowl in the area designated for exploration, that horror is too terrible for the tender hearts of the liberals.

  3. Rincon says:

    Hopefully, Nevada’s environmentalists won’t be as successful with fracking as they were with storing nuclear waste. There were a lot of potential jobs lost in that affair.

  4. Vernon Clayson says:

    There’s also tunnel digging under the lake, huge fracking thing. They couldn’t just lay a larger pipe,

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