Harry to stump for his ‘green’ energy contributors at state Legislature

It appears one of Harry Reid’s lackeys leaked to both the Review-Journal and the Sun bits of his speech this afternoon to the state Legislature, and its focus will be — you guessed it — more renewable energy.

Harry is determined to save the planet from climate change, if it costs the last dime of your money.

The two columnist leakees soaked it up like a sponge.

Sen. Harry Reid, left, pats NV Energy CEO Michael Yackira on the back after a press conference at the gas-fired Harry Allen power plant near Apex in 2010. Yackira should check for knife. (Sun photo)

“Developing renewable energy here in Nevada is more expensive,” J. Patrick Coolican kindly explains on the Sun’s website, though not in print, under the headline, “Harry Reid to get in NV Energy’s face during remarks to Legislature,” “though not as much as you would think if you factor in the enormous costs that will eventually be associated with climate change.”

“Tonight the senator is expected to call for ‘meaningful changes’ to the state’s renewable portfolio standard, the set of rules that determines how much of the energy we use has to come from renewable sources such as solar, wind or geothermal. …” Steve Sebelius writes in the R-J. “He’ll say the state needs to close ‘loopholes’ that allow NV Energy to meet part the standard with conservation techniques, such as using more energy-efficient light bulbs. In the alternative, the state could also increase the percentage of renewable power utilities are required to buy or generate.”

Never mind that the current NV Energy contracts with renewables cost 7 to 13.5 cents per kilowatt-hour, at least double the cost of coal- and natural gas-fired power. Never mind that global warming stopped 16 years ago. Never mind that “green” energy company executives are big contributors to Harry and other Democrats. Never mind that “green” companies cannot survive without tax breaks, subsidies and purchase mandates, like Nevada’s requirement that 25 percent of its power be generated from renewables by 2025 — a standard the company is already meeting.

But apparently, according to the two columnists, Reid is upset that NV Energy is not buying expensive power from his contributors here in Nevada, but complying with the renewable portfolio standard by conservation and buying cheap hydropower from the Northwest.

What our lawmakers should do, but no one has so much as offered a bill draft request, is repeal the renewable portfolio standard and let the power company supply its customers with the cheapest power it can generate or purchase, whatever the source.

For every job created by “green” energy projects, two to four jobs in the rest of the economy are killed.

But Harry and friends pay no attention to the facts and push to line their own pockets, no matter the cost.

9 comments on “Harry to stump for his ‘green’ energy contributors at state Legislature

  1. brucefeher says:

    Green? Oh, you must mean Mr. Green! Very popular guy amongst the political klass.

  2. Yes, he probably doesn’t read this blog, since I nixed his column because of his constant harangues against the newspaper. I saw no profit in paying a guy who stabs you in the back.


  3. Steve says:

    He never got over it either. Talk about thin skinned and overly sensitive.

  4. NPRI press release:

    NPRI to Reid: Tell the truth about ‘clean energy’

    LAS VEGAS — Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is scheduled later today to address the Nevada Legislature, after announcing earlier this week that he will, once again, highlight solar energy as an example of Nevada’s “clean energy potential.”
    In response to that announcement, Nevada Policy Research Institute President Andy Matthews released the following comments:
    It’s time that Senator Reid address the accumulating evidence — regularly reported in the national media and seen right here in Nevada — that state and federal government subsidies for so-called “clean energy” initiatives are only a huge, wasteful, crony-capitalist boondoggle.
    These government handouts to inefficient providers, which cost middle-class taxpayers millions for each permanent job, are only lowering Nevadans’ standard of living. That’s what happens when government makes people purchase inefficient energy that’s up to four times as expensive as energy from the most efficient sources.
    For years, Senator Reid has promised Nevadans that “clean energy” subsidies would help grow and diversify our economy. His taxpayer-funded windmills, however, are a net drag on the Silver State economy.
    Since 2009, taxpayers have funneled more than $1.3 billion into geothermal, solar and wind projects in Nevada, but these projects have produced just 288 permanent jobs. That’s over $4.6 million in subsidies per job.
    Senator Reid likes to highlight the number of temporary jobs associated with these projects, but the problem is that temporary jobs are fleeting. What our economy in Nevada needs is permanent and sustainable employment — which means jobs created by and grounded in the natural, private, market-based economy. Genuine, sustainable economic growth does not come from career politicians’ “juice” schemes to get federal dollars into the hands of their big-dollar campaign donors.
    As examples, Matthews noted that now-completed solar plants near Primm and Boulder City have only seven full-time employees total after receiving $92 million in federal subsidies and $12 million in tax rebates from the State of Nevada. Matthews continued:
    Notably, Senator Reid worked hard to kill coal-powered plants in rural Nevada that would have employed hundreds in a struggling community, and without federal handouts.
    The best full-time jobs that Reid’s “green energy” efforts have produced haven’t gone to average citizens, but to former Reid aides working for politically connected “green energy” companies, or for his son Rory Reid, as a lobbyist for Chinese ENN Energy Group.
    According to media reports, Sen. Reid will call for the state legislature to increase Nevada’s renewable portfolio standard. Currently, laws passed by state lawmakers require that 25 percent of the energy purchased by residents of the Silver State must come from “renewable” sources by 2025.
    Said Matthews:
    Senator Reid likes to say that Nevada is the Saudi Arabia of “renewable energy,” but there are two major problems with this analogy. First, Saudi Arabia’s energy helps that economy, and second, Saudi Arabia doesn’t need government mandates to sell its product.
    The bottom line is that coal-powered plants produce electricity at a much lower price than do green-energy plants. Currently, NV Energy pays 3 to 5 cents per kilowatt-hour for natural gas and coal-fueled power, 8 to 10 cents per kWh for geothermal energy and for wind energy and 11 to 13 cents per kWh for solar photovoltaic energy. Wind and solar photovoltaic energy also require backup power for “intermittency issues.”
    Further increasing Nevada’s renewable portfolio standard will further increase the price of electricity for Nevada’s ratepayers.
    While these power-bill increases on Nevadans may not affect Senator Reid, in his $1 million Ritz Carlton condo in Washington, D.C., they reduce the standard of living for Silver State residents.

  5. Wilson says:

    “Harry to stump for his green energy contributors at state Legislature 4TH ST8” in reality got me personally addicted
    with ur web site! I actuallywill probably wind
    up being back again considerably more normally.
    Thanks -Larhonda

  6. Welcome to the discussion.


  7. Vernon Clayson says:

    Neither the governor or even one state legislator will call him out. Any comment on energy expense from a state politician will be mild and understanding, and forget hearing them say anything about gasoline or grocery prices. There is no word vile enough to define them and I have no idea who we can turn to for honest answers on any government policy, certainly not the main stream media.

  8. Rincon says:

    I think environmentalists get in their own way which of course, is just great for Conservatives. Electricity is a hard sell because the only benefits are with climate change which most voters don’t even understand, and, when it replaces coal, it eliminates most of the mercury in fresh water bodies. Truth be told, it’s just a lot cheaper to just not eat freshwater fish than it is to pay double for electricity.

    There’s much more benefit to be had if Conservatives and Liberals could agree to get us off the oil habit. It’s a five for one deal: It helps with global warming, it can almost eliminate our trade deficit by itself, it preserves oil for future generations, reduces air pollution, and would save a lot of money, lives, and headaches with our foreign policy. What a boon if we could just exit the Mideast.

    Problem is, the Liberals won’t embrace natural gas because its a fossil fuel, and they won’t make a deal with Conservatives (although I know the Conservatives won’t deal either). A deal is necessary because there’s no way to get off foreign oil quickly without more drilling. The benefits would be huge if we could manage to drill to replace half of the foreign oil and use either efficiency or alternative fuels to replace the other half. Unfortunately, neither side would ever consider compromise because the extremists run both parties.

  9. Athos says:

    Harry THE CROOK, needs to keep making deals so Rory2010 can keep making million$.

    No working person could have voted for THE CROOK, or for Ø. No working man could possibly be that stupid. Confused, maybe. Gullible, definitely. Remorseful, hopefully.

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