Harry, what creature is it that can’t see his own reflection in a mirror?

Have I mentioned that Harry Reid has no decency, no shame, no awareness of his own hypocrisy or even a passing acquaintance with the truth? I believe I have.

But it is almost impossible to keep up with Harry. He fires outlandish, hypocritical and unfounded allegations at a machine gun rate. Blink and you’ll miss a whole barrage. On the stage yesterday in Las Vegas to introduce Veep Joe Biden to a crowd of salivating union acolytes, Reid, according to The Hill, said Mitt Romney gives “used car salesmen a bad name.”

Watch it, Joe, get between Harry and campaign donor and he’ll stab you in the back, too. (AP photo)

“Now, Joe Biden stands for everything that’s fair and honest — he’s a man of integrity. The man that’s leading the Republican ticket for president of the United States is giving used car salesmen a bad name,” Reid was quoted as saying. “Think about it for a minute: Have you ever seen anyone that would do anything, say anything like Mitt Romney?”

Reid must be playing Costello to Abbott. Could he deliver a more perfect set-up line?

Why, yes, Harry, I do believe Nevadans have seen someone who would do anything, say anything to protect his own power:

— Someone who would, without a shred of evidence, accuse Romney of not paying income taxes for 10 or 12 years, depending on what day it is, while refusing to release his own.

— Someone who would accuse a fellow Mormon of sullying the religion while himself condoning gay marriage and abortion.

— Someone who would accuse a Republican candidate of being an embarrassment to Nevada because of a real estate deal gone bad while 67 percent of Nevada homeowners are underwater on their mortgages.

— Someone who would lambast the state’s electric utility company of not buying enough “green” energy from his campaign contributors even though it would drive up power bills for his constituents.

— Someone who would block a bill that would provide as many as 800 new jobs for residents near Yerington because he demands that it include a provision to create an additional 80,000 acres of wilderness area in Nevada that would probably reduce jobs.

— Someone who tells the residents of Ely he opposes a reduction in the federal subsidy for the town’s airport while telling the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, “I gave up on the situation in Ely a long time ago, because it was really too much to do the $3,500 per person per trip. That’s $7,000 round trip from here to — that the government pays to bring somebody to Vegas and back to Ely. That was only an issue of diversion.”

— Someone who calls a whistle blower against one of his nuclear regulatory appointees a first-class rat and a shit-stirrer.

This someone also is a person who would shoot up his hand when the vice president asks if anyone knows someone who served in Iraq or Iran. Perhaps someone with Iran’s Imperial Guard, since not many U.S. soldiers have “served” in Iran since the day Reagan was inaugurated.

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2 comments on “Harry, what creature is it that can’t see his own reflection in a mirror?

  1. Vernon Clayson says:

    Like I wrote earlier, quoting Chris Lowe, “I’m beginning to think that you should only be allowed two terms, before madness sets in.” That refers to Harry Reid being power mad, of course, but he also displays the unnecessary and unreasonable anger that often appears when dementia is closing in and the person affected knows it and lashes out. He doesn’t care what happens to Nevada’s citizens and economy, he cares first and foremost to retain his position as prince among princes, the leader of the Senate, it doesn’t even matter who is president as long as he holds that high holy office. Is that photo of him hugging Joe Biden something that a sophisticated dignified adult, a national leader with his full mental capacities, would do?

  2. Vernon Clayson says:

    Biden wasn’t laughing and gesturing, maybe he said, “There, there, Harry, don’t cry, things will work out”.

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