Harry attacks Danny Tarkanian over real estate investment gone bad — like 67 percent of Nevadans?

Imagine someone despicable. Now, imagine the majority leader of the U.S Senate. But I repeat myself. With no apologies to Mark Twain.

Not content with merely lying about Mitt Romney not paying income taxes for 10 years or saying Romney sullied the Mormon faith and accusing him of politicizing the administration’s bungling and dissembling about the Libyan consulate attack, Harry Reid now says it would be “kind of embarrassing” for Nevadans to elect to Congress a candidate facing potential bankruptcy due to a bad real estate investment.

Jerry, Amy and Danny Tarkanian face $17 million judgment over bad real estate investment.

Never mind that Thomas Jefferson’s real estate assets couldn’t cover his debts, nor James Madison’s nor James Monroe’s nor William Henry Harrison’s. Nor that Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant and William McKinley filed for bankruptcy. Or that Harry Truman should have.

No, attack dog Harry in a conference call Monday with reporters said of 4th Congressional District Republican candidate Danny Tarkanian, “His judgment was so bad that he gambled and lost his family’s entire nest egg because he failed to do his homework.”

Then, to emphasize his cravenness and knavery, Reid said, “You have to all understand, I’ve had a long-standing relationship with the Tarkanians. I’ve helped (former UNLV basketball coach) Jerry (Tarkanian) when he was having his troubles with the NCAA because he was treated so unfairly.”

Reid offers no such aid to son Danny who claims he is being unfairly targeted by the FDIC over a California real estate deal gone bad during the Great Recession. He is fighting a $17 million court judgment, largely because everyone else involved has filed for bankruptcy.  “It raises a question about whether he has the common sense necessary to serve in the House,” Reid was quoted as saying. This latest fusillade is over the top and beneath contempt, even for Harry.

Harry ignores the fact that 67 percent of his Nevada constituents did not have the common sense to not gamble the family nest egg on buying a house that is now underwater — 27 percent have mortgages that are double the value of their homes. Mitt had his 47 percent “gaffee.” This should be Harry’s 67 percent gaffe, but no one in the media will call him on it.

Poor, poor Harry Mason Reid should have some sympathy for those taking a beating in the real estate crunch. He has seen his net worth drop $800,000 to a mere $2.6 million — mostly because a 160-acre tract Harry owns in Bullhead City went from a value of $1 million to $5 million in 2010 down to $250,000 to $500,000, according to his most recent financial disclosure statement, though it did increase in value shortly after Harry earmarked $18 million in 2005 to build a bridge over the Colorado River nearby.

Harry Reid surveys some real estate.

Perhaps the voters of Nevada should be embarrassed that since Harry became majority leader in 2006 the net worth of Americans has fallen 40 percent. I suspect some are embarrassed to admit they voted for Barack Obama, because their household income is down an average of 8.2 percent since he took office.

But it was Harry and Barry who circumvented the bankruptcy courts, abrogated contracts and used taxpayer money to bailout the union contracts at General Motors and Chrysler after the companies used bad judgment and gambled away their profits. No such charity for Tarkanian, who is leading in the latest poll against Democrat Steven Horsford. That’s why Harry attacked.

Harry has no decency, no shame, no awareness of his own hypocrisy or even a passing acquaintance with the truth.

Harry reminds me of a story my ol’ Pappy used tell about a fellow who had a yappy dog that he could not break from chasing cars. A friend suggested he attach a burlap bag to a lug nut on a rear wheel of his car and drive past his home. When the dog gave chase the flapping bag would thwack him on the nose and break him of chasing cars.

Well, the dog owner gave it a try, but as he drove by at 30 miles per hour, instead of getting a thwack on the nose, the dog sank his teeth into the burlap bag.

Suffice it to say, the dog never chased another car … or anything else.

One of these days, yapping Harry just might sink his teeth into the wrong issue.

13 comments on “Harry attacks Danny Tarkanian over real estate investment gone bad — like 67 percent of Nevadans?

  1. dave444 says:

    You should be so lucky. and I hope the bag is on a trash truck so disposal will be quick and easy.

  2. Vernon Clayson says:

    You can go back in time on the Reid-Tarkanian relationship, famed Coach Jerry Tarkanian was his friend, private individual Jerry Tarkanian isn’t his friend. Jerry Tarkanian was the toast of the town for many years so Harry Reid sought him out rather than the other way around, a little reflected glory was good for his political career. The Tarkanians should have realized when dealing with Reid you bring something to his table, no something, no seat at his table. A positive for Danny Tarkanian is that Reid knows he will remember this overbearing and treacherous insult when he’s serving in the Congress; Reid will take the route of the typical cutthroat politician and say it was “just politics” but Tarkanian won’t be the automatic yes of Shelly Berkeley. And that’s a very good thing for Nevada.

  3. Shelley is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nancy Pelosi.

  4. Nibot Mus says:

    Must not forget the 10/16 article in our R-J. Mrs. Tarkanian relates that she and her husband Jerry went to their “good friend Harry Reid” for advice when the Tarkanian clan first became aware that they had been caught up in a developer’s swindle caper.
    Danny asked his parents not to go to Reid because he didn’t trust dirty Harry. Danny was right on. His good judgement of bad character demonstrates that he is highly qualified for the office. He knows a treacherous bum when he sees one.He deserves to represent the State; Harry has never represented anyone except his party and his party scum such as Dario, Erin and Shelley baby. Now he’s promoting another selection for his machine in the ethically tarnished Horsford-his type of scoundrel.

  5. Excellent reasoning, Nibot/John.


  6. Milty says:

    Senator Reid on KNPR State of Nevada today: “I can’t make a $17 million dollar guarantee go away. If the Tarkanians are in trouble, they’re going to have to pay this money back.”

    You hit the nail on the head when you state, “Harry has no decency, no shame, no awareness of his own hypocrisy or even a passing acquaintance with the truth.”

  7. Steve says:

    The Tarkanians are subject to a non level playing field. Every one else declared bankruptcy so the Tarkanians, being the only entity not declaring bankruptcy are held feet to the fire. They will declare after the election. Win or lose. I say Danny is caught in the middle of a nasty housing bubble deal gone badder than bad. This in no way hurts his ability to hold national office. If this stuff did hurt national office holders, Harry would have been burned at the stake months ago. Anyone else looking at a123 today?

  8. Thanks, Milty. Harry has no room to talk, considering his land deals.

  9. Vernon Clayson says:

    Harry Reid, or he and his partners, would have gotten the property at issue for far less and turned it for a profit by having it valued as near priceless. That aside, the Tarkanian name meant something to the hustlers involved in the scheme/scam, likely by giving it the appearance of legitimacy to investors, the Tarkanians faith in the hustlers were akin to their faith that Harry Reid was a friend. (Add long and loud laugh track whenever the words “Harry Reid” and “friend” are mentioned.) They gambled and lost, it happens, but losing does not happen to Harry Reid, it’s a hackneyed phrase but Harry threw them under the bus. Chances are Harry thinks very little of Horsford but he fits better as a piece in Harry’s puzzle. While Obama is transforming the nation, and nullifying the House and Senate, Reid is transforming the Senate to a platform for receiving and giving financial favors with what remains after Obama’s executive ordered profligacy. I have no idea what the House members are doing, it seems to operate in a vacuum somewhere between being ignored by Obama and refuted by the Senate.

  10. The House has become a vestigial tail, Vernon.


  11. […] Have I mentioned that Harry Reid has no decency, no shame, no awareness of his own hypocrisy or even a passing acquaintance with the truth? I believe I have. […]

  12. Rincon says:

    I know, I know! There are three such creatures: Lawyers, politicians and the blind.

  13. The first two are also blood suckers.

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