Harry defends the administration in the face of the indefensible

Harry Reid has turned the English language inside out and tied it in a knot. White is black. Positive is negative. Pain is pleasure. Right is wrong.

His latest outrageous statement — atop claiming Mitt Romney did not pay income taxes for 10 years and demanding he release more tax returns while refusing to release any of his own, chiding him on the floor of an empty Senate chamber for truthfully saying 47 percent of Americans pay no income taxes and then saying Romney has sullied the Mormon religion they share while Reid condones abortion and gay marriage — takes the cake. Why, it takes the whole darned bakery and year’s worth of sugar and flour.

Harry Reid is “fully satisfied with the briefings I have received.” (AP photo)

According to Politico, Reid now is accusing Romney and other administration critics of playing politics for criticizing the administration’s bungling, dissembling, misdirection, misinformation and lies about the circumstances surrounding the attack on the consulate in Libya that left four dead.

“I am deeply concerned about recent attempts to politicize the tragic events in Libya a few weeks ago,” Reid was quoted as saying. “It is sad and disappointing that some seem more focused on trying to score cheap political points than on mourning the loss of Ambassador Stevens and the three other State Department employees who were brutally murdered. Instead of pointing fingers through unfounded partisan attacks, we should focus on bringing to justice those who carried out this attack and ensuring that those who serve at our embassies are safe.”

He accuses others of trying to score cheap political points when it was the administration that was dealing political cards on the coffins of slain Americans in a blatant attempt to cover up its incompetence and lack of attention to intelligence reports and taking fundamental security measures on 9/11.

Five days after the attack by at least two prongs of organizers militia carrying RPGs, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice was still claiming the whole thing was an unanticipated and spontaneous public reaction to a YouTube video. It took nearly a week, in the face of overwhelming evidence and intelligence reports, for the administration to say “new information” that had been reported in the press every day indicated “it was a deliberate and organized terrorist attack carried out by extremists.”

Despite this “evolving” set of “facts” Harry was quoted as saying, “I have been briefed in detail, am fully satisfied with the briefings I have received and have full confidence that the FBI, our intelligence agencies, and our State Department are acting as rapidly and effectively as possible.”

In Harry’s world — the amen corner of the Democratic pews — it is cheap politics to point out the president and his minions are lying for the political purpose of trying to hide their incompetence and the utter failure of his foreign policies that have made the world more dangerous for Americans, not safer as he claimed in his radio address a week before the attacks.

Since Harry obviously gets no information aside from the administration’s briefings and Democratic daily talking points memo, here is a snippet from a recent Investor’s Business Daily editorial that summarizes the facts as opposed to the spin:

“Fox News announced Thursday that intelligence sources confirmed the intelligence community knew by Sept. 12 that the militant Ansar al-Shariah and al- Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb were probably behind the strike.

“‘No one,’ a source told Fox News, ‘believed that the mortars, indirect and direct fire, and the RPGs (rocket-propelled grenades) were just the work of a mob — no one.’

“Yet Obama sent forth Rice to tell NBC News on Sept. 16 that ‘putting together the best information that we have available to us today, our current assessment is that what happened in Benghazi was, in fact, initially a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired hours before in Cairo; almost a copycat of — of the demonstrations against our facility in Cairo, which were prompted, of course, by the video.’

“That was a lie agreed upon, as were daily press briefings at which White House press secretary Jay Carney argued in the days after the attack that the violence was linked to an Internet video that ridiculed Islam — until he told reporters on a plane it was ‘self-evident’ that it was terrorism a day after National Counterterrorism Center Director Matt Olsen told senators on Sept. 19 that it was terrorism.

“Even as the narrative was being corrected and the yarn about spontaneous outrage was unraveling before his eyes and ours, Obama devoted five minutes of his speech before the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday to what he called a ‘crude and disgusting video’ that insulted Islam.

“The threat of Iran obtaining a nuclear weapon got all of a minute and 32 seconds.”
Who is playing politics, Harry?
Harry has no shame, no credibility, no reason to be quoted by the press, except for comic relief.

10 comments on “Harry defends the administration in the face of the indefensible

  1. brucefeher says:

    The democrats have become a party of fools. Fools who do not pay attention, fools who only want something for nothing. Fools do not care what Harry and Obama say as long as they get free stuff.
    I say, Down With Fools and those that con them but, who cares what I say?

  2. 47 percent don’t care what you say, Bruce.

  3. Nibot Mus says:

    The rhetorical machinations employed by this Administration claiming that this murderous attack was a spontanious act of a protest mob was so absurd that it is an insult to anyone even remotely familiar with weapons.
    It was announced that automatic small arms and RPG granades were used in the attack, but then it was also announced that there was highly accurate mortar fire used by this “mob.” A mob using mortars accurately? Really? That’s a heaping serving of B S!
    When we used them in our army, mortars were “crew served weapons,” requiring a trained firing crew. They differed for different sized shells, but consisted of a tube and base plate that had to be assembled. Accurate firing required practice and knowledge of sighting procedures.
    When hearing that mortars were successfully used, the attack was obviously made by trained combatants.
    I couldn’t understand why no one in the media called out this flagrent lie as soon as the word “mortar” was used. But then, our current media is a sad joke.

  4. Bruce, your heart is in the right place but “fools” hardly describe Obama supporters and there’s a lot more to the issue than “free stuff”. The ascendency of Obama to president and near-dictator is the most confounding of political issues I’ve observed in my 7 decades. It is beyond mere political partianship, it is the near culmination of a national, even international movement, to the rule of the many by the few. Harry Reid seems to be stuck in the rut of mid-20th century thinking, that it is still just Democrat vs. Republican, instead of Progressive, by all of its names, vs. Conservative, by all of its names. Whether that is because of mental confusion or other lack of understanding is difficult to discern; at first appearance it seems to be a craven and desperate attempt at holding power so he can choose winners and losers here in Nevada but that is the lesser importance to our nation as a whole. More importantly and dangerous, he seems to have missed, or is ignoring, that Obama has largely shunted the Senate and House aside, to say nothing of the Supreme Court. Reid, and the majority of members of the Congress, both parties, have chosen to be led by an individual we citizens still know nothing about, it’s as basic as this, they want to hold on to their privileges and perks. Reid first demanded to see ten years of candidate Romney’s taxes while withholding that same information on his own financial machinations, now he has more of a problem with Romney’s Mormon religion, one he purports to share, than he does with Islam, the religion of a fifth of the world’s population. He said that Romney “isn’t the face of the Mormon religion”, will we ever hear him say that one or the other of the Muslim leaders isn’t the face of the Muslim religion? Reid should not be surprised that whichever candidate, Obama or Romney, wins, they will treat him with diffidence, if not contempt. Obama because he has no further use for Reid as a “useful idiot”, and Romney because of Reid’s unforgivable slanders.

  5. Rincon says:

    This kind of thinking (by both parties) insures that paralysis in government will continue. Compromise is dead. Long live the king.

  6. Government paralysis???? Wait until Obamacare hits your wallet and your life, you won’t think paralysis. The paralysis you are thinking of is the politicians holding their breath to see how this election fares for them, haven’t you noticed how frantic Harry Reid is, and he is assured of another 4 years, “Hope and change”, Reid hopes with all of his being there is no change so he can retain that leadership seat.

  7. Steve says:

    Harry is clear when he claims compromise is not dead, all the other side has to do is all the compromising.

    Very similar to Steven Horsford. When his side had all the control he was fine with the compromising, it was all from the minority. Then along cam Sandoval and suddenly Steven Horsford is looking as angry as Harry. Its no surprise Harry is Steven’s mentor. They are so much alike.

  8. Rincon says:

    Funny, my liberal friends say the same thing, except it’s those nasty Conservatives that just can’t be reasoned with. Just as in marriage, being right isn’t the only thing. You have to find a way to make it work.

    Wasn’t it this kind of thing that led to the Civil War?

  9. Vernon Clayson says:

    Rincon, this is late in the conversation but if you are implying the differences might lead to another civil war you are naive. The government, if nothing else, learned from the civil war, properly labelled the War of the Rebellion, and will never again allow circumstances to evolve to open warfare between regions of states. It will crush those attempting any such movement before they can organize into a force capable of major insurrection; no groups will attack the battlements, Americans aren’t quite like the throngs attacking the embassy in Libya. However, there will always be riots based on real and imagined grievances, you know, with the burning and looting, especially looting as electronics, e.g., televisions, become lighter and easier to carry away.

  10. […] content with merely lying about Mitt Romney not paying income taxes for 10 years or saying Romney sullied the Mormon faith […]

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