The ruse of ‘green’ energy is unveiled

A story in Friday’s Las Vegas Sun — naively and unintentionally — rips the veil off the underlying ulterior motives of those who are pushing the development of “green” energy.

There never was any intention to save the planet from warming due to greenhouse gases. It was always about lining the pockets of their campaign contributors who build expensive wind, solar and geothermal plants with taxpayer and ratepayer subsidies and then rake in exorbitant rates for decades to come (see examples here).

Obama at solar panels near Boulder City. (White House photo)

The lede of the Sun account informs: “When the Legislature required the state’s power company to produce a certain percent of its electricity from renewable energy, a primary goal was to spur the ‘green energy’ industry inside Nevada.” And you thought it was to save the planet. The story tells us both Republicans and Democrats agree this was the case. (Perhaps not all.)

But, according to the Sun tale, those cheapskates at NV Energy are buying cheaper wind power from Wyoming, geothermal from Utah and hydropower from Idaho dams in order to comply with the state law requiring that by 2025 that 25 percent of the state’s power come from renewable energy sources and still keep the power rates as low as possible. How dare they? The Sun estimated NV Energy met a third of its “green” energy requirement in Southern Nevada one year with contracts with out-of-state suppliers.

Though the Sun story makes no mention of price, John G. Edwards, a former Review-Journal reporter, in a utility industry newsletter points out that Nevadans for Clean Affordable Reliable Energy (NCARE) was objecting to NV Energy’s southern division purchasing portfolio energy credits (PECs) from PacifiCorp.

Edwards quoted testimony from NCARE witness James Philip Williamson as testifying that the power company purchased 916 million PECs in 2011 from PacifiCorp for about 6 cents a kilowatt-hour, which is less than half the 13.5 cents per Kwh for the most expensive in-state solar power plant but still twice the cost of power generated by natural gas or coal.

It is not until the waning paragraphs of the report that Sun readers are informed that what the power company is doing is keeping power bills down. That is so trivial.

“This stuff is more costly than traditional energy,” Dan Jacobsen, a manager with the Bureau of Consumer Protection, was quoted as saying. “Particularly with the price of natural gas at record lows, traditional fossil fuel burning power plants are cheapest.

“People need to understand that any effort to expand renewables will create upward pressure on pricing, because renewables cost more.”

For just the latest example of why certain politicians want to build more “green” energy projects, read about Harry Reid’s Chinese pals and their contributions to his and other campaigns. Here is another example. And this too. And still another.

One “green” hugger suggested in the Sun story that his ilk will push during the 2013 Legislature to require that “green” energy must be produced within the state to satisfy the renewable portfolio standard (RPS). That sounds like a worthy debate for the ratepayers of Nevada to hear. How much will Nevadans have to pay in power bills to save the planet all by ourselves. I never knew carbon dioxide stopped at the state line.

Perhaps, someone with a lick of common sense will move to repeal the RPS entirely, since it is obviously just a ruse to redistribute our money to Democratic cronies and not to save the planet at all.

12 comments on “The ruse of ‘green’ energy is unveiled

  1. Steve says:

    Not only do they drive us to the cliff at ever increasing speeds, they are actually building a launch ramp in an attempt to make u s fly for a bit before we go splat.

  2. Vernon Clayson says:

    It’s only been a month or so since Harry “Greenman” Reid was demanding, way beyond merely advocating, that Nevada Energy purchase more green power and shut down a functioning coal power plant, plus the loon announced in the past that “coal is killing us”.

  3. Harry is bought and paid for.

  4. Milty says:

    “’The goal of the renewable portfolio standard was to develop a robust renewable energy market in the state,’ Davis said. ‘Using short-term energy contracts is subverting the legislative intent of the original policy.'”

    Gee, the outcome of a piece of legislation turns out to be completely different than the intent. Who could have ever predicted something like this?

  5. Milty says:

    Another issue to consider is what will the impact of higher utility costs be when companies from out of state assess whether to move to Nevada, and when companies already in Nevada assess whether to stay here and/or expand their operations here.

  6. Bingo! Milty. Libs never think about elasticity.

  7. Milty says:

    I always laugh when I hear people pushing “buy local.” How far do these people want to take the ripple effect when they say this? They want me to buy from the local merchant, but does that mean the local merchant has to buy its products from a “local” manufacturer? Does the “local” manufacturer then have to buy “local” raw materials?

    If we set up all these renewable power plants in Nevada, will there also be a requirement that all the equipment in these plants be manufactured in Nevada using raw materials mined in Nevada? How far do these people want to take their “buy local” argument for renewable energy?

  8. Then there is the Commerce Clause, Milty. If every state required all power to generated within its borders there would be no interstate commerce in electrictiy.

  9. Steve says:

    If that were the way, Milty, we would be just like Argentina. My example is Pur Sang autos and the info is from Jay Leno’s Garage website. Also available on YouTube. Besides being a really cool car, they have to manufacture everything, absolutely everything on site, by Argentine law.

  10. Steve says:

    Bloom Energy’s Bloom box uses natural gas, will be the size of a room air conditioner and is the future of home electricity.
    The USA is going to be Natural Gas independent and most likely an exporter.
    Look at this:

  11. Milty says:

    That’s a great video, Steve, but I think we’re already well on the way to being like Argentina.

    They have a socialist president who’s buddies with Hugo Chavez, and oh what a coincidence so do we.

    I wonder if Nyp can tell us if Argentines have been gifted with a healthcare plan they were forced to purchase, and fined if they didn’t, which purportedly covered at least 10 million more people, without adding a single new doctor, but provided for 16000 new tax agents, written by a legislative committee whose chairman said he didn’t understand it, passed by a legislature that didn’t read it but exempted themselves from it, and signed by a president who smokes, with funding administered by a treasury chief who didn’t pay his taxes, for which we were taxed for four years before any benefits took effect, by a government which had already bankrupted social security and medicare, all to be overseen by a surgeon general who was obese and financed by a country that was already broke.

    Hurry up and answer, Nyp, so we can swiftly move onto some other topic, like the Middle East, or trade agreements.

  12. Steve says:

    I knew you would get it Milty.

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