Ely Times column: Reid bullies power company to do his bidding

Even before demanding at his fifth annual National Clean Energy Summit 5.0 this week that NV Energy shut down an inexpensive coal-fired power plant, Harry Reid was demanding the company buy expensive solar power from his Chinese cronies, who just happen to employ his son’s law firm.

That is the topic of this week’s newspaper column available online at The Ely Times website.

During a live-streaming online public appearance to promote his “green” energy worshiping confab, the Senate majority leader fielded a question about the status of the ENN Mojave Energy solar project proposed for 9,000 acres of public land in Laughlin.

Harry Reid asks a question at ENN Solar plant in China during recent junket.

He immediately dumped on NV Energy.

“That would start tomorrow if NV Energy would purchase the power. …” he said. “NV Energy could do that. It would be so good for Nevada. … But NV Energy is more interested in other types of power and they don’t control the facility. So we’re working hard. I would hope NV Energy would be willing to do this. They haven’t been willing to work on this and that’s such a shame.”

He later flatly stated, “The biggest obstacle we have to renewable energy is NV Energy.” His moderator chuckled and moved on to the next question.

Asked for a response, NV Energy replied that it currently exceeds its legislatively mandated renewable energy purchases by 10 percent and has no plans to seek further renewable power supplies until 2014.

By my estimate, the ENN contract with Clark County for the Laughlin land expires sometime around September 2013.

Former U.S. Sen. and Gov. Dick Byran, who represents ENN Mojave along with the senator’s son Rory Reid, said in December 2011 the company had 21 months to negotiate purchase power agreements with whatever power company might be willing to take the electricity produced by the facility or the land reverts to the county.

The sale price was $4.5 million even though the land had been appraised at $29 million to $38 million.

NV Energy said that when it does seek bids in 2014 and 2015 it will be for only 250 megawatts of power. ENN Mojave’s plans call for a $5 billion solar panel manufacturing plant and a solar farm with generation capacity of 720 megawatts — almost three times what NV Energy anticipates needing two and three years from now.

By the way, the Reid Gardner coal plant that Harry wants to shut down generates 557 megawatts.

As NPRI asks, where is the outrage over Reid bullying a private company to do his bidding?

ENN Group Chairman Yusuo Wang speaks during Sen. Harry Reid’s 4th annual Clean Energy Summit. (Photo by the Laughlin Times)

5 comments on “Ely Times column: Reid bullies power company to do his bidding

  1. Vernon Clayson says:

    Harry Reid as a lobbyist for a Chinese firm, how odd is that? A senator doubling as a lobbyist must be ethical, he wouldn’t do anything unethical or add burdens to Nevada’s electric power ratepayers, would he? I use lobbyist instead of bag man, bag man is just too Chicago.

  2. Nevada is more classy than that Vernon. Here we use those purple Crown Royal whiskey bags.

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  5. […] Reid in 2012 pressed NV Energy to purchase power from a solar generating facility that would be built in Laughlin if it could get […]

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