Harry ‘Not Known for Hyperbole’ Reid calls nuclear regulator ‘shit-stirrer’

When the first sentence of the piece reads: “Harry Reid isn’t known for hyperbole,” everything that follows can be taken with a grain of salt, because it is obvious Ryan Grim has never covered Harry Reid, who is a free floating hyperbole machine who pegs out the gaffe-o-meter on a weekly basis.

Be that as it may, in an interview with the Huffington Post, Reid was quoted as saying of Bill Magwood, a member of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission:

“You know, when you’re in this government, this business of politics, the only thing that you have is your word. (Said Reid, who has gone back on his word so many times he probably doesn’t know where he stands on any issue at the moment without checking the Congressional Record.) I can be as partisan as I have to be (As his record attests.), but I always try to be nice (Like the time he told the ad director of the Review-Journal he hoped the paper would go out of business.). I try never to say bad things about people. Bill Magwood is one of the (long pause) most unethical, prevaricating (10-second pause) incompetent people I’ve ever dealt with. The man sat in that chair — right there — and lied to me. I’ve never, ever in my life had anyone do that. Never.”

Reid claimed Magwood lied to him when he said he opposed Yucca Mountain. The HuffPost could not get a reply from Magwood.

The man not known for hyperbole continued in the same vein:

“He’s a first-class rat. He lied to (Pete) Rouse (a White House staffer), he lied to me, and he had a plan. He is a tool of the nuclear industry. A tool. Magwood was a shit-stirrer. He did everything he could do to embarrass Greg Jaczko.”

Jaczko, a former Reid staffer who Reid managed to get appointed head of the NRC, was, as The Washington Times reported, accused of harassment and intimidation, particularly of female staffers.

Reid and Magwood

“Testimony of his peers revealed that Mr. Jaczko is prone to ‘continued outbursts of abusive rage,’ ‘ranting at the staff,’ ‘raging verbal assault’ and inspiring panic attacks in subordinates, particularly women,” writes Anneke Green. “This was on top of an inspector general’s report that mentioned staff complaints about Mr. Jaczko creating ‘an intimidating work environment.'”

Reid has contributed $10,000 to Jaczko’s legal defense fund.

Offending Reid by being less than candid gets you labeled a shit-stirrer, but signed letters accusing your former staffer of intimidation garner generous contributions. One can only wonder how Jaczko behaved while on Reid’s staff.

Having been on the receiving end of a vitriol spewing Reid staffer on occasion, along with other editors I know, one can only wonder whether there is an environment conducive to such behavior in his office.

6 comments on “Harry ‘Not Known for Hyperbole’ Reid calls nuclear regulator ‘shit-stirrer’

  1. Vernon Clayson says:

    Is this a racist thing with Harry Reid, he was enthralled with Obama’s chances in the last presidential election, said he wasn’t too dark and didn’t have a Negro dialect. Obama’s still not too dark but that ministerial delivery, cadenced and urgent, has become very Negro. I don’t know what Magwood’s dialect is like but he really is dark and thus threatening. I guess Harry expected the man to be an Uncle Tom, do a soft shoe shuffle and sing Old Man River. I’m not surprised that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and the media mavens haven’t raged against Harry, but imagine the furor if a Republican senator, e.g., Mitch McConnell, had spoken so harshly of a black man? Whatever, being a tool for the nuclear industry does seem more practical than being a tool for the windmill and solar panel industries.

  2. A tool is a tool, Vernon. And you right about the selective outrage of the race baiters.


  3. Athos says:

    Gotta love THE CROOK’S dementia quote, “…The man sat in that chair — right there — and lied to me. I’ve never, ever in my life had anyone do that. Never.”

    I guess Harry THE CROOK never looks in a mirror while seated in “that chair”. Jeez. It’s embarrassing to admit he’s from our state!

  4. Vernon Clayson says:

    Harry aghast is Harry still, he’s what, in his 70s and thinks no one has ever lied to him, perhaps it’s time for him to consider some of the lying bastards that told him they have green-energy projects that are surefire. Then there’s always the possibility that in his present wobbly state of mind he thinks that particular chair is “The Chair of Truth”. There’s a great title for a book on Harry Reid, feel free to use it, Mr. Mitchell. The book jacket could say, “Once upon a time a small shallow man from Searchlight, Nevada, rose to a position of great power and pelf and then fell apart”.

  5. Vernon Clayson says:

    But now I know why Harry stirred this minor shit up, it takes attention away from the fact he’s decided there will be no formal budget adopted, this is the fourth year. He might be sliding into senility but he and his fellow Marxists still have a few tricks up their sleeves.

  6. […] — Someone who calls a whistle blower against one of his nuclear regulatory appointees a first-class rat and a shit-stirrer. […]

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