Bungling bird-brained bureaucrats blow basic benevolence

Once again we learn the hard-earned lesson of life in a cradle-to-grave permitocracy: You can’t do anything without first getting a license and paying some bureaucrat a fee for the privilege. You have no “right” to do anything.

As we learn in today’s newspaper, hummingbird rescuer Marion Brady is this week’s recipient of that lesson. After being featured in the paper in a heart-warming little feature story a week ago, Brady was shut down two days later for running a-fowl of the long arm of the law.

Marion Brady uses an eyedropper a hummingbird. (R-J photo)

You see, the uncompensated act of rescuing and rehabilitating hummingbirds and just about any other migratory bird requires permits from both the state Department of Wildlife and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. As one of the bureaucrats explained, our government overlords have determined they can’t have people “just removing wildlife from the wild on a whim” and there must be “some order to things.”

Saving a bird’s life is a whim?

So what does this teach us, gentle reader? Why, the same lesson land owners got from the Endangered Species Act: “shoot, shovel and shut up.”

If you can’t rescue them, bury them before the pistol-packing wildlife enforcement agents show up to to cuff you and seize your property.

That’s the lesson a little girl and her mother learned after trying to rescue a woodpecker from the family cat — a $535 fine of a lesson.

Today’s story helpfully informs that there are three bird rescue permit holders in Southern Nevada, but it never bothers to mention just who they are. Nor does it mention how much it costs or what training is required to become a licensed and certified bird humanitarian.

Come to think of it, I hope the wildlife federales don’t come after my wife for deigning to fish those two killdeer chicks out of the pool instead of letting them meet their naturally ordained fate in the skimmer.

While we are on the topic, it might be worth mentioning that on the same day the Review-Journal published the feature story on Brady rescuing hummingbirds, it published a story about a disabled man getting arrested on the Strip for not having a license to give away bottled water in exchange for donations. Three days later the paper published a cute story about an 11-year-old selling lemonade in her driveway. Perhaps a folo, in the jargon journalistic, is due?

Here is video of the woodpecker rescuer on national television:

Here is video of an economist explaining unintended consequences, such as “shoot, shovel and shut up”:

12 comments on “Bungling bird-brained bureaucrats blow basic benevolence

  1. Vernon Clayson says:

    This leaves me wordless.

  2. That’s once, Vernon. I’ll mark it on my calendar.


  3. nyp10025 says:

    So what. She needs a permit to engage in large-scale treatment of migratory species. That makes sense to me. Is there any reason to think she won’t get her permit?

  4. Why does she need one?


  5. nyp10025 says:

    Because the destruction and trafficking in migratory birds is a serious international problem, and because you can’t let Joe Schmo trap and remove migratory birds based on his assurance that he is doing so for reasons of conservation. Ms. Brady understands that. She had no objection to having a permit to do what she did. Her problem is that that the wildlife sanctuary from which she thought the permit had been issued had some kind of misunderstanding of its authority.
    Not to worry. The article concludes: “Brady … is now in the process of applying for her own state and federal bird rehabilitation permits. She said she hopes to have them in hand by early next year, when hummingbird eggs start hatching around the valley and her phone starts to ring.”

    A good conclusion all around

  6. What is her choice? If you want to make it a crime to traffic in migratory birds, so be it. But why force a humanitarian to get a license? Just let the birds die?


  7. Athos says:

    Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.

    Anything that destroys all concept of “the land of the free” is applauded by petey, and his ilk. Your season is very near an end, petey. What will you do when the grownups take back control of our country?

    (I know. Lie and whine. That’s all you Marxist know how to do)

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