News media does Charlie Brown impersonation as they whiff on jobless numbers again

How many times in a row can the Obama administration fool the news media by snatching away the football?

This morning The Associated Press naively reported just what the Labor Department said about the number of new applications for unemployment benefits being filed in the past week — “weekly applications for benefits dipped by 2,000 to a seasonally adjusted 370,000.”

Don’t tell anyone, but a week ago today, as reported here, the Labor Department reported there were, you guessed it, 370,000 new jobless benefit claims. Sometime since then (this morning perhaps?) the agency adjusted the previous week’s figures upward by 2,000 claims, thus allowing it to report a drop of 2,000 in the number of claims.

I had been able to track this trend of after-the-fact upward adjustments for only about a dozen weeks, but Tom Blumer at News Busters claims this has happened in 60 of the past 61 weeks and that one exception was a “no change.” None of the major news media outlets has yet caught onto how the numbers are snatched away week after week after week.

Additionally, if you look at the non-seasonally adjusted figures, which no news media ever does, this week’s new claims totaled 327,595, up 2,515 from the previous week.

Click here for an amusing video YouTube will not let me embed. The dialogue is most amusing.

3 comments on “News media does Charlie Brown impersonation as they whiff on jobless numbers again

  1. Steve says:

    They keep spiking the truth….

  2. […] blog posting a week ago explains how long this sleight of numbers has been going on and how is always in the […]

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