9 comments on “Ephemera

  1. Dave West says:

    A politicians promise Monday
    The results of the promise today
    A lot of similarity I’d say

  2. Steve says:

    Cactus flowers are like butterflys…

    Mick was on SNL this last Saturday…did almost every skit and did every music bit.

    Sometimes yesterday’s news comes back to bite and entertain, thats the best kind.

  3. Vernon Clayson says:

    Here today, gone tomorrow, is applicable to many thing but not politics, the basic practices and stench of that has persisted throughout history. I’m not quite sure that the daily news isn’t the same, for all practical purposes the BS and fact, the latter according to the questionable wisdom of the writer, intermingle making the daily news the first edition of history. Books are still being written about our first president, authors research all sources of information including the stilted language and biased news accounts of his time, what will writers say of the current president? If they get information from just the two local papers, the LVRJ and Sun, they will interpret he was a wise and great man of the people on top of being the first man of color, a success despite the racists opposed to him; he will be South Africa’s Nelson Mandela writ large, without the long prison sentence, of course. I’ll start a first sentence for them, “Rising and coursing from the sunny islands of Hawaii, to sweltering Southwest Asia, to the hard streets of New York and the windy streets of Chicago, a modern Pharaoh came to power”. That should be a good start for someone 200 years hence, who knows, Hawaii may even have found a birth certificate by then.

  4. Too angry, Vernon. Stop and smell today’s roses.

  5. Vernon Clayson says:

    Thanks, that’s good advice, but I am angry, shouldn’t a man vent when he fully awakens to the fraud and injustice he’s viewed in government and politics for seven decades? I’ve had a good life, I’m a veteran, have college degrees, spent 26 years in law enforcement, and always made a living but I’m not unique, the vast majority of my generation did similarly. For all of my years I thought I was an individual and responsible for myself, again, most of my generation felt the same way; now it comes out that those serving in the military, in government jobs and even in menial jobs owe it to a single individual, the president. Others of the masses, working or out of work, are to believe presidents, in their benevolence and wisdom, are behind any and all prosperity. Yesterday I saw a young man sitting on a Main Street curb with a sign saying he was “trying to go home, need help”, he’s begging, another man came down our street going through our recycling bins, he’s not a beggar, he’s a gleaner, but nevertheless has a measure of ambition. A president, whoever he may be, should be viewed as above the mundane, he shouldn’t take credit if a person gets a job at a fast food outlet and he shouldn’t be aghast if the fast food outlet lays the person off. He should be held responsible for national profligacy and waste, wars, policies that reduce freedom and opportunity. And I didn’t get to the Congress.

  6. Nice rant, Vernon. I especially liked the gleaner part. At least he is working. Can’t wait for the Congress rant.


  7. Vernon Clayson says:

    How’d I get from vent to rant? The Congress is a joke, I don’t have the energy at the moment to get into them but Obama’s minions appear before them and either lie or obfuscate but let a baseball player say no to them and they pounce in vengeance. He is being tried now, right now, while the cur that killed 13 soldiers at Ft. Hood awaits his day in court, it will not happen any time soon, and the sword of justice hangs over George Zimmerman who shot the not so young and innocent Trayvon. No need for his last name, Trayvon is like Elvis and Madonna, his first name tells the world who he is.

  8. Did you see the story in today’s paper about Zimmerman, Vernon? Motive?


  9. Vernon Clayson says:

    Motive is required in most instances but it isn’t about criminal justice, it’s political pandering and placating at its finest. It didn’t set off the rioting I expected but a dismissal could bring it on. I have some familiarity with riots, it’s less about grievances than what is broadcast, it’s basically a chance for burning and breaking, often theft, sometimes even killing.

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