A new gospel: The feds leadeth me beside the still waters

Since 90 percent of the land in Nevada is controlled by one or the other agency of the federal government, those of us who nominally control the other 10 percent — so long as we follow the zoning laws, pay our taxes, abide by a myriad of regulations and are not in the way of some powerful public or private entity’s plans for progress and profit — should strive to understand the mindset of those federal bureaucrats.

They are like demigods, but in their genesis there was no Adam and Eve. They are the lords over the wild, pristine and natural lands, but people are, well, unnatural, more of an infestation than a rightful part of the landscape.

The Silver Nugget in Tombstone, Ariz.

Illustrative of this meme — pardon the use of the latest overused addition to the pundits’ lexicon, but it fits — is what is happening in Tombstone, Ariz. According to a website called OneNewsNow, the denizens of the town made famous by Hollywood’s portrayal of a 30-second gunfight are fighting the U.S. Forest Service over access to drinking water.

It seems a couple dozen mountain springs on Forest Service land were buried in mud after a fire a year ago. Get this, the federal government will not allow the town to repair the springs and the pipelines that bring the water to the town unless only horses and hand tools are used on all but two of the springs.

Meanwhile, the town must rely on a single water well, because all others are contaminated by arsenic and that single well is at risk.

Nick Dranias, director of something called the Center for Constitutional Government at the Arizona-based Goldwater Institute, was quoted as saying the federal government has decided that  “the sanctity of the mountains is more important than the lives and properties of the citizens of Tombstone. … And they’re effectively saying that the historic city of Tombstone is something they’re willing to sacrifice for nothing other than pure power-lust.”

Sanctity? Somehow bulldozers and backhoes will profane the dirt but a pick ax won’t?

Sounds like some kind of cobbled together animism run amok.

The Daily Caller quotes George Barnes, Tombstone’s city clerk and manager, about the fundamental law that is being twisted by the federal bureaucrats.

“We began working with the Forest Service but then we realized and found what an incredible boondoggle that could be, even though we are very confident we have a special status because our rights there pre-existed the Forest Service and even the BLM [Bureau of Land Management],” Barnes said. “We were there long before anything and all we are asking is to fix our stuff.”

The town now has a two-day supply of water, and that would dry up if there were a fire in one of the century-old wooden structures or a pump failure.

I have a suggestion for the Luddites at the Forest Service. If allowing machinery onto this pristine patch of heaven is such an affront to their sacred soil, all Forest Service rangers and employees should forgo air-conditioned pick-up trucks for horses and trade in their sidearms for small-caliber atlatls and bows and arrows. Swap those cell phones and radios for smoke signals. Then live off the sacred land and all that it provides — pine nuts, agave and the occasional lizard.

They should have to live by the same insane rules they impose on others or convert.

7 comments on “A new gospel: The feds leadeth me beside the still waters

  1. Bruce@nptco.us says:

    I have a simple solution to this problem; all people, except of course Federal “employees” should commit mass Suicide.

  2. Vernon Clayson says:

    All things Arizona are anathema to the Obama administration, in the convoluted thinking of the gangster Obama administration nothing is too minor to infringe on the rights, blatantly insulting the state and its citizens. Tombstone predates Arizona Statehood, I didn’t check but it’s likely that many of its buildings are on the list of the National Historic Sites, or should be. It’s a hardscrabble town but it isn’t a Detroit or Washington DC with their welfare oases, the people of Tombstone are the polar opposite, independent and self-reliant. If the feds can overlook illegal immigration, cordoning parts of the state as unsafe for citizens, they can damned well overlook the people of Tombstone using modern equipment to provide themselves with water, the most necessary of elements. Where’s genteel John McCain on this issue, surely Obama and the BLM will take his call.

  3. Vernon Clayson says:

    Fortunately Obama and Holder weren’t around when the canals were built to take water from the Colorado River across Arizona to major cities Phoenix and Tucson and across California to Los Angeles. Those two “gangstas” would have had fits thinking of the torment to the flora and fauna those major projects caused by bulldozers and cement trucks.

  4. Vernon Clayson says:

    Harry Reid was on the news this AM praising himself and an unnamed team for the renewable energy projects planned for Nevada. Ostensibly speaking to the news watching public his remarks were actually a huge huzzah to the favored few who will profit mightily from federal largess, he might as well have said, “Friends, supporters, relatives your ship is coming in”. His project near his home in Searchlight has already been altered by removing planned windmills that would have interfered with his view of those parched knolls, he doesn’t spend ten days in a year there so perhaps he was thinking of the jackrabbits, coyotes, snakes, and scorpions that dwelleth in plenty upon those parched knolls and didn’t want to bring then discomfort.

  5. Harry claimed in his bio that his mother or grandmother cooked a jackrabbit he shot and they ate it and it was good. I’ve believed a word he’s said since.

    Sent from my iPad

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