Teachers’ union needs a remedial math course

By now you’ve probably read a couple of stories about the generous pay of key personnel at the Clark County Education Association — the union for school district teachers.

You know that now-retired executive director of the CCEA, John Jasonek, not only pocketed nearly $206,000 in fiscal year 2009 for running the union but also was slipped an additional $424,000 for his part-time involvement in a couple of nonprofits set up by the union.

R-J photo of Jasonek

But so far as I can tell no one has done the math. Reportedly that $424,000 came from a couple of side programs run by the union — Center for Teaching Excellence and Community Foundation.

If you look at the IRS 990 forms for those in FY2009 you find the Foundation paid Jasonek $307,292 for 30 hours a week, while the CTE paid $85,496 for 15 hours a week. That adds up to just less than $393,000. Where did the other $31,000 come from?

And apparently the wages around the union shop are set by whim. In FY2008 the CTE paid Jasonek nothing for 10 hours a week, while reporting “related” compensation totaling $469,000. The Foundation, which was called the Silver State Learning Alliance in FY2008, reported paying Jasonek $282,700 for 25 hours a week.

Those figures are in addition to his reported CCEA union pay of $139,000 on the FY2008 IRS 990 form. That form reports he had “related” compensation totaling nearly $332,000, considerably less than the $469,000 in related pay reported by the CTE alone. Was the $282,700 from the SSLA part of that “related” pay or do you add the two together?

The FY2007 and earlier forms didn’t always report side deal income, but the SSLA paid Jasonek $295,000 for 30 hours a week.

That Foundation work seemed to become more lucrative as Jasonek neared retirement. Back in FY2002 he was paid only $8,000 for his eight hours a week.

Sounds like someone needs a remedial math course. Or maybe a culinary course on cooking the books.

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CCEA 2008: 2008-990-CCEA

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CTE 2008: 2008-990-CTE

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5 comments on “Teachers’ union needs a remedial math course

  1. THUGS, CROOKS, SCAMMERS! And the rank and file get peanuts!

  2. Steve says:

    Situation normal Bruce.

  3. Athos says:

    “Or maybe a culinary course on cooking the books.”

    Now, that was funny, Tom!

  4. In an open letter on the CCEA website, Bruce, CCEA President Ruben Murillo writes: “But let’s start by stating that CCEA in no way condones excessive and multiple salaries for any staff or leaders. We have no justification for the fact that former Executive Director Jasonek was able to triple dip, earning additional and excessive salaries.”

    All three of CCEA 990s I mentioned, were signed by Murillo.


  5. Then, Athos, you might’ve liked the Facebook headline: Teachers’ union slogan: To serve the children. It’s a cook book!!!

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