At the Clark County teachers’ union some are more equal than others

While rank and file teachers face the threat of layoffs, they learn — again — that their leadership is living high off of their hog and bringing home big hunks of bacon.

Over the weekend the Review-Journal reported that the now retired executive director of the Clark County Education Association, John Jasonek, not only pocketed nearly $206,000 in 2009 for running the union but also was slipped an additional $424,000 for his part-time involvement in a couple of nonprofits set up by the union — a lovely parting gift as they say on the game shows.

John Jasonek (R-J photo by Craig Moran)

The story captured the gist of the largesse afforded union leadership.

The union had gross receipts of $4.3 million in fiscal year 2009, which ended Aug. 31, 2010.

But the IRS form 990 for the union’s side endeavor, Center for Teaching Excellence, shows that nonprofit alone had revenues totaling $4.1 million for  FY2008 and $4.3 million for FY2009.

The Center or CTE, which was set up to offer continuing education courses to teachers, reported on its latest form that Jasonek, who retired in 2010, was paid $85,000 for working 15 hours a week. In the prior year (FY2008), it was reported that he worked 10 hours a week for CTE but was paid zero by that organization, though related and unspecified organizations paid him $469,000.

Sounds like the salaries were set by caprice.

This is not the first time the CTE has come under scrutiny. More than five years ago the union side business was accused of profiteering off the backs of teachers.

At the time critics said the program was making $75 out of every $200 per credit hour it was charging teachers. Teachers with masters’ degrees or higher were paid as much as $3,000 more per year.

Jasonek said the CTE cut was used to “administer” the program. Now we have an inkling of what he meant by “administer.”

Jasonek also was quoted as saying, “All tuition dollars that aren’t utilized to run the program go back into the teachers’ pockets.” Whose pockets?

Then-state Sen. Bob Beers called for an investigation of the union’s practices related to the nonprofit side business. He was later defeated for re-election after a vicious union-led campaign that papered his district with pamphlets full of false charges.

This past weekend’s story estimated the Clark County teachers’ union pays about a third of its income in salaries to leadership, compared to only 3 to 7 percent at other large teacher unions around the country.

The union’s IRS form lists nine people being paid more than $100,000 apiece. But remember, repeat after me: It is all for the sake of the children.

Look at the forms yourself:

CCEA FY2009: 2009-990-CCEA

CCEA FY2008: 2008-990-CCEA

CTE FY2009: 2009-990-CTE

CTE FY2008: 2008-990-CTE


11 comments on “At the Clark County teachers’ union some are more equal than others

  1. Athos says:

    All right. My immediate question is: Are good people corrupted by the money and power; or do crooks gravitate to these positions and take full advantage?

    “But Willie, why do you rob banks?”

    “Cause THAT’S where the money is!”

  2. Hayek had a whole chapter on that topic in “Road to Serfdom.”


  3. Steve says:

    Lets correct that last bit.

    Its all for the children of the union leadership.

  4. Athos says:

    Or childish Union leadership!

  5. Athos says:

    Speaking of corruption, what’s become of Jon Corzine? Haven’t heard boo about him on the news for a couple of months now.

    Did he give all the money back?

    Is he running for office again?

  6. Steve says:

    Check out the suns face to face poll. When Ralston plugged it tonight on his show it had 498 takers. Since the plug and as I post this, that poll has 527 takers.
    So the sun generated 498 hits (their entire readership) and Ralston bumped it by the majority of his veiwership….30 more hits.

    Of course my analysis is about as scientific as Ralstons poll, but I think mine is funnier.

  7. Yes, funnier and probably as accurate.

    Sent from my iPad

  8. It’s all about Mr. Green! The bigshots get the big bucks and the rank & file get the boot. When will union members ever learn?

  9. How about a decertification vote, Bruce?


  10. Steve says:

    Can a decert vote be done with a card check? 😉

  11. […] now you’ve probably read a couple of stories about the generous pay of key personnel at the Clark County Education Association — the union for […]

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