Laughlin land deal: Signed, sealed and delivered

The Clark County commissioners have just unanimously approved selling 9,000 acres of county-owned land near Laughlin to Chinese solar panel firm ENN Energy for a fraction of appraised value.

As spelled out by the company’s representative, former U.S. Sen. and Gov. Dick Byran, ENN now has 21 months to negotiate purchase power agreements with whatever power company  might be willing to take the electricity produced by the facility or the land reverts to the county. The company is relying on the fact so many states, including Nevada and California, have legislative rigged the power market to require public utilities to generate a certain percentage of its electricity from so-called renewable sources, such as solar and wind.

The sale price was $4.5 million even though the land had been appraised at $29 million to 38 million. ENN, if it goes forward, has promised to create more than 500 jobs.





6 comments on “Laughlin land deal: Signed, sealed and delivered

  1. Steve says:

    Foregone conclusion. Reid marching orders were received and obeyed.

  2. Must be nice living life as members of the ruling class! We suckers pay and they play!

  3. Athos says:

    Where was Dicky Bryan when the BLM was auctioning off all that land, 5 years ago? That land was bringing north of $250,000/acre!

    The old real estate slogan used to be “Location, location, location.”

    Now it’s “political influence, graft, and corruption”

    How DO these people sleep at night?

  4. They live in a different world, Athos. Everyone they know condones what they do and help them do.


  5. […] ENN was wheeling and dealing with big bucks back home, the rubes on the commission were selling land appraised at between $29 million to 38 million for a measly $4.5 million to the same company in […]

  6. […] my estimate, that contract with Clark County for the Laughlin land expires sometime around September 2013, […]

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