Solar energy project near Laughlin: Who is subsidizing whom and with whose money?

ENN Group Chairman Yusuo Wang speaks during Sen. Harry Reid's 4th annual Clean Energy Summit. (Photo by the Laughlin Times)

It is passing strange that both the U.S. and China are accusing each other of trade violations by virtue of government subsidies to renewable energy companies building solar panels and windmills and the like. Both countries have heaped billions in subsidies on this otherwise unprofitable endeavor.

But you don’t have to go to D.C. or Beijing to find largess being heaped on renewable companies.

The Tuesday agenda of the Clark County Commission includes items No. 77 and No. 78:


Approve, adopt, and authorize the Chair to sign the resolution for sale of ±9,000 acres of Clark County-owned real property in the Fort Mohave Valley to ENN Mojave Energy, LLC.  (For possible action)


Approve and authorize the Chair to sign an option agreement with ENN Mojave Energy, LLC (Sun Yunquan, Manager) for the sale of ±9,000 acres of Clark County-owned real property in the Fort Mohave Valley. (For possible action)

ENN Mojave is a Chinese company that proposes to build a solar panel manufacturing plant and a solar farm using said panels on 9,000 acres of currently county-owned (read: taxpayer-owned) land. The firm is being represented by former Gov. and U.S. Sen. Dick Bryan.

The agreement to be considered by the commissioners would sell the land to the Chinese firm for $500 an acre or $4.5 million.

The land has been appraised at between $29.6 million and $38.6 million.

Congratulations, Clark County residents, you are about to become full-fledged violators of international free trade agreements. But instead of subsidizing American companies that go broke, you’re subsidizing a Chinese firm, some of which have been known to go broke.

11 comments on “Solar energy project near Laughlin: Who is subsidizing whom and with whose money?

  1. Wow Tom! What a spoiled sport you are. Who cares about WHAT taxpayers think? Not government types. Let’s all go out and hug some trees and ChiComs….

  2. Doesn’t it make you wonder, Bruce, why a company that says it plans to invest $5 billion in a project finds it necessary to negotiate a deal to pay only $4.5 million for land worth nearly seven times as much. Might the commissioners be penny wise and pound foolish?


  3. Steve says:

    “By law, the lands are offered for sale at fair market value.”

    That is about BLM sales but I thought the local, county and state all have laws in place that requires the same when selling lands to private purchasers?

    I am assuming of course our public officials would actually follow the laws they write and swear to uphold when they take office.

  4. There are loopholes big enough to drive a starship through …


  5. Steve says:

    Off topic but, hope this does not stop NPRI and it shows they are the right course.

    Even if it takes one at a time it is now visibly worth it.

  6. Athos says:

    I smell a Reid in all this manure.

    Could the rats be getting desperate to make even more money before the 2012 elections? Of course, why bother? I keep hearing Algore’s famous line “There is no controlling legal authority that says this was in violation of law.”

  7. Might the commissioners be penny wise and pound foolish? Maybe the commissioners are getting a little taste of cash? Wouldn’t be the first time…..

  8. Reid visited ENN plant while in China, Athos.


  9. […] Former Sen. and Gov. Dick Bryan is the Chinese company’s attorney who negotiated the deal, as I reported yesterday. […]

  10. Elliot Michael says:

    When U.S. companies goes into China to start car factories and any other kinds of factory, and businesses, do they not negoiate the lowest cost possible and pays off corrupted Chinese Gov’t officials to get what they want?
    Now, for the first time a Chinese Company comes to America to invest big money to do business with the U.S., we are complaining that the land that is of no use is being sold at too low of a price. If this project does not get approved, who will it hurt? The Chinese or the Americans? Will housing costs go back up in Las Vegas if the project gets a yes, will more Americans be employed than unemployed? Will it make Americans money? You people are so self centered and so American. Look at our economy right now, these are the reasons we are in the situations we are in. We always want to get the best prices yet not give the big picture a chance. Do you know if not for Macau and Singapore’s support in gaming, there will no longer be a Las Vegas? They gave U.S. gaming giants a chance to share profits, they did not have to, they could have hired top consultants to make Macau and Singapore the same as Las Vegas and keep all the high rollers to themselves. So stop thinking only about you, what do I have to gain from this deal? The world is becoming a Global community, we have work with each others. Think smart and not think only America. America is not No. 1 in this world anymore, which it should be. We have been No. 1 for too long, and it got to our heads and while we were dreaming our No. 1 Status, other countries have taken over and own most of our country now. Think smart and not stupid.

  11. Mark my word: It will collapse like a house of cards, Elliot.

    No, other countries did not take over the economy. We pissed it away.


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