Harry says the darnedest things about jobs

“While it’s proper to guard against and remove onerous regulations, and we need to do that, my Republican friends have yet to produce a single shred of evidence that the regulations they hate so much do the broad economic harms they claim.  That’s because there aren’t any.”

— Harry Reid

Not a single shred of evidence?

Then surely it was merely a coincidence that, while jobs at federal regulatory agencies have increased 13 percent since Obama took office, private sector jobs have fallen by 5.6 percent, according to Investor’s Business Daily.

According to a Heritage Foundation study, the Obama administration imposed 75 new major rules in its first 26 months, costing the private sector more than $40 billion. When you take money out of the private sector, what does it do to maintain profitability? Why, it sheds costs and jobs.

Bob Beauprez, the editor-in-chief of the online A Line of Sight, notes that even before Obama’s deluge of regulations and regulators the Small Business Administration estimated federal regulation drained $1.75 trillion a year from the economy.

“We really don’t think Reid is naïve enough to believe that ever increasing amounts of regulation have no adverse consequences to the economy,” Beauprez says. “That leaves only willful denial or an outright willingness to lie as the only other possible explanations for his contention.”

Harry is the one who recently claimed the private sector is doing just fine, it is the public sector that is hurting for jobs. Truth and Harry are not on speaking terms.

Not a shred of evidence?

Today’s Review-Journal editorial ticks off a few stats that might be evidence, reminding Harry that only two months ago the Obama administration dropped new EPA clean-air regulations “precisely because they would cost the ailing economy about $90 billion per year — and that was the EPA’s conservative estimate.”

And as a direct result of Dodd-Frank financial regulations, the editorialists state, Bank of America said it will cut 30,000 jobs by 2014. Additionally, the Obama moratorium on drilling in the Gulf of Mexico has cost tens of thousands of jobs, to say nothing of the delay in the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada to Texas.

As IBD points out, here is how Harry and the Beltway boys think: “The EPA wrote in February that ‘in periods of high unemployment, an increase in labor demand due to regulation may have a stimulative effect that results in a net increase in overall employment.'”

More jobs through paperwork?

Not a shred of commonsense to be found in the whole damn lot of them.

10 comments on “Harry says the darnedest things about jobs

  1. Steve says:

    Thats the plan then, give every one they like a government job. The rest get charged a dollar each to leave the country with no passport. Problem solved.

  2. And Social Security is in good shape, too.

  3. Bruce Feher says:

    Ah, Washington…70 square miles surrounded by reality!

  4. Nice … I plan to steal that one sometime.

  5. Steve says:

    I think I have been blacklisted by Sebelius via his Mollom Filter software! From what I can tell I am not the first. He usually responds with something like he has been blocked by his filter until he signed in but with all the spam his site got he needs this filter. Makes me wonder how the RJ does not get spammed but people can post on its blogs.
    A little research on Molloms site shows they make it very easy to blacklist by multiple options. If I connect via my high speed at home I am SPAM!, If I use my email and name from another PC and different internet provide, I am blocked. But if I use a different name and email I can post ok. If I take that laptop back to my High speed at home it gets blocked as SPAM too.
    You are very correct Sebelius runs or hides from a well placed word.

    Sticks and stone is what it takes to hurt me but
    Steve Sebelius is hurt by words for crying out loud.

    Just had to let you know.

  6. It figures. Those with the biggest egos have the thinnest skins.

  7. Steve says:

    Thanks, get this. He got positively snippy with me about it. So I found other recent complaints posted on his blog and pointed them out to him. Keep in mind I have multiple ways to access the net and multiple email address’s this is how I can still post. His spam filter blocks my main connection but it hasn’t quite figured out its me on the other one. One of the posts stated time to leave and blog where they dont block based on vapor spam. (or the blog owners personal feelings….)

    He told that other poster he would look into it. But I have never seen any posts from that one since.
    He is losing readers by this action.

    Now he gets to prove his words are real by action or he proves he is a putz by inaction.

    Any bets on which way it goes?

    Like the new format!

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