It’s going to be a long haul to recovery for Nevada

The Wall Street Journal is out today with a forecast of how long it will take for each state to recover economically.

Only two states are listed as beyond 2017 — Michigan and Nevada. Both states have hemorrhaged jobs and shed population.

Texas should be among the first to reach its pre-recession employment peak, according to IHS Global Insight research. Texas, like North Dakota, is adding energy jobs — real energy jobs in oil and gas and not Harry’s and Barry’s mythical green chimera jobs. The problem for Texas is that the number of jobs can’t keep up with the number of people moving there from places like Nevada and Michigan in search of work.

So what do the folks at the Brookings Institute say is the answer to recovery? First, they say our energy costs are already too high, and then they recommend investing in clean energy projects. But they do recommend pushing more mining, which makes sense.

5 comments on “It’s going to be a long haul to recovery for Nevada

  1. Steve says:

    So Texas has the same problem we had for the last couple decades now. Hope they were paying attention to what happened here.

    Funny, did you notice the states with the best recovery rates appear to follow the pipeline Obama just blocked?

    Click to access detailed_system_map.pdf

  2. Pat says:

    Nevada: It’s not for whimps, never has been, never will.


    A fifty years plus resident

  3. Steve says:

    Nice one Pat. I remember several people moving here making statements like “back home I was always winning the football pools'” followed by “in a year I am going to be rich”‘ A couple years after that the owner of the business showed me the IRS letter looking for that guy, long moved away from the state having lost his whole rotund rump. Fun to watch those people self destruct and tell the stories to people back east when they ask what the best way to win or the easiest casino is.

    Here since 1983 my wife since 1967.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ø WANTED energy rates to spike. That’s HIS plan. Pandering to his base? Well, maybe.

    But much more important to get us paying MUCH higher energy costs to curb our excesses.

    This vermin MUST be defeated in 2012.

  5. Anonymous says:

    And we all ready know how he feels about Las Vegas. We’re just an ATM for him.

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