Is there a spin doctor in the house? Sebelius dons white smock to administer mouth to mouth to Harry

Now, I’ve seen plenty of spin in my time, but Steve Sebelius must have been positively atwitter and spinning like a dizzy dervish when he posted this on his Twitter feed Thursday:

“I admire the way @HarryReid jumped in front of the bullet (private sector jobs doing “just fine”???) to give Obama admin a little down time.”

The defintion of spin doctor is:

spin doctorn (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) Informal a person who provides a favourable slant to an item of news, potentially unpopular policy, etc., esp on behalf of a political personality or party [from the spin given to a ball in various sports to make it go in the desired direction]”


Next to it there is a photo of Sebelius.

Never mind that Harry told a bald-faced lie, when he said, “And it’s very clear that private sector jobs have been doing just fine; it’s the public sector jobs where we’ve lost huge numbers, and that’s what this legislation is all about.”

In the view of liberal pundits, he is admirable for protecting his party of public employee looters and money launderers.

Harry’s remark was so blatant that The Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily and the Las Review-Journal editorial pages jumped all over it. I may have mentioned it, too.

The R-J editorial noted the rob-from-the-poor-to-give-to-ourselves aspect:

“Sen. Reid was attempting to defend the Teachers and First Responders Back to Work Act, a part of the president’s jobs bill that would allocate $35 billion to hire new teachers and other public-sector workers. It is, of course, vital for Democrats to spread the cash around to their union allies, who in turn lift a portion of that largess from their members and return it to Washington in the form of campaign contributions.”

IBD had this barb:

“Let’s take a quick peek inside Harry’s ‘just fine’ casino math: Federal government employees now total 2,128 million, up 13.5% the last two years under Obama. Private sector jobs last month were 109.349 million, down 2.5 million under Obama’s rule.

“Of course, Reid would know all about private sector employment because he’s been on the federal payroll since the Reagan administration.”

The WSJ augered in too:

“In any case, Mr. Reid’s latest stimulus proposal isn’t intended to help private employers. Its goal is to help state and local government workers, especially teachers, most of whom are unionized and pay dues that can finance Democratic Senate campaigns. The $35 billion would operate as a campaign-finance pass-through account, from Senate Democrats to unions and back to Senate Democrats.

“Mr. Reid knows his proposal can’t pass the House, and perhaps not even the Senate, so his real agenda is to stage a vote that Republicans will oppose so President Obama can claim on the stump that Democrats are doing something to help create jobs and that Republicans stopped them.”

In fact, the bill could not even get through Harry’s Senate. Last night the Senate voted 50-50 to not stop a filibuster of the bill. It was what they like to call a bipartisan vote.

Harry went down whining.

The Washington Times quoted him as saying, “Unfortunately, protecting millionaires and defeating President Obama are more important to my Republican colleagues than creating jobs and getting our economy back on track. Democrats agree with the overwhelming majority of Americans that teachers and first responder jobs are worth defending, while lower taxes for millionaires and billionaires are not.”

Let the spinning wheel turn.

The state’s jobless numbers remain stagnant as the first stimulus bucks run out. According to the R-J this morning, statewide joblessness remained at 13.4 percent, but Las Vegas area unemployment fell to 13.6 percent from 14.3 percent in August.

“In all, the private sector added 12,100 jobs in the last year, though the loss of 5,100 public-sector jobs offset some of that growth,” the story says. Hardly doing just fine.

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8 comments on “Is there a spin doctor in the house? Sebelius dons white smock to administer mouth to mouth to Harry

  1. Steve says:

    He certainly used spin on me. Tried to use the bible to make it ok for Horsford to be religious in a secular environment and to make it wrong for Cain to be religious on CBN a decidedly non secular environment to say the least .He decided I was not comprehending what he wrote but I did and do. Steve S was trying to spin my observation and question into a bible argument. I told him 2 times if he has a religious concern about Cain he needed to take that up with CBN. I think those people were just fine with Cain’s statements and they live for their religion so what gives Sebelius so much authority on that matter that he thinks he should school me? I know he reads what I post but he seems to be trying to ignore me now, so I post more and call him out for his twit comments like the racist reference to NH as “snowed in whitey voters”

    Link to his spin at me.

  2. He has thin skin and runs from a fight.

    Sent from my iPhone

  3. Bruce Feher says:

    The left does stick together, don’t they?

  4. Steve says:

    Actually they lie to each other. They only close ranks when we outsiders encroach on their power structure.

    Here the medea today saying how we are leaving Iraq (again) and they just had to show that Mission Accomplished banner again. We all know the White House put it up on that ship, in direct response to requests from the sailors for the job they completeted sucessfully. Bush made it clear in that speach this mission was accomplished but we still have (had) much to do in Iraq. Today Iraq has asked us to leave and to Obama’s credit, we are.

    I hope my brother can come home for Christmas.

  5. Me too, and not just in his dreams.

  6. […] as I pointed out in an earlier blog posting, The Wall Street Journal and Investor’s Business Daily also upbraided the Senate majority leader […]

  7. […] as I pointed out in an earlier blog posting, The Wall Street Journal and Investor’s Business Daily also upbraided the Senate majority leader […]

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