Guess who’s coming to dinner?

I thought lotteries were illegal in Nevada. Isn’t this a lottery? Buy a ticket (contribution) and get a chance in the raffle for a valuable prize: Dinner with Obama.

Here is the letter:

Tom —

Because you and I don’t have a lot of chances to have dinner together, I hope you’ll take advantage of the one that’s coming up this fall.

So if you’ve been sitting on this, now’s the time to toss your name in the hat:

I like these dinners not just because I get to hear from supporters like you, but because they’re part of what makes our organization different.

Other campaigns save seats at the table for special-interest PACs and Washington lobbyists — and you can see the effects in the decisions they make and the priorities they set.

Our campaign rejects all contributions from Washington lobbyists, and we refuse all money from corporate PACs. That means we’re accountable only to the people, not special interests.

Instead, we’re relying on millions of people like you giving just $3 or whatever you can pitch in.

Hope to see you soon:



Do you think Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto will investigate?

Do you really believe that line about refusing money from lobbyists? (See previous blog.)

3 comments on “Guess who’s coming to dinner?

  1. Steve says:

    They get around that by allowing a no donation option to enter the sweepstakes. The odds will be the same as the donation method. They better be too, if not then there are real consequenses to that kind of cheating, hope someone is watching.

    The odds of winning this are about the same as the Publishers Clearing House, another no cost sweepstakes game.

    From the rules link:

    The “winners” will be picked from a total of 50 randomly selected participents and the sponsor will “in its sole discretion, then select four (4) winners from the list of eligible potential winners on the basis of criteria determined and applied by Sponsor to provide for an appropriate range of views, backgrounds, and interests among the winners selected”
    Since the sponsor is “Obama for America” we can trust the 4 selected parties will of course be done impartially. (snark)

    Then in section 10 the standard disclaimer that to win one must essentially give up all rights to privacy.

    Cheapskate 😉 link:

    You should enter Tom, it would be a great test of the fairness of this sweepstakes. If ,that is, you actually make it to the 50 runners up stage and are willing to give up your privacy to the O for America campaign! I can think of a few that would be green with envy.

    Me not so much.

  2. I'm afraid I might win.

  3. Steve says:

    Yeah, what would it say about you if they actually chose you from the 50 to be one of the four…..

    Lets go to Littlefield and buy lottery tickets!

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