No one is defending nation against EMP

Why oh why is no one doing anything to take us off independence on the grid?

I was there in 2003 when a fried squirrel knocked 50 million off the grid. Now 5 million are without power in Southern California and Northern Mexico because some clown screwed up an equipment fix.

Everyone talks about “green” power but no one talks about dependence on the fragile and vulnerable grid.

A Chinese hacker or an Iranian nuke launched from a trawler off either and detonated a few miles over Omaha could wipe out electronics in this country ā€” no grid, no computer, no television, no radio, no electronics in our cars, no airplanes, no banking, no credit cards, no trucks, no refrigeration, no air conditioners, no iPhones, no iPads, no iPods, no iLife, only iHell.

This is a serious terrorist threat that no one, but no one, is addressing.

Even if we were off the grid, none of our electronics would survive without hardening. Now there is a jobs program that might be worthwhile.

Vote every day and on smart phones.

8 comments on “No one is defending nation against EMP

  1. Steve says:

    Hackers aren’t that big a threat. They only look like they are. Look at Iranian nukes over the states are not bad either our antimissile systems are better than generally known and the military is well aware of EMP. In fact the USA is on the forefront in development of these weapons and proceedures to protect from them. If you are worried about your computer, wrap it completely in tinfoil. Leave no holes but this makes it dificult to cool. Just a fraction of a millimeter thickness of metal is enough to protect electronic devices from EMP. We could even choose the devices on the circuit board that are vulnerable and cover just those to accomplish almost the same thing. Also for EMP to actually destroy the device in question it must be in use at the time. A car with the battery disconnected would operate fine after the EMP passes.

  2. Like I'm going to disconnect my battery every time I get out? And will the fuel pumps work?

  3. Steve says:

    If you are really worried about the car don’t forget the tinfoil solution. Fuel punps will work the computers controlling them are the vulnerable things. Electric motors will work like always. The sensitive devices are the silicon and CMOS based integrated circuits, diodes and discrete transistors. Resistors, capacitors, inductors and coils are not effected.

    Here is a little perspective.

    We have been well aware of this since 1962. In fact Tesla was aware of similar effects of high voltage pulses far earlier, semiconductors were not invented during his time.
    If this type of weapon is ever used, its going to be the USA that uses it first.

  4. I wrote about EMP back in the 1970s.

  5. Steve says:

    Then you know its not a scary as some make it sound. The only thing that raises it is the modern reliance on semiconductors.

  6. Pat says:

    Tinfoil? I’d wear it on my head but I know of someone who did continuous for years. He was known to us as “Radio free Europe”.

  7. […] air conditioning, television, radio, computers, ATMs, etc., coming so close the anniversary of 9/11 prompted me to ponder the consequences of terrorist attack using a small, high-altitude-detonated nuclear device to spray […]

  8. […] of volts. Equipment designed to protect lightning surges is too slow to protect from EMP. I have written about it more […]

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