Harry Reid sends a middle-finger greeting to the residents of Ely

Sorry, Ely air passengers, despite what you have been told, Harry Reid has already thrown you overboard.

“Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., has been reported to oppose the subsidy reduction,” an Ely Times editorial offered on Aug. 4, and I’m sure that’s just what the paper was told, since Harry and his minions are known to play fast and loose with their promises and the facts.

Well, this past week at a luncheon meeting of the Chamber of Commerce in Las Vegas, Harry clearly articulated his intentions. While talking about his desire to pass funding for the Federal Aviation Administration, the senate majority leader said, “The FAA bill, what held that up? They talked about essential air service (the subsidy for airlines to serve remote cities like Ely). I gave up on the situation in Ely a long time ago, because it was really too much to do the $3,500 per person per trip. That’s $7,000 round trip from here to — that the government pays to bring somebody to Vegas and back to Ely. That was only an issue of diversion.”

You can vote every day and on smart phones

He went on to explain — as I told you sometime back — that the “real” issue was the Democrats pandering to unions. The bill passed in the House reversed a recent change by the Obama-packed National Labor Relations Board, which changed the requirement for labor organizing an airline or railway. For 76 years the law required 50 percent of the total workforce to favor unionization, but the NLRB summarily changed the law so that only 50 percent of those who turned out to vote was required.

As if that weren’t enough, Harry went on to fetch a fantastic number out of the troposphere to claim passing the FAA bill would create 270,000 jobs in three months. A Washington Post fact checker obliterated that phantom in a couple of paragraphs. The Postman said such “numbers frequently involve an extrapolation of a guesstimate of an estimate.” He was being charitable to a fault.

So, Ely, you now know where you stand in the Harry Reid pecking order, and that’s way to the back of the line behind labor unions.

Here is the pertinent clip:

You can watch the whole video on YouTube, if you have nothing better to do on Labor Day.

4 comments on “Harry Reid sends a middle-finger greeting to the residents of Ely

  1. Steve says:

    Harry is finaly finding some money to cut from the federal budget and that is good, but why lie to Ely? Because that is the only way Harry knows to interface with his “contituents”. I use quotes for that because Harry is no longer representing NV he is representing the various democrat interests inside the beltway and may have to pay some of them back for all that time spent killing the Yucca mtn project. Which was politically driven from stem to stern anyway but would have been good for us in southern NV. So Ely, thank Harry just like we all have been lately and know he has 5.5 years left and most likely is his last term. So what makes anyone think he will do what is good for this state since he knows this is it? The best that could happen is to take the Senate away from the Democrats thereby removing Harry as majority leader.

  2. Frankly, I still think we should repeal the 17th Amendment. That is the only way to restore states’ rights.

  3. Steve says:

    True but the states themselves failed to excercise their rights after the civil war and now we reap the rewards.

  4. […] Someone who tells the residents of Ely he opposes a reduction in the federal subsidy for the town’s airport while telling the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, “I gave up on […]

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