How would windmills affect this mountain range?

On a recent trip to Pioche, we drove to the top of Mount Wilson to see where the backers of the Wilson Creek Wind Project propose to install 373 windmills — each on a 300-foot tower with rotor blades 330 feet in diameter.

The smooth, well-maintained gravel switchback road to the top of 9,300-foot Mount Wilson reminded me of a miniature Pikes Peak.

Here are a few photos:

Not only would windmills be planted on Mount Wilson, but also on the peaks north of it in the Wilson Creek Range. Photo by Jo Mitchell

Imagine the damage that could be caused in such forested areas if a windmill malfunctioned and threw off sparks, as has been known to happen. Photo by Jo Mitchell

This is atop the mountain now. Barely a speck at the end of the winding road. Photo by Jo Mitchell

You intrepid blogger at the end of the road. Photo by Jo Mitchell

6 comments on “How would windmills affect this mountain range?

  1. Steve says:

    Nice scenery. Same kind of thing the Cape Cod landowners complained about. They have more money and friends as in our senior senator.

    “looking good Billy Ray!” Should have had the hat on….

  2. There was no wind that day.

    Sent from my iPhone

  3. Steve says:

    Got ya, the shirt shows it even if you had the hat on.

    There used to be only one reason a cowboy removed his hat, now there is another. Discrediting the wind farm promoters!

    Hey just though of another. Sun not strong enough to need hat, solar cells would not be at peak efficiency costing at least 60% subsidy to become viable for those of us out in the real world.

    Talk about redistribution…..

  4. My wife were up in that area just last week. It’s truly beautiful and it would be a shame to besmirch it just because the citizens of the People’s Republik of Kalifornia don’t want to build any nuclear or coal-fired plants in their own backyard.

    It wasn’t windy when we were there either…

  5. Right, it is California that needs the power, not Nevada.

  6. […] sure exactly what it means, but there’s been a change in the makeup of the management of the Wilson Creek Wind Project 20 miles northeast of Pioche. Cellular telephone towers atop Mount Wilson (Photo by Jo […]

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