Sandoval vetoes blank check for NV Energy

This afternoon Gov. Brian Sandoval vetoed that midnight Frankenlaw that would have given NV Energy a blank check to build an electricity transmission line at the expense of Nevada ratepayers so it might profitably sell renewable power to California, which has a targeted renewable portfolio of 33 percent. All this could be done without Public Utility Commission scrutiny.

In his veto message, the governor noted:

“This process would mean rate increases for the people of the state to finance the construction of facilities to service out of state consumers.”


The governor also writes of the cost of such a plan:

“Those costs would not only be substantial, but they would reflect an unacceptable outcome: Nevada ratepayers forced to finance the transmission of renewable energy to out of state consumers without the opportunity to comment beforehand. Moreover, there is no provision in the bill to allow ratepayers, in the event any investment shouldered by them succeeds, to participate in that success through reduced rates.

“This bill threatens not only to undermine the value of the resource plan approval process in maintaining reasonable electricity rates and prudent facilities approvals, but it will provide for increased rates to cover utility expenditures unrelated to the provision of electricity in this state. To increase utility rates on Nevadans struggling to emerge from a severe economic recession would result in the imposition of an unnecessary and unfair burden on our recovery. Therefore, I exercise my constitutional grant of authority to veto AB 416 and return it to you without my signature and without my approval.”

Good move. Just as we advised.

8 comments on “Sandoval vetoes blank check for NV Energy

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good news, and I expected he would veto that one. Baby steps in a good direction.

  2. Thomas Mitchell says:

    I was afraid he might listen to his friends who are lobbyists for NV Energy.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Turns out even the libs could swallow this one check out Professor Michael Greens response

  4. Anonymous says:

    ?? Try again
    Turns out even the libs couldn’t swallow this one. Check Professor Michael Green’s response in the RJ.

  5. Steve says:

    Turns out even the libs couldn’t swallow this one, check out Professor Michael Greens response in the RJ

  6. Steve says:

    That was strange it looked like my posts were lost in the ether. Sorry for the dups.

  7. Thomas Mitchell says:

    Alvinjh has Green’s number.

  8. Steve says:


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