Justices don’t need more time

So the justices of the Nevada Supreme Court want more time to study how the special Congressional District 2 election should be run?

Nonsense, the law is clear and the district court judge’s opinion is clear and well reasoned. It shouldn’t take more than a day after an hour or so of hearings to let each side’s lawyers earn their pay get a little free publicity.

As Judge Mills Lane used to say: Let’s get it on.”



2 comments on “Justices don’t need more time

  1. Steve says:

    Right, but this way they get to kick it down the road. Hoping to have the public interest wear off. Typical. This court is just as bad as the one in Guinn V Legislature. Hopefully the states budget actually does gow down over the last one but I hold little hope of that now. Your comment about a politions face comes back to mind. I am beginning to feel like a native American, all them politicos speak with forked tongue.

  2. Steve says:

    Congrats to Sherm, best wishes for this endevour. Hope he wins and buys the LV Sun! That would just be so nice to see…

    I bet you have something up your sleeve, good hunting!

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